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Welcome to the PacificWatch!AU \o/

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I’m not the only one in on this - there’s a whole discord server dedicated to this AU haha, but basically it’s a mixture of Pacific Rim with the characters from Overwatch. And the main people we focus on is Gabriel/Reaper and Jack/Solder76.

They pilot a Jaeger together and during a battle they have an argument that breaks the bridge of the drift and they fall into the ocean. Jack resurfaces and Gabe falls into the Kaiju’s freshly dead body - getting super contaminated and deformed.

This is the reunion after Gabe finally comes back up and wrecks his way through the coast in search of Jack ;w;

A friend of mine actually wrote a wonderful little ficlet with this reunion, you should totally go read it~ http://archiveofourown.org/works/10590681

headcanon where, just like sovereign, humanity names the reapers so it’s easier to talk about battle plans

it starts off very serious. tantalus. trespasser. abductor.

but the reapers are too many and they run out of cool names so it’s like “squidward just hit england with force, sir” “well at least we’ve got barney contained”

anonymous asked:

Will you be posting more of the pacificwatch au?

Yeah! Actually here’s another thing I did that didn’t quite go with the other two sketches from before, haha;

Kaiju Gabe puking up radioactive slime - I would imagine this would happen more in the beginning as his body is still adjusting to the transformation and is probably rejecting the changes

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