rima dadenji


Rima Dadenji, postcards I keep : whilst staying on Nisyros island studying its volcanic fertile soil during the “Dodecanese boat journey” in July 2016. Nisyros, is situated in the Dodecanese region in the very salty Aegean Sea (the water was so salty, my brown hair turned into blond, and I couldn’t wait to return to Granada to colour it brown again). The island has a rich soil with enough moisture—ideal for tree plantation. 1.the house reminiscent of Rossellini’s Stromboli with its austere balcony and breathtaking view, 2.fell in love with that lime tree, 3.&4.traditional white houses with indigo windows and green doors (the green hose was used for our daily ablutions, too), 5.various plants flourishing in the patio with the sun so, so hot 6.the lady who hosted us, seconds before she was hugged by her son who surprised her travelling from afar—what followed was too beautiful, and too intimate, to share here. I did learn a lot during the stay, both, however I still prefer my Cretan journey in summer 2015. During this stay, I’ve heard incessant and obsessive anti-Islam, anti-Arabs, anti-refugees views everywhere, even in conversations that had nothing to do with Islam, Arabs, and/or refugees. I kept telling myself “Rim, keep silence, their lies are none of your business, you know why this is happening, focus on your work, focus on your goals, focus on the Truth” but one can’t deny their sheer toxic effect on the body, when you break down and cry in prostration at night and don’t want to get up and face the state of the world. And yet you manage to get up, and finish the prayer with gratitude because the pain was taken care of. This, too, is part of the test, life is but a test. My background is in human rights and international humanitarian international law, and not in agriculture/permaculture, but I’m very passionate about the land, the soil, the water, (and can get carried away with water dosage), from a personal therapeutic perspective and from a social venture one. To this day, the grassroots social ventures by the natives: in besieged Syria, occupied Palestinian territories, Morroco, Oman, and Andalusia are the ones that continuously inspire me to learn more, invest better, July 2016