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2000/01: SP (Tango Ballet) LP (Suppe/Rachmaninov/Rodrigo/Rimsky-Korsakov)

2001/02: SP (The Last Emperor) LP (La Strada)

2002/03: SP (Conspiracy Theory) LP (Cello Concerto by Elgar)

2003/04: SP (Take Five) LP (Samson and Delilah)

2004/05: SP (Bells of Moscow) LP (Naqoyqatsi)

2005/06: SP (Sing Sing Sing) LP (Tribute to Glenn Gould) LP (Samson and Delilah)

2006/07: SP (Adios Nonino) LP (Ararat)

2007/08: SP (I Pagliacci) SP (Adios Nonino) LP (Ararat)


Tonight, I went to see a classical concert

(Don’t get me started on how brilliant Vadim Gluzman is, he’s basically a God with a violin)

During the second part (Rimski-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, for the music lovers among you ;)) I couldn’t help but notice a heated eye-exchange between the first violin and one of the percussionists (who rolled the sleeves of his tuxedo to play, mind you)

Naturally I started to imagine an AU with Blaine as the first violin (blame young Darren’s pictures for that) and Kurt as the percussionist …

Can someone write this for me ? Please ?

otherwise I can do it myself but seriously please ?


Rimski-Korsakov - Scheherazade / The tale of Prince Calender

I’m seriously just listening to it and letting the tears roll down my cheek because it’s hauntingly beautiful

The repetition of the main melody is so perfect, i …

A. Ivanov acquaints Shostakovich with the Emiriton electronic keyboard. Leningrad. 26 March 1941.

Credit: Dmitri Shostakovich: Pages of His Life in Photographs

Designed by A. Ivanov, A. Rimsky-Korsakov, L. Kreytser, and V. Dzerzhkovich, the Emiriton was originally a fingerboard instrument allowing the use of glissando effects, with later models incorporating a standard keyboard. The Emiriton generated sound from neon-tube oscillators and was able to replicate sounds such as the bassoon, violin, cello and clarinet.
The emiriton is e[electrical] m[musical] i[instrument] r[rimsky] i[vanov] ton[traditional ending of the whole row of new invented instruments].

Music Tag

You can tell a lot about someone from the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs that play, then tag ten people.

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1. 하늘 아래서 - GFriend
2.  親愛的樹洞 - S.H.E
3. BTS Cypher Pt 1 - 방탄소년단 
4. 태왕사신기 OST: Time Flows By - Joe Hisaishi
5. SKIT: Expectation - 방탄소년단 
6. B.I.B - 비스트 
7. Rimsky-Korsakov: The tale of Tsar Saltan: Flight of the Bumblebee - Vladimir Ashkenazy (Cantabile Tomorrow OST)
8. Stocker - I Remember You OST
9. Hunch - I Remember You OST
10. With You - 정은지 (Trot Lovers OST)

errrrr okay
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Velikiy tsar! … No chto so mnoy from Rimsky-Korsakov’s Snegurochka, sung by Irina Maslennikova.


(via Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade: The Sea and Sinbad’s Ship [Part ¼] - YouTube)

twilight234 asked:

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?

Um. Only all the time. Today it’s Happy Working Song from Enchanted (because I introduced some friends to the film yesterday and then one of them played it on his phone while I was cooking dinner as a joke). Earlier in the week it was Once Upon a December (because future cosplay plans!) and the other day I couldn’t get Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade out of my head (particularly The Story of the Kalendar Prince, and Young Prince and Princess, because those two movements are p much my favorite orchestral pieces of all time).

I tend to hum and sing under my breath a LOT.

A capella – a Scherzo variation

Fandom: Doctor Who Expanded

Characters: Rassilon, Antiverse!Omega, Vandekirian
Format: Mini (4 906 words)
Warnings: Scherzo, surrealism, sensory deprivation, OOC (as much as needed for the plot)
Text reference: The Viking Guest’s song from “Sadko”, Rimsky-Korsakov (translation by me); Sarastro’s “In diesen heil’gen Hallen” from Mozart’s “Magic Flute” (translation © 2001 by Leonard Cottrell).

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The old masters. I tried not to include most opera composers, since singing/lyrics interfere with concentration. Most of these playlists are at least an hour long:

Baroque (prancing through the flowers with royalty):

Classical (sipping tea with royalty while listening to their woes and gossip):

Romantic (watching a heartfelt, teary-eyed scene in a soap opera):

Impressionistic (stargazing in an open field at midnight):

Late Romantic/Early Modern (dramatically confessing your love in the pouring rain):

Modern (these get sub-categories because they’re so different):

Long, random playlists: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

Youtube Channels:

There’s also playlists on Spotify (just go to Browse > Genres & Moods > Classical).



Sometimes the old masters are too stuffy. I get it. Have some more long playlists from a few of my favorite contemporary artists:





Maybe you don’t like classical at all. That’s fine, too. Here’s some wub-wub to get your mind on track:

Aggressive & Intense (dubstep, deathstep, metalstep, etc)

Chill & Melodic (chillstep, deep house, melodic dubstep)

Upbeat & Dancy (electro house, club music, more chillstep)

There are countless other Youtube channels and mixes. You can also find some playlists on Spotify (Browse > Genres & Moods > Electronic).



Here are a few channels to check out if you’re starting from nowhere:


Hour-long, yearly pop playlists by oysterlovers:  2013, 2014

Yearly pop medleys by AlexTanMusic:   2012, 2013, 2014


Of course, there are countless people who don’t have huge channels and maybe only a cover or two. The search bar is your friend. And don’t forget to make a playlist!



Think about it, there are tons of people whose only job is to get the atmosphere of a game right by carefully composing the right music. And there are plenty of games with beautiful music. I love these playlists:

Long, random playlists:  (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)

Youtube Channels:



Just like video games, movies rely heavily on music to set the mood for the audience. Here are some of my favorite playlists:

You can also view a full list of Grammy Award-winning soundtracks here



You’ll look like weeaboo trash, but at least you’ll be concentrating. You might need to skip a few tracks here and there if they have lyrics (that messes up my concentration, at least). That said, here’s some recommended playlists:

Long, random playlists: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)

Youtube Channels:


Like I said, this isn’t a complete list but hopefully a good jumping-off point. Feel free to add to areas with your own suggestions. Have fun listening and go be productive!







Super Rant

 I love Spotify to death. I really do; it allows me access to so much music that I normally wouldn’t listen to. BUT GODDAMNIT DOES EVERY CLASSICAL PLAYLIST HAVE TO HAVE “THE RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES”, “THE RITES OF SPRING”, “FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE”, AND “THE FOUR SEASONS”?!?!?!?

Don’t get me wrong, these are some of the staples of listening to any music. Hell, they were even my introduction into classical (and I use this term vaguely)! But these are not the only pieces that can be showcased, people! In fact, and this is just my opinion, they’re overrated! Wagner, Stravinsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Vivaldi are such multi-faceted composers and have so much other work that can be showcased; not to mention “The Rites of Spring” has infamous connotations as a negative view of “primitive” cultures, showing them as barbaric and something to be poked fun. Ugh I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I kinda just needed to vent.

liszthasyaoihands here’s looking at you, kid

Who listens to Ed Sheeran in cadaver dissection lab?!?  That’s like… oddly disturbing.  Seriously, give me something dark classical, like Mahler, maybe Grieg, maybe Rimsky-Korsakov.  I don’t need to be listening to handy-holdy soft sweet pre-teen romcom soundtrack material while cleaning off deep muscles, thanks.

send me a song that reminds you of magic

get involved in my playlist making! I’ve been kicking around the idea of magic, both light and dark, expressed in music.

Here’s a few of my fave ~magical~ songs:

  • Scheherazade, opus 35: the story of the kalendar prince–Rimsky-Korsakov
  • Out of Egypt–Sufjan Stevens
  • Terrence Loves You–Lana Del Rey

What are your favorites? 

Get to Know Me

Decided to do this because I have other things to be doing.

I was tagged by yesthehillsarealive

Name: Alex

Height: 5′7″ 

Fav Bands/Artists: Somehow I avoided most genres of music growing up except classical. Shostakovitch is cool, Rimsky-Korsakov is amazing, bonus points to pieces featuring viola/horn. 

Meaning of url: I’m a nerd. (engineering student who plays viola on the side).

Last thing you googled: probably something about Solidworks tutorials for FSGP (boom. engineering street cred.)

Birthday: In winter.

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: I believe the term is ‘straight’.

One place that makes me happy: Home, because I rarely get to be there nowadays.

What I’m Wearing rn: t-shirt, cargo shorts (so many pockets!)

Last Book I Read: Jeez I can’t remember. I’ve been busy this summer.

Last Thing I Said To A Family Member: As I’m writing this: “That is exactly what I tried to describe, except I was being more technical.”

Favorite Beverage: water?

Favorite Food: Oh no I can’t choose um pasta?

Last movie I watched: Office Space

Dream Vacation: ??? Vacation? I guess something where I get to do nothing at all for a long time and it doesn’t impact the rest of my life in any way.

Dream Wedding: Dunno.

Dream Pets: A cat (or two). Big and fluffy, like a maine coon cat.

Random Fact: I actually work for the government (until tomorrow) due to my summer internship.

I guess I tag ditty-box cause she understand tumblr a lot better than i do okay good.