rin and len cosplay

♡Home Sweet Home♡

A photo of our Matryoshka photo by Cosplay Imaging at Anime Nebraskon 2015 smile emoticon

Rin Kagamine CN @modjuvia
Len Kagamine CN @crownedpersonas

Photography: Cosplay Imaging

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Magnet (feat. Kagamine Len & Rin)
Mizuki(me) as Kagamine Len
Hoshiwak as Kagamine Rin
photo thanks piko
retouched by Mizuki(me)
costumes by Hoshiwak
props by Mizuki(me) 

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disclaimer: kii’s the only one that’s actually seen this movie, blame her for everything

it’s beeN A LONG TIME, here’s a dumb parody video while we finish other stuff up. next video might even feature a whole new set of characters … B^0 ?