rim tuck


OFF / アリスト16 マフラーサウンドトンネル ~

no, i know there’s nothing cute about drinking on a tuesday night, her shoulders rolled effortlessly with a shrug of indifference as pursed lips enveloped the glass rim of the bottle tucked tightly between her elegant digits. before urging another swig down her throat, lailani’s motions paused momentarily as if to ponder the idea of intoxication at such an odd hour. with a smirk pressing faintly to her lips, she chuckled softly and downed the remnants of the bottle, her head pursuing a slight jerk backwards to compel her tastebuds not to reject the bitter flavor. –– but last time i checked, i don’t give a f u c k about being cute. so you can either continue to look at me like that –– or you can come join me.