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Rin's reaction to their s/o being pregnant

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  • He’s so beyond excited
  • So happy
  • Can’t believe this
  • He actually noticed you were pedant before you did
  • Not because you were getting chubby, but because your scent and aura changed a little
  • He didn’t know what it was, but knew it was different
  • Then after you told him he realised it must of been that
  • He wastes no time in telling everyone he knows
  • He visits his fathers grave and tells him the news
  • Wishes he could still be here to meet his grandchild
  • But Rin vows to be an awesome dad just like Shiro was to him and Yukio
  • He’s just so happy to become a dad
  • He already starts thinking of names within the first five minutes
  • Totally supportive throughout the pregnancy
  • Loves talking about baby stuff with you
  • As excited as he is, he’s super nervous
  • Actually signs you two up for first time parenting classes
  • He’s always by your side and hates when he’s away even for the slightest second
  • Gradually stars worrying
  • Like about the babies demonic powers
  • He talks to you about it and refuses to leet his child grow up not knowing the truth like he did
  • He has the child’s power sealed but has released it so it’ll be more comfortable for the child