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umm!!! i was wondering if you had the brush settings you use for when you do dr sprite edits

just these three!

pretty much the default pencil brush w/ tweaked settings to my liking

water brush for blurring the hair and clothing sometimes!! don’t worry about the texture though.

and the airbrush just in case if i want to add blush!

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S-Sorry i've just started using Renp'y and i can't figure out how to add my own custom sprites... could i have some advice plz?

you’ll need to open up your game’s directory folder (on the Ren'Py launcher, click ‘game’ under open directory), and either save or copy your custom sprites image files into there.

once you do that, to get them into the ACTUAL GAME, you’ll need to open your game’s script in Editra (or whatever scripting program you use) and put your image file names into there. the code for doing so is:

image *name = “*imagefilename

you’ll need to replace the non-bolded things with the name of your image / sprite. this works for ALL images except gifs.

*name = what you want to call the image in Editra / Ren'Py. 

*imagefilename = the actual name of the file, followed by .png or .jpg

for example, let’s say, in Despair Drive, i’m putting Jun’s sprite in the game to test things out.

here is his sprite. the file name is “Jun Kagetsuna.png”.

in the script, it would be coded as 

image jun normal = “Jun Kagetsuna.png

so when i need to call his image in the game for it to show up, i would type it out as jun normal. it would look like this:

show jun normal

that’s just basic, though. you can add transitions to polish your game later on, though. but if you do, make sure it’s followed by 'with’ and then the name of the transition. like this:

show jun normal
with dissolve

'dissolve’ just gives it a nice transparent fade in / out. to 'hide’ or 'remove’ an image, simply replace 'show’ with 'hide’. this will remove the image from the screen. it’s useful for showing other characters when they talk.

also, if you plan on using DR sprites, the default screen size for Ren'Py is 800 x 600. resizing sprites is a heck ton of work and if you size it to fit Ren'Py, it’ll look terrible, so take that into caution.

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do you have any tips for spriting eyes?? aaa....

actually, yeah i kinda have a few!

1. don’t do this:

(i just saturated and changed color yeah. don’t do that.)

please please please please don’t just draw your lineart and just use the same eyes on whatever base you use and then edit the base into your character like you would do a DR edit (which is totally different from an OC edit, imo). don’t use the base sprite’s eyes. don’t change the color of their iris either. 

2. don’t draw the eyes and make them look similar to said base’s.

idk, it’s just that when it comes to creativity, you would at least try to change it up so it matches the personality of the OC you’re spriting! clothes aren’t the only thing that gives your OCs flare. it’s also their faces and most importantly, their eyes. change it up a bit! give everyone different eye shapes!

3. create different eye shapes + styles for all your characters so they all look different from one another!

this should be really fun, y'know! to sprite  OCs, because then you can design them however you want! this is also probably the biggest and most important tip. when spriting OCs, its their facial features that show what kind of personality they have. and like i said earlier, their eyes can tell a lot about who they are. take my OCs, for example;

look at how their eyes are different from one another. and also, their eyes look nothing like their base’s (from left to right: for base sprites, i used Saionji for Himeka, Togami for Daezuna, Kuzuryuu for Haeun, Souda for Amano, Ibuki for Yuri, and Junko for Naoki. the heart shapes i added on Naoki though were just me implementing parts of my drawing styles onto sprites.).

you need to experiment with styles on eyes! if you’re going for characters who are kind of rebellious, giv them crazy lookin’ lashes! or if they’re intimidating, give them tiny pupils. AND ALWAYS DRAW THE SHAPES OF YOUR EYES ON YOUR LINEART LAYER.

here’s some quick examples i did – yes i know it looks really weird/creepy i’m sorry ORZ

look at the difference between the base and your soon-to-be OC! if you think it looks slightly or almost similar to the base’s, change it up!

when drawing eyelashes, please think of Kyary’s Tsukema Tsukeru hohoh

OH AND 4. experiment with colors!

i don’t really need to show an example for this, but just go wild with colors! play around with using different colors for shading the eyes, the base eye color (NOT ON THE BASE ITSELF, I MEAN WHEN YOU LAY FLAT COLORS). make it as saturated/vibrant as you want! you don’t have to stick with DR’s somewhat de-saturated style. heck, do whatever you want! but gosh don’t give your OC heterochromia unless they’re like, a monster or had an eye transplant and got a different colored eye.

and that’s about it!

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Hello! I really love your games and I want to do one myself, but I don't know anything about programming, what should I do? (sorry for my awful english)

hi there! thank you! ahh, and well, coding gets easy once you get the hang of it! my first game was so basic but now i know how to do a bunch of cool things! but first off, it depends on what kind of game programming you’d like to do! i’m not that skilled in RPGMaker knowledge, but i do know quite a handful of Ren'Py things. first off is downloading that actual Ren'Py program, which can be found on the site. and now, for several tips:

  • if you’d like to get into Ren'py programming, don’t overload your first game with lots of hard codes! it can get quite confusing to read through scripts.
  • once you download Ren'py, it has a couple of tutorial / sample games in the launcher’s directory. this is VERY GOOD to look at for anything you need help with. you can also open up their game directories and scripts in Editra if you’d like to see how it’s coded.
  • Ren'py has a cookbook for codes! there is also a forum in which you can see codes and such that fellow game developers have used!
  • if you’d like, you can look at my game (Dangan Fairytale) through Ren'py’s launcher for help. you can do so by downloading Dangan Fairytale CH1, draggin the folder into Ren'py’s, and then opening and viewing it from the launcher. don’t change or call it yours, though!

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whoops, sorry if this is a question thats rather basic, but is there anyway to change text color in renpy?? like if i wanted to make the text color from the normal to like green?

well, i’m not sure yet how you can change the dialogue text color (it’s probably in the options), but you can change the character name text color with this code:

charaname = Character(’character’s name’,  color=“hex color code here”)

you’ll need to replace the bold words with what you want. as for the color, you’ll have to go to a hex generator site to grab the color code (i use this one).

i made a brush and i really liked it, so i wanted to share it with all you guys! 

The Smooth Jazz Brush for SAI 
yes, the name of the brush is inspired by, you’ve guessed it : me listening to SMOOTH JAZZ on youtube

some info about this brush :

  • it goes light to dark depending on how much pressure you put on the pen
  • wavy
  • really wavy i bet it’ll be nice to use when drawing water or waves or something
  • i don’t suggest using a really tiny size like anything below 9px
  • i kind of don’t suggest using it to color in bases manually [unless you use the bucket tool or a more rounder brush], but it blends pretty nicely
  • all these settings should already be on sai in whatever version you use

enjoy! ( ^ q ^ )b


someone asked how i draw my art so here is a summary of how i do : THE THING – PART ONE : THE shitty BODY

uhhh this ain’t a full tutorial, that’ll be coming up next ’ v ’) i tried giving short tuts of how i draw most of my art. buuuuu/ i promise the next one will be quality.

sketch + color + inking tutorial coming up next (round)!


i did it! pixel arting is very fun :>

some other advice that wasn’t included in the above :

  • sometimes looking at how other people pixel art helps! don’t copy them though, just study how they do their coloring and lining and all that.
  • stick with a small file size. suggestion : don’t go anywhere past 500 x 500 px. it’ll make the file look somewhat blurry far away.

that’s pretty much all to say on that matter!

also, here is the Mari sprite. u w u

Mari is from Drawn To Life -> 5th Cell

hi anon so i figured a bunch of people are going to ask to make this a rebloggable version so instead i decided to put it as a its own post.

For tips, i suggest looking up various artists and look at the way they color, look at how they shade, highlight, etc. i’d follow some of their tutorials as well. you can find a lot of good tuts. on Deviantart.

woah man woah! i always use the Pixel / Binary and the airbrush tools. i like to toggle around with the airbrush a lot.

lineart yeehaw!

base colorin’ under a new layer

oh, make sure when you try this, ALWAYS USE THE WAND TOOL. it comes in handy if you like working clean.

use the airbrush and then set it to ‘transparent’ (that checkered box), then you erase some parts in the shadows so it looks like it sorta fades.

combine all the layers except for the luminosity one. i airbrush over it, etc to give it a pinkish look.

boom done, hope this helped!!!

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ayo question how do you make gradients in pixel art? also what brush do you use in sai, binary or smth else?

here’s a 2 step process :>

  1. pick similar hues/shades of color that look like they could ‘blend’ with one another. they should be like blocks if you’re aiming for a sunset/gradient look.
  2. using the dithering effect (look here!), blend each color together by making a pattern.

and yeah, i use the binary/pixel brush for pixel art and game stuff (^ O ^)b

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How do you get that cool dotted comic style affect?? I wanna try it!

it’s really fun and easy!! the comic screentone effect can be found in my SAI DL!

first, you need to make a drawing and have a certain area filled in. here is an example:

then, you copy that layer by dragging it to the ‘new layer’ icon (which looks like a piece of paper. the first one next to the paper and pen icon).

then, you go to the texture tab under 'paint effects’. scroll until you see one called “small tilted dots’. click on it, and bam! there it is.

but wait! it doesn’t end there. next, you take your eraser and erase parts of it till you get the desired look!

viola! and you’re done.

you can also play with different layer modes to make it look cool!

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dear mondo. I am having trouble on hair and skin. can you give a short tutorial on it or some tips?

i don’t think i could give a tutorial but I can give tips and stuff on how I do it! uhh

i usually draw hair very curly and such! it pretty much depends on the character haha. also i draw the bangs before i draw the back hair. also i like to draw bangs following certain directions! it just makes it look more flowy like in a way haha

i guess a tip would be to draw hair in a direction you see fit!! haha a lot of ways i draw hair is that they’re always going in different directions. and i like to make them flow! which is why i have my stabilizer settings / smooth settings to the highest number

and uh, for skin, i don’t stick with one color overall for like, the whole tone. 

uh, usually you can find a lot of good tutorials on how to draw / color hair on deviantart haha and the same goes for skin tutorials too!!! yeah that’s how i learned a bit 

TUTORIAL-STUCK : HS Sprite Editing in SAI

I’ve been getting asks on doing a tutorial for sprites, so here’s one! Before i got a tablet, i used to do my sprites in MS Paint. For this one i used SAI.

==> Step One : Find a Sprite Sheet

There are a ton of sprite sheets all over the internet. Just go to google and look up ‘homestuck sprite sheets’ and you’ll find one somehow.

The one i got got taken off, so its a good thing i still have it! Make sure you don’t lose it! Copy it to a USB if you have to!

==> Step Two : Pick a body you want to use.

See all the sprite bodies to your left? Those are basic bodies. You can edit them anyway you want! For this sprite, i’m doing a crossover. I’ll pick the trollbot one without horns.

TA DA! Basic body. If you got Paint what i did was i opened the sheet in MS Paint and copied the basic stuff into SAI. Make sure you delete the white around it!

==> Step Three : Choose your starter Hair

For this sprite i’m doing Fef-bot (BE WARNED THOUGH, IT WON’T LOOK LIKE HER IN THE END). Choose a hair that you want. If you are doing it based on a song, try to stick with what you’re referencing. This is the picture i am referencing :

External image

(image not mine) 

Once you found a good hair, make sure you paste it into SAI. It will open up as a new layer. Delete the white, blah blah.

Ta da!

==> Step Four : Style your hair

Very easy step! Just use the Binary tool! make sure its set to 1 px. outline \ erase hair. For erasing, do not use the eraser tool. It will look fuzzy. The small box under the color you picked is the transparency brush. USE THAT. Also, if you want to change the color, do so!

==> Step Five : Add extras / highlights / shades

==> Step Six : Decorate your hair!

I created a new layer for this. Just decorate! Use the bucket tool if you want, just make sure you uncheck “Anti-Aliasing”.

Haha, added gills!

==> Step Seven : Add gills.


==> Step Eight : Choose your Starter Eyes

Look at the eyes in the sheet. Choose one you like.

Basic eyes! 38D

==> Step Nine : Style your eyes

Change the color, add, you know! Just like hair!

haha, that looks creepy.

==> Step Ten : Edit your body!

This step is the most fun. Its like designing clothing! Whats funny is that my clothing designs are so strange. I never took Fashion Class.

==> Step 11 : Add your mouth!

There are many to pick! For this i just drew on the mouth. MAKE SURE YOU OPEN A NEW LAYER FOR THESE TOO.

==> Step Twelve : Add Decorations!

Open up a new layer for this! Just doodle whatever you want on it! Earrings, bracelets, lace, ect.

==> Step Thirteen : Add horns!

Pretty basic, choose a set of horns and add!


Its that simple! It usually takes only a few minutes to make a sprite, but if you want to be creative and do song crossovers like me, then its going to take a bit longer than expected. I hope this helps!


Song crossover : Sweet Poison Factory feat. Kagamine Rin by Machigerita-P