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do you have any tips for spriting eyes?? aaa....

actually, yeah i kinda have a few!

1. don’t do this:

(i just saturated and changed color yeah. don’t do that.)

please please please please don’t just draw your lineart and just use the same eyes on whatever base you use and then edit the base into your character like you would do a DR edit (which is totally different from an OC edit, imo). don’t use the base sprite’s eyes. don’t change the color of their iris either. 

2. don’t draw the eyes and make them look similar to said base’s.

idk, it’s just that when it comes to creativity, you would at least try to change it up so it matches the personality of the OC you’re spriting! clothes aren’t the only thing that gives your OCs flare. it’s also their faces and most importantly, their eyes. change it up a bit! give everyone different eye shapes!

3. create different eye shapes + styles for all your characters so they all look different from one another!

this should be really fun, y'know! to sprite  OCs, because then you can design them however you want! this is also probably the biggest and most important tip. when spriting OCs, its their facial features that show what kind of personality they have. and like i said earlier, their eyes can tell a lot about who they are. take my OCs, for example;

look at how their eyes are different from one another. and also, their eyes look nothing like their base’s (from left to right: for base sprites, i used Saionji for Himeka, Togami for Daezuna, Kuzuryuu for Haeun, Souda for Amano, Ibuki for Yuri, and Junko for Naoki. the heart shapes i added on Naoki though were just me implementing parts of my drawing styles onto sprites.).

you need to experiment with styles on eyes! if you’re going for characters who are kind of rebellious, giv them crazy lookin’ lashes! or if they’re intimidating, give them tiny pupils. AND ALWAYS DRAW THE SHAPES OF YOUR EYES ON YOUR LINEART LAYER.

here’s some quick examples i did – yes i know it looks really weird/creepy i’m sorry ORZ

look at the difference between the base and your soon-to-be OC! if you think it looks slightly or almost similar to the base’s, change it up!

when drawing eyelashes, please think of Kyary’s Tsukema Tsukeru hohoh

OH AND 4. experiment with colors!

i don’t really need to show an example for this, but just go wild with colors! play around with using different colors for shading the eyes, the base eye color (NOT ON THE BASE ITSELF, I MEAN WHEN YOU LAY FLAT COLORS). make it as saturated/vibrant as you want! you don’t have to stick with DR’s somewhat de-saturated style. heck, do whatever you want! but gosh don’t give your OC heterochromia unless they’re like, a monster or had an eye transplant and got a different colored eye.

and that’s about it!


someone asked how i draw my art so here is a summary of how i do : THE THING – PART ONE : THE shitty BODY

uhhh this ain’t a full tutorial, that’ll be coming up next ’ v ’) i tried giving short tuts of how i draw most of my art. buuuuu/ i promise the next one will be quality.

sketch + color + inking tutorial coming up next (round)!

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my ask might have gotten eaten but do you have any tips for making song sprite edits that don't have a specific motif?

do you mean as in ‘no already designed costumes and theme’? cos i do have only ONE tip for you! it’s the most easiest!

  • Just let your mind loose and get creative!

what do i mean by this? here’s a nice food for thought that you can try.

put the song you want to make a sprite edit on and close your eyes. or leave them open. both can work. now, zone out for a bit. go into thought for a sec. listen to the song, the tempo, the beat, the genre. imagine things while listening to the song, like “what color would this song be if it had one?” “what do i think of when i listen to this song?” “how do i feel when i listen to this song? angry? sad? tired?”. ask yourself a lot of things relating to the song. imagine events playing out while you listen to the song with the character you want to edit.

let’s take this song for example. it’s a BGM with no vocals. i can tell you, from listening to the song, this is what i see :

  • the song’s tune is slow, but jazzy. it’s got a city-vibe to it. 
  • the colors i think of first are cool colors, purple-blue-dull but dark turquoise with a dash of yellow like the moon.
  • when listening to this song, i feel happy, but also relieved and tired. it’s something i would listen to when i calm down or when i’m working at night.
  • when i hear this song, i think of a character roaming the city while everyone is going to bed, when the lights of stores and buildings are still vibrantly glowing. the character is wearing something purple, or cool colors, or even brown. they have a scarf and beret on, and something classy. their hair is also short, maybe styled, wavy. if the character was a girl, she would have a few long eyelashes, but no heavy makeup. just some lipstick. maybe she’s also smoking. she’s also feeling tired, and looking at the night sky while she smokes.

don’t get the concept yet? let’s try another. here’s another one of my favorites. this one is a mashup of Tell Your World and Vidro Moyou.

  • the song starts off as slow, and a bit melancholy. once you hit a certain part in the song, it blasts, like, explodes. but makes you go 'WHOA’.
  • the colors i imagine with this song is from dark blue (cerulean), to bright blues, pinks?, yellows, purple, indigo, and white. all gradient-like.
  • while listening to this song, i feel sad, but not like BOOHOO I’M SAD BECAUSE I SUCK SAD, sad as in ’“i’m happy i could tell you my feelings while crying happy tears’ sad.
  • when hearing this song, i imagine a girl telling a boy she likes her feelings. i imagine light striking everywhere, bursts of white sparkles, stars, coming from her heart. her hair, flowing behind her, waving around as she release her feelings from within. she’s wearing either light blue, white, or light pink. there are gradients all over her, light orbs, she’s standing behind a starry sky. there are tears in her eyes. she’s surprised, but happy. she’s also got a vibrant color, and is wearing a dress of some sort. 

and actually, here is the outcome of that song!

you need to think about these kinds of things! sure, the process of making an entire wardrobe of a song that HAS no specific outfit designs might sound difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do! give it a try! i’m sure you’ll come up with something!

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ayo question how do you make gradients in pixel art? also what brush do you use in sai, binary or smth else?

here’s a 2 step process :>

  1. pick similar hues/shades of color that look like they could ‘blend’ with one another. they should be like blocks if you’re aiming for a sunset/gradient look.
  2. using the dithering effect (look here!), blend each color together by making a pattern.

and yeah, i use the binary/pixel brush for pixel art and game stuff (^ O ^)b

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How do you get that cool dotted comic style affect?? I wanna try it!

it’s really fun and easy!! the comic screentone effect can be found in my SAI DL!

first, you need to make a drawing and have a certain area filled in. here is an example:

then, you copy that layer by dragging it to the ‘new layer’ icon (which looks like a piece of paper. the first one next to the paper and pen icon).

then, you go to the texture tab under 'paint effects’. scroll until you see one called “small tilted dots’. click on it, and bam! there it is.

but wait! it doesn’t end there. next, you take your eraser and erase parts of it till you get the desired look!

viola! and you’re done.

you can also play with different layer modes to make it look cool!

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I know you're not the best place to come for this but i always liked the backgrounds you choose, do you have any nice recommendations? Mine doesn't fit my blog at all at the moment :3 And you seem like you know a thing or two!

well hey! you might’ve come to the right place!i know a lot about backgrounds and theme editing!

lemme lay down my own personal rule for blog editing –  if you wanna have a good theme, make sure everything matches! color schemes, text, background, and side images! my blog itself isn’t really finished and i’m still playing around with it, haha! the theme i tried to do for my blog was based off of my love for living in the city and lots of lupin remixes, yeah?

personally, for you, i’d find a background that you like and that you think will fit your blog! really, it depends on your theme and colors. you can make it a scenic background, or a repeating pattern, whichever fits yours the most. if you want, you can show me your blog and i’ll do my best to help! anyhoo, here are some recommendation posts and sites where you’ll find something you might like!

it’s not much, but it’s something! maybe you’ll find something here, but nevertheless i’m still free to help!

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The lineart on your lupin picture is so interesting almost like a traditional pen. im wondering what your settings were? (i'm sorry im on anon im too scared to message off it ;; ))

that’s just my flyable heart pen!! (yeah the name came from a hentai game–)

other examples of my art made with this brush –

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mondo, do you,,,, think you could help me a little? how do you recreate that shadow effect over some of the dr sprites faces???

oh, you mean like this?

(see how beneath Daiya’s pomp his face is kinda dark reddish because he’s mad haha—)



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Miss Mondo, you're very knowledgeable when it comes to fashion...if I wanted to make a character look like a prince, how would I do so? Thank you so much in advance ;;;

OOH! it’s super easy and fun to do! i myself REALLY LOVE noble/royal fashion and i often incorporate it into OC / DR edits a lot! if you want to make your character look like a dashing prince charming, it’s quite simple, really. here’s some advice / tips for you!

  • have some sort of reference to look at, like Royal fashion for men or women. since you asked for prince looks, here’s handy dandy google images.
  • a lot of reoccurring themes i see in royal fashion for men is that they have two things : a sash or some sort of cape. it’s usually both. let’s look at these two edits i’ve done that has both of those :

notice how both AU!Togamis have sashes, cape clasps, a cape, and a uniform. CAPES ARE ENTIRELY OPTIONAL though, it’s a matter of decision if you want to add one!

  • this image here is a ref i looked at when i was designing (i’ve memorized now so it’s ok for me haha)
  • i would also like to point out that another DR character whose wardrobe reminds me of a noble is Ishimaru’s! even though it’s a typical white gakuran, it’s still got that prestigious look to it.
  • FAIRYTALE PRINCES!!! pls look at them it’s important. (good inspirational tunes – CENDRILLON /Hanatan+Pokota) and CANTERELLA /KAITOV3/)
  • double buttons are important. 
  • as well as frills. sometimes they’re okay. i’ll point out though they work best if you want to make said character look very charming and romantic. but if they’re like DF!Togami and have it all tattered because they’re a dragon / evil then frills aren’t the way to go unless maybe said character is a dark romantic character.
  • Crowns are optional and in most cases you don’t need one. so don’t put one on said character!
  • honor the colors black, red, white, blue, gold, and silver.

and that’s how you make your own personal prince charming!

skalecsz  asked:

Hi, I'm trying to make a game in rpg maker and was wondering if I could ask you a question. How do you add in waist-up sprites in the game? Is that something available in rpg maker or do I need to use another program?

if you’re talking about the character busts like the ones i used in PP!, imported them all into the “picture” section in the resource manager. then, i make a new event and click on “insert picture”. depending on the size of your game screen window, the placement will vary.

for placement, in PP! i have it set to x:100, y:210. c:

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hello may i ask how you put a little picture in to browser title ?

<img src=“image url goes here”>

just copy and paste that into where ever in your description and replace the ‘image url goes here’ text with an image URL. and it’s helpful if you make measurements too before you put something in (pixel art-wise).