I’ve been experimenting with different investment strategies over the past eight or nine months on this website http://stockpickr.stocktrak.com/. The rules are pretty simple. You start off with $250K, no one stock can take up more than 20% of your portfolio, and any stock purchase must have a value of at least $5. The stocks trade relatively close to real time, updating every 5(ish) minutes.* What I really enjoy is the ability to implement different strategies without paying the price for rookie mistake. Also, they provide you with enough initial imaginary capital to really see improvements on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, unlike the time I purchased a whopping 2 shares of RIMM in the summer of 2009.** As you can see, I’ve had a decent week, thanks in large part to Apple’s earnings report. It would have been nice to see it trade at 400 during regular hours, not just in extended hours. Throughout this experiment Caterpillar has been the steady performer. Once it reached 100 I did a little profit taking, but once it fell below 105 (for a short time) I thought it would be a good opportunity to get back in. We’ll see how it goes! Who knows, as long as I keep performing half-way decent I might update this every once in a while.

*This minor delay caused the LinkedIn IPO to blow up in my face however…late late getting in, around 86, and late getting out, around 95 or so…it peaked at around 122 before mid-day.

**I used of  eTrade to purchase those two shares. I guess those damn eTrade baby commercials worked! I was aware of the 100 trades commission free policy, but I guess I didn’t read the fine print and as a result the $20 I made on the investment (bought around 60, sold around 80) was completely wiped out by $10 transaction fees for both buying and selling. Other than being a broke college student and not having a whole lot of money available for investment, they seemed to offer a quality service.

Long $GOOG still short $RIMM

When looking only at smartphones and the operating systems running them, Android’s usage continued to soar during the period, up 7 percentage points to move past Research in Motion to claim the top spot in overall usage in the U.S. (not new purchases) with 33% of the market. RIM slipped to 28.9%, while Apple nudged up slightly to 25.2% as Microsoft and Palm continued to drop.

That result seems to mirror other recent surveys that show Apple essentially maintaining its relative share in the rapidly growing smartphone market while Android surges at the expense of Research in Motion and smaller players.

Therefore, I still maintain a short position in RIMM from $56.70, and have initiated a long position in GOOG at $588.10

Blackberry vs. iPhone: New Bold touch screen coming in August

Research in Motion Ltd. saw its stock price drop sharply, the lowest since September 2006, after releasing its results for the quarter ended May 28, 2011.  The BlackBerry maker has cut its earnings outlook and said it would reducing its headcount, as it has been losing ground to Apple Inc.’siPhones and devices running on Google Inc.‘s Android operating system.


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New Blackberry Phone

Check out the new Blackberry Blackout cell phone, (featured on the far left).  With its reinforced antenna and simplified keyboard its guaranteed to not to blackout.  All the BBM messenger server functionality has been built right into it. Sure it runs hot and has a battery life of 13 minutes but you’ll never be lost again.  So forget about picking up an iPhone, reach out and grab your new Blackberry Blackout.

Blackberry Blackout - Where thick is the new thin.

$RIMM - I was playing with the #playbook and I thought this is not too bad #Rimm, it’s your first real attempt. You will make a better one no doubt. You have done things fairly well in the past eps and sales wise. The past 6mths you have been cast aside and left in tatters, crushed by panic and short hype. You’re a Buy, just at the right time - on watch.

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Research In Motion Limited - Diversified Communication Services

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Research In Motion Takeover Beckons (Bloomberg story)

Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) has lost so much value that an acquirer could pay a 50 percent premium and still buy the BlackBerry maker for a lower multiple than any company in the industry.

RIM, once worth $83 billion, has fallen more than 80 percent from its record three years ago as Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone and Google Inc. (GOOG)’s Android platform siphoned off smartphone customers. The Waterloo, Ontario-based company, which plunged last week after saying quarterly sales may drop for the first time in nine years, closed yesterday at $25.89 a share, or 4.7 times earnings next year. That’s less than any communications- equipment provider, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

While Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, RIM’s co-chief executive officers, said last week that their commitment to RIM is “stronger than ever,” the company may now attract Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and Dell Inc. (DELL), BMO Harris Private Banking said. A buyer would get a smartphone maker that is still dominant among corporate clients, offers greater security with its own e-mail servers and generates more free cash versus its market value than any of its rivals. Paying $40 a share still values RIM at a discount to comparable companies in the industry.

Read the whole story at Bloomberg.com here

Blackberry Maker Sports a Nice Tan

Shares in RIM, the maker of the ever less popular Blackberry are getting a haircut today losing 21% of their value.  Claims that RIM is resting on their laurels are being made.  I like how this picture, which was used to break the story today on CBC, shows Jim Balsillie with a nice tan.  Wonder if there’s a connection…

Monster Pinball is ‘all about Symbian’

As you may have read, our HUGELY (yes caps are warranted) successful App, Monster Pinball, has taken a trip over to the Symbian platform.

Now, we know it’s a great game, even 2 years down the line…but to receive a glowing review is always a nice surprise.

The jolly pleasant peeps over at Allaboutsymbian.com took the game in hand, played it and then posted their thoughts.

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BlackBerry Services Hit By More Disruption

The Wall Street Journal reports:

BlackBerry users around the world experienced further disruptions in service Wednesday, the third consecutive day of problems that have now spread further into Asia.

Looks like RIM is in a hurry in the race to the bottom. At this rate, I’m not sure if it’ll take until end of 2012 for them to lose all their customer-base at the rate they are haemorrhaging users. Half a million a month of users are switching away from BB; after this incident, what do you think?