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What would it be like to be the Uchiha brothers’ younger sibling? - preference

Unrequested - I’ve left the pronouns neutral.

This is pre-massacre of the clan.


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Protection: They’d both be very protective of you. Itachi would keep a close eye on you, but he wouldn’t make it obvious. If you came near to being injured, or were being picked on, he would keep an ear and eye out to see if you could handle it yourself, but if not, then he’d jump in. It would look like Sasuke was ignoring you, but like Itachi, if you came close to any kind of danger or you were being picked on, he would swoop in and annihilate anyone who dared to touch his younger sibling, if it looked like you couldn’t defend yourself.

Training: When Itachi isn’t too busy with his own training, he likes to spend the day with you and Sasuke, training with you. He would demonstrate a jutsu, and then you and Sasuke would try to learn from that. If Sasuke already knew the jutsu, then you’d have two teachers, not one. If it’s just you and Sasuke training, then training would be a competition. Expect Sasuke to take it seriously. He would completely beat your arse every time, but sometimes he’d let you win, if you’d had a bad day and he couldn’t find another way to make you smile.

Affection: Itachi wouldn’t pay much attention to you, treating you much like he does Sasuke, but in those rare moments when he can be carefree, he’s likely to go between balancing you and Sasuke on his shoulders as you walk through a forest trail on the way back from training. Sasuke would be your go-to for affection, as he would fulfill the cuddle-quota for Itachi, too. So when Itachi would say “Sorry, Sasuke. Maybe another day.”, you and Sasuke would go and sit down by the river and skip stones, or tell each other stories. Then after a long day, the two of you would head back home, giggling most of the way, your hearts light and carefree.

Your friends: Itachi wouldn’t be too bothered by who you befriend and spend your time with, as he trusts you to have your own judgement and use that to make your own decisions. If they gave you any trouble, you knew you could go to Itachi for advice and a solution. He’d help you to see your own and the other person’s right and wrongdoings. Sasuke would be like Itachi in that he doesn’t seem too bothered, but as soon as you both get home, he’d be on your back like a ton of bricks, asking you who they were and how you had come to befriend them.

So, really, you’d have two older, very protective brothers who wouldn’t let anyone hurt you, but they’d both be kinda distant as they want you to make your own decisions and develop your cognitive skills as a future shinobi.

Stay safe, my lovelies! <3