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A Galaxy Far, Far Away D’Qar

An Outer Rim planet tucked behind the protective asteroid belt of the Ileenium System, D’Qar has a thick forest canopy and plenty of fresh water – the perfect place for a Resistance base. Its location is classified, although was discovered by the First Order after tracking Snap Wexley’s reconnaissance flight. D’Qar is the site of Leia Organa’s last moments with Han Solo – but where Finn reunited with Poe Dameron after thinking him dead.


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Requested by anonymous:

“Can I request a barry allen imagine where you randomly meet him in the city and you go on a date and then another one etc and you start dating but one day there’s some really big trouble with a bad metahuman so he runs off to help but so do you and at the end of the fight/saving he sees that you are a metahuman too (but a good one) so he takes you to star labs and yah you can finish it however you’d like”

Warnings: metahuman!reader, violence, fluff

Note: I made up this metahuman just so ya know :P

“Shit, shit, shit.” You mutter under your breath as you checked your watch, hurrying faster down the bustling street. You were running late. Again. You had woken up only fifteen minutes ago, realising that you’d forgotten to set your alarm (again) and had to meet with your boss at 9:00am at the local coffee shop. It was currently 8:58am.

It didn’t help that you were in heels and a tight skirt, making it very difficult to weave through all the other city goers. On top of that you were carrying a ridiculous amount of paperwork in your arms which felt like it weighed a tonne. The pile of documents and loose papers was so high you could barely see where you were going, which is why you should have seen what was about to happen coming.

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ohnooo-niall  asked:

Niall blurb/one shot? Where you go to a football game with him? Or You visit his home back in Ireland for the weekend? ;)

Victoria! Thank you for this request! I’m going to change it up a little bit, and rather write about a football game, I’m going to write about him going to the US Tennis Open. Because I can totally see him being all cute and lovely at something like that! xxx

“You are going to absolutely love this, babe. It may look boring on the TV, but trust me, it’s really fun,” Niall smiled, his fingers laced with yours as you started making your way into the venue. Fans were squealing, laughing and pointing to where you and Niall were shuffling into the entrance area of the venue, almost being pulled apart as people began to push through to get to their seats. “Keep hold of my hand, okay? We’re going to meet Liam and Andy at the bar, and that’s where it tends to get more hectic,” Niall whispered, ducking his head down to your head and pressing his lips to your ear.

You gave him a soft nod, and squeezed his hand tightly. You followed in tail as he made his way through the crowds of males huddling together before the tennis games began. Plastic cups full of beer in their hands, laughter erupting from their throats and their heads thrown back as they bellowed out. You’d never been to a sports event before, so you hadn’t a clue how rowdy they’d get. You’d heard from Niall that there was a lot of chatter, and yelling when favourites were winning the matches, but you hadn’t a clue how loud it really was.

“What would you like to drink, babe? Coke? A pint? What about a blue WKD?” You heard his Irish accent come above the chatter, the bar coming into view with a smiling and waving Liam and Andy catching your eye. His hand dropped from your hold as he braced himself against the dark wooden counter top, beside Liam.

“I’ll just have a coke. Oh, and a bottle of water,” you smiled, the feeling of an arm across your shoulder making you look up to the taller man who had engulfed you into his side. Andy looked down with a smile on his face, sunglasses hiding his eyes and his facial hair trimmed neatly and his hair styled much better than when he left it alone. 

“Hello, darlin’. It’s great to see you again. How you feeling about your first tennis game?” He wondered, pressing a kiss to your cheek before he let you snuggle into Liam. He smelt like the cologne you and Sophia had picked out together, for his birthday, the smell captivating and musky smelling. A smell you wished Niall liked. 

“I’m feeling good. I’ve been told by Niall that they aren’t as boring as they seem, so… I’m hoping he’s not lieing,” you giggled at your blonde haired boyfriend as he looked over his shoulder, and raised an eyebrow. “He has a tendency to lie just to get me to come along with him,” you stated, and felt Liam’s chest vibrate as he laughed.

He did have a tendency to lie to you. You remembered when he wanted to take you to see a movie, a horror movie to be precise. He’d told you that Louis and Lottie had been to see it, and he explained that the movie wasn’t as scary as it looked. Believing him, you went along to the cinema with him, going full out as he brought the popcorn and the slushies and the chocolate; and now that you think about it, he was going full out because he felt guilty he was taking you to a horror. A horror you didn’t want to see in the first place.

“If it comes from me, I’m telling the truth. Honestly. It’s not as bad as it seems, I promise,” Liam reasoned, letting you go as Niall turned back around. People seemed to be pushing through, as more and more people entered the bar area to walk through to their seats. You felt yourself being pressed against Niall more as people swayed to let people past. Not that you minded. You loved being close to him.

You snaked an arm around his waist as you buried your face into his chest, your head tucking nicely underneath his chin. Your bottle of water was held in his hand as you held onto the plastic cup of coke in your own hand, the rim tucked underneath your upper lip. 

“Shall we head off into the arena to our seats? Otherwise it’s going to get hectic, and there’s a chance we’ll separate,” Andy suggested, as Liam hopped off the bar stool and followed Andy through the crowded area. Niall’s arm fell from your shoulders as he slipped the bottle of water into your bag and dropped his hand to yours, sliding his fingers through yours.

* *

You couldn’t help but sneak glances at Niall every once in a while, his arm snugly placed across your shoulders as you nestled into his side. His other hand held tightly onto the plastic cup of beer, as your free hand held onto your near empty cup of coke. The games had only just begun, and Eugenie Bouchard was up against Dominika Cibulkova in a challenging and tense match.

His facial expressions were your favourite as he furrowed his eyebrows when Eugenie lost the point. A smile lifted the corner of his lips when she won the point, the arena erupting into cheers as she thrust her fist into the air and screamed out - a muffled scream by the time it reached your ears.

“Niall, I’m going to pop to loo quickly. I didn’t go before we left and I never had chance to go before we sat down,” you giggled, watching as his face turned to look at you. You gave his thigh a pat as he kicked his other leg from his bent knee and dropped his foot to the floor. 

“Do you want me to come? I don’t like you wandering around in the bar area. I can miss the match for 5 minutes,” he suggested, standing up with you as you shuffled in front of him and stood on the steps, shaking your head. “Are you sure? You might get lost. Let me come with you, just in case,” he reasoned, as he began to take steps out of the seating areas. You giggled and shook your head, pushing his shoulder back.

“I am capable of going to the toilet on my own, babe. You don’t need to follow me just because I’ve never been to something like the before,” you smiled, leaning up on your toes to press a kiss to his lips. 

“Horan! Sit down, mate! She doesn’t need her daddy looking after her,” Andy teased, causing your eyes to widen and a blush to form on your cheeks. You mentally cursed Niall for being so loud the previous night, with Andy’s hotel room beside yours and Niall’s. “Seriously, let your baby girl go.”

“Andy, shut the hell up,” Niall muttered, pressing his lips in a soft kiss to your forehead. “Stay safe. If you’re not back in 5 minutes, I’m coming to find you.”

“Okay, baby. I promise, I’ll be fine,” you smiled, squeezing his hand, and bringing his knuckles to your lips. “I love you. See you in a bit. I’ll get you another beer while I’m at it,” you grinned, dropping his hand.

“I love you too,” he whispered, and watched you skip up the steps and disappear into the bar area. Once you’d gone from his view, he turned back to Andy and squinted his eyes. The corners crinkling. “You need to shut up. She’s already nervous being here, don’t make her feel embarrassed too,” he muttered.

“She didn’t seem embarrassed last night, Niall. I had to put some music on to drown you horndogs out,” he winked, as Liam chuckled and kept his eyes on the game in front of him. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll shut up,” Andy whispered, a smirk on his lips.

“Thank you.”

no, i know there’s nothing cute about drinking on a tuesday night, her shoulders rolled effortlessly with a shrug of indifference as pursed lips enveloped the glass rim of the bottle tucked tightly between her elegant digits. before urging another swig down her throat, lailani’s motions paused momentarily as if to ponder the idea of intoxication at such an odd hour. with a smirk pressing faintly to her lips, she chuckled softly and downed the remnants of the bottle, her head pursuing a slight jerk backwards to compel her tastebuds not to reject the bitter flavor. –– but last time i checked, i don’t give a f u c k about being cute. so you can either continue to look at me like that –– or you can come join me.

Bloodlines Part 2 | The Ifrit

 As promised, this is a continuation of The Ifrit. If you haven’t had the chance to read it you can get caught up right here:

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Bloodlines: Part 1

Spirits born of their own intent and free will, unless enslaved by another, the Efreet can be either good or evil.

However, they are more frequently depicted as choosing the latter.

The Letter

It had been three months since Dean walked out of the hospital and he was no closer to finding Rim.

With the third trial approaching he had been almost entirely consumed with taking care of his brother. Sam was getting worse; Dean would never admit it but the fainting spell in Colorado scared the hell out of him. He had never seen Sam so sick in all his life and there was nothing he could do about it until this was all over.

With their failed attempt to trap Abbadon they were having a time tracking down another Demon to test the purification spell they had found in the bunker. Dean watched Sam shiver out of the corner of his eye from the adjacent desk in the library. He hadn’t eaten in days and rejected every offer of help.

Sam wasn’t invincible. Whatever they were going to do they had to do it soon or he might not make it to the third trial. Dean refocused his attention to the tabletop littered with information from the archives. He felt his heart lurch as his gaze drifted over a folded and worn letter.

Rim’s letter.

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