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feeding kink, bottom josh, dom/sub undertones, spit as lube, teasing, dirty talk, overstim  

“the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” was especially the case with josh dun. you couldn’t tell by looking at him, but the man loved his food. give him an oreo, and he was in heaven. pair that with a nice blow-job, and you basically owned his heart. it took a bit of experimenting for tyler to fully realize this, but when he did, it enhanced their sex-life tenfold. 

tyler was watching josh eat one day, taking in all the nuances of how his boyfriend chewed, the way his eyes closed, and how his expression turned to one of pure bliss. he felt strange doing it at first, but couldn’t get past how sexual it looked. especially how he licked his lips and savored it. 

“tyler, man. why are you staring at me like that?” josh asked, breaking tyler out of his trance. josh was slightly worried by how his boyfriend was staring at him with this devilish smirk. 

“huh? oh, sorry. i was just thinking…” tyler trailed off, hand dropping below the table. josh’s eyes widened. 

“about?” josh asked after a pause, taking another bite of his food. he let out a small moan, and tyler’s grin grew wider. 

“you really seem to be enjoying your food, josh. it almost seems to be giving you…pleasure.” tyler said, smirk still plastered across his face. josh knew that look, and it took a second to register. 

“oh my god!” josh exclaimed a little too loudly. tyler laughed at josh’s innocence, then realized that he got the attention of people nearby. tyler quickly withdrew his hand from his semi-erection. 

“josh, i want to try something later at the hotel tonight, you with me?” tyler proposed in a low voice. josh nodded, smirking and biting his lip because he knew it usually meant something good. they finished their meal in silence, not intending to draw any more attention. 

typically, josh liked to get out and be tourist-y while tyler liked hiding away and playing nintendo. while josh was gone, tyler took advantage of the option to have food delivered to his room. he ordered a bunch of desserts because josh had such a sweet tooth and he wanted to surprise him. he was aware that it was a cliche aphrodisiac, but they were sensual guys, so at the most they’d just toss the sweets aside and fuck like rabbits. 

a bit later, josh returned to the room to find tyler in the same spot he was before, which caused him to laugh. tyler grinned, pausing the game and setting his controller aside to give josh his undivided attention. it wasn’t until josh walked over by the chair to lay his coat down that he saw the table with various covered silver platters. 

“oh, what’s this?” josh asked, lifting up each lid to find all kinds of high quality sweets underneath. he stared at them, eyes brightening up like a kid on his birthday. “wow, ty, are we celebrating or something?” he asked. tyler grinned at him fondly for a moment, taking in his expression of lust and hunger. 

“yeah, you being such a cute eater. now i want you naked and on the bed for me, josh. i’m going to feed you, ok?” tyler instructed slowly, sounding a little unsure. josh gave the sweets a final glance before standing in front of tyler and whipping his shirt off. tyler immediately sat towards the edge of the bed, running has hands down josh’s smooth abs. 

“you trying to fatten me up? i’m literally salivating right now” josh joked. tyler hooked his fingers into josh’s nike sweats, pulling them down along with his briefs. he was delighted to see josh’s cock was already semi-hard. he placed soft kisses across josh’s hips, teasing him and allowing his cheek to graze his cock. he nuzzled it and josh moaned, raking his fingers through tyler’s hair. tyler placed kisses to josh’s cock because he couldn’t help himself. as tempting as it was to blow him where he stood, he wanted josh to last. 

“lay down for me” tyler simply demanded. josh whimpered, and with slight hesitation, he laid back against the pillows and waited. tyler grabbed one of the small chocolate cakes and a fork off the tray. after taking a small bite he leaned in, teasing his lips against josh’s and daring him to deepen it. josh deepened the kiss, moaning as he licked the icing from tyler’s lips. tyler’s eyes rolled back and closed, and when josh moaned, tyler made a muffled sound of approval. he was really pleased with how well this was going so far. just the moans josh made caused his cock to swell tremendously. he continued sliding his tongue around josh’s, exploring the taste of his mouth. their teeth clacked gently when josh went in for a bruising kiss, aggressively sucking tyler’s tongue. 

tyler placed his hand on josh’s chest, pushing him down a little to reclaim control. he dipped his fingers in more icing and brought them to josh’s lips. as josh sucked the icing off tyler’s fingers, tyler’s other hand slid down josh’s stomach to his cock. he pumped him as josh moaned with tyler’s fingers in his mouth, and tyler couldn’t help his proud grin. 

“oh you like that, don’t you, baby?” tyler cooed as josh nodded slightly, bucking up into tyler’s fist. tyler pulled his fingers out and rubbed the sensitive tip of josh’s cock, wetting his fingers with josh’s pre-cum. josh squrimed and gasped as tyler continued pumping him slowly. tyler brought his cum-soaked fingers to josh’s mouth to have him taste himself. josh moaned at the salty taste and texture on tyler’s fingers as he swirled his tongue around. 

“fuck josh, i don’t know about you but this is making me so fucking hard” tyler admitted, bringing his hand from josh’s to his own bulge. josh whimpered, both at the loss of contact on his cock and the promise of tyler’s cock. 

“mmmmm ty, fuck me” josh whined, watching tyler sucking his bottom lip and rubbing himself through his briefs. tyler smiled, knowing he was teasing josh and making him crazy with arousal. 

“not so fast” tyler teased, watching josh squirm around to resist touching himself. 

“hold still, joshie, and i’ll take care of you” tyler cooed, grabbing a little bowl of banana creme pudding. josh gasped as tyler dropped the first cold dollop of pudding onto his sternum. he continued adding little dollops down his stomach, following with his warm tongue licking it off. 

“feels so good” josh whispered, breathing heavily and lightly petting tyler’s head. 

“tastes so good” tyler moaned, licking his lips and running his hand over the spit he left on josh’s abdomen. he dragged his tongue from the base to the tip of josh’s cock, taking him completely in his mouth for a moment. then he continued kissing down his shaft, sucking each ball into his mouth while pumping josh’s cock in his hand. josh was beside himself with pleasure, clawing at the sheets and making little noises. tyler had josh bend his knees and hold his legs so he could have access to his hole. he flicked his tongue against josh’s perineum, then trailed it around his rim, poking his tongue through. he gently added a finger, turning it and curling against that spot that’s oh so sensitive and had josh moaning and trembling involuntarily. 

“ty…h-holy fuck” josh muttered almost incoherently. tyler grinned as he twisted and thrusted his finger in and out. he added more spit and a second finger, spreading it across josh’s hole before both fingers disappeared inside him. he humped slightly against the bed to ease the tension building inside his gut at feeling and seeing josh this way. he continued adding tongue into the action, pulling out his fingers momentarily to tongue josh’s pulsating hole, then reinserting them and stretching him out. 

“doing so damn good for me, baby.” tyler assured josh, who was a moaning, whimpering mess. he carried on this exquisite torture a bit longer, getting josh nice and worked up. tyler slowed down to a full stop, wiping his soaked fingers on the sheet and leaning over josh to get to the table of desserts. josh didn’t like that tyler still had all his clothes on. he managed to feel up on tyler as he was leaning over him, hands greedily working down his sides and sliding up his shirt to feel smooth, hot skin. he came back with a strawberry wafer in his mouth, bringing it to josh’s mouth to share. josh closed his eyes and moaned, chewing slowly as tyler gently stroked josh’s face. 

“so fucking gorgeous” tyler praised, pushing his own pants and briefs down. he suddenly couldn’t wait any longer. he pulled josh’s legs onto his shoulders, licking his fingers and getting them generously coated before spreading it over the head of his cock. he lined himself up with josh’s entrance, pushing in slowly. he leaned over, folding josh nearly in half to get the deepest possible angle. he observed josh’s face for any signs of discomfort, but could only see unabashed desire. as tyler began rocking his hips, josh’s mouth dropped open. his half-closed eyes locked onto tyler’s, brows furrowed from the slight burn as grunts escaped in rhythm to tyler’s thrusts. 

“faster” josh groaned. tyler wrapped his hand around josh’s throat delicately, something he liked to do to remind him who was in control. josh whimpered submissively, bringing his hand up over it. tyler continued fucking josh into the mattress, springs squeaking with each thrust. his pace picked up naturally, not to follow josh’s order, but to chase his own high. 

“you’re so tight, josh…so fucking tight” tyler rasped, voice cracking slightly with his efforts. if he kept going, he’d cum instantly so he held still inside josh and ran his fingers down josh’s thigh, which caused him to gasp and twitch from sensitivity. he grinned at the effect he had on josh. “you wanna cum?” 

“yes, please tyler” josh begged, grabbing at the pillow behind him. tyler tsked, smiling and shaking his head. 

“so needy, babe” he said affectionately, leaning down to kiss his lips. he let josh’s legs down, allowing him to wrap them around his waist as he began rocking into him again. josh whined, biting down on his lip and squeezing his eyes shut in concentration. in contrast with his increasingly harsh fucking, tyler nuzzled his face into the crook of josh’s neck to lick and bite. his hand slid down between their sweaty bodies to wrap around josh’s cock, pumping him in time with his thrusts. 

“come on baby, so close…” tyler encouraged josh between pressing wet, suctioning kisses to his neck. he wasn’t sure who he was telling. josh was panting, overwhelmed by the feeling of tyler filling and jerking him simultaneously. tyler’s thrusts were unforgiving and merciless, chasing his own orgasm without much thought as to how close josh actually was. he was too enveloped by josh’s scent, taste, and those ungodly noises he was making. 

without much warning, tyler felt josh hold still and his hands gripping his shirt. he was cumming hard and shooting straight up his torso. tyler slowed his hand on josh’s sensitive cock, pumping him through his orgasm and using his cum as lube. he did not stop thrusting, as he was on the brink himself. seeing josh like that, being that he caused it, really sent him over the edge. 

“yes josh, oh my…GOD” tyler growled possessively, actually thrusting harder into josh and biting his neck. josh cried out, just holding still and enduring it because he knew tyler had to be close. he always got louder and more aggressive, and josh secretly adored this primal side. the pain was worth seeing tyler fall apart and to lose all composure in every sense. a few more thrusts, and josh felt tyler twitching while buried deep inside him, warm fluid filling his body. josh shivered, holding tyler and running his hand up and down his back. 

after a moment, tyler collapsed next to josh to catch his breath. josh adored this side of tyler too - soft, vulnerable, and sleepy. since tyler did all the work, josh took on the role of quietly cleaning him up and making him comfortable. tyler kept his eyes closed, sighing appreciatively as he felt josh removing his shirt, jeans, and briefs for him. he was too tired to move or feel anything as josh lifted his spent cock and wiped the cum off. tyler was resilient, he’d be hard again in about 20 minutes and it didn’t take josh long to recover either. for now, he was content with cuddling and making out with tyler. the bittersweet aftertaste only enhanced his addiction to him. 

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28+43 with Jun please!


28 | “You’re still mad?”
43 | “Frost the damn cupcakes.”


who knew drinking the rest of the milk would lead to such an epidemic

words: 1200
genre: pure sickly sweet fluff

The glare being delivered to you from the other side of the counter was so heated you wouldn’t be surprised if you received third-degree burns. The apples of your cheeks were flushed a deep rosy pink as the man holding a spatula and the deepest frown you had ever seen, staring at you so intensely you could feel shame seeping through your bones.

“Jun,” you whined with a pout, stretching your arms over the countertop until your fingers reached out to pull on the end of the spatula. “You’re still mad?”

His eyes shifted from you only to roll around his head, a snarl on his lips as he jerked his hand from your grabby fingers, letting the spatula fall into the bowl of batter before he turned toward the plastic bags on the kitchen table. As much as you hated how astonishingly petty he was being, you deserved the cold shoulder he had been delivering you ever since he opened the fridge to find the last and key ingredient to his cupcakes, missing.

For nearly twenty minutes you had spewed to him about why you drank the last of the milk, apologizing profusely and arguing that there was no way you would have known he was going to be baking. However, at the sight of a half full glass of lukewarm milk sitting idly on a coaster in the living room, he lost it. The oven mitts tucked over his fingers were tossed over the granite counter, arms thrown into the air as he exclaimed his retirement from the baking community.

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Softest Touch

Title: Softest touch

Summary: Phil’s had a busy day with the radio show. As it’s father’s day, Dan decides to give him some fun. Was sort of a prompt but I lost it.

Warnings: Plushophilia, daddy kink, assplay, do I need to warn for buttsex?

Words: So many! (2000+)

A/N: I can’t explain this one, its just filth. And I’d apologise, but I’m not even sorry. You all asked for this and I’ve just given you exactly what you wanted.

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Happy Birthday, Dean Winchester!

hellhoundsprey did the wonderful art for this fic! Thank you!

Top Dean, Bottom Sam

He was pushed roughly against the wall, the suit jacket rolled off of his muscled shoulders. He let out a guttural moan as Sam mouthed at his neck, raking his fingernails into Dean’s shoulder blades. Sam overtook Dean’s lips in a searing kiss, cocking his head to the side to grant more access to the soft lips he’d been denied the entire FBI interview. Dean growled, pinching at the first button of Sam’s white collar, taking a moment to twist it correctly. It came free, only for him to become impatient and rip the shirt open, buttons flying to the floor and bouncing under the kitchen utilities. Sam snickered, only for the sound to be swallowed by Dean as Sam pulled him forward to close the door to their crappy motel apartment. The door slammed shut, and Sam shoved Dean into it, the course cedar wood rubbing harshly into his back. Sam untwisted Dean’s buttons with experienced ease, pushing his hands into each side to pull it down and off. Sam untucked his shirt, chucking it to the ground, not daring to take his mouth off of Dean’s. Sam lunged, sinking his teeth into Dean’s neck, making him whimper and cry out.

“Biting?” Dean spoke through labored breath, smirking at his little brother. “Not fair.”

Sam pulled back to let out a light hearted chuckle, frantically wrapping his fingers into Dean’s undershirt to pull him impossibly closer, craving more contact.

“Bed?” One word couldn’t have been more meaningful as Sam sucked on Dean’s lower jaw and manhandled his shoulders to push him farther back into the wooden door.

“Don’t know, Sammy. Can’t take much more. Need you now.” Dean wrapped his fingers around Sam’s throat, pulling Sam closer until he felt those smooth lips impact his with a teeth clenching kiss.

Sam growled again, fisting his fingers tighter into Dean’s shirt. Dean flipped them somehow, pushing Sam’s large frame into the door, using all his strength to keep him there.

“Still- ah, fuck!” Dean sucked on his jugular, palming Sam’s rock hard bulge through the straight dress pants. “Still open from this morning. I’m good, if you are.”

Dean ran his hand down Sam’s chiseled chest, worshipping his body before roughly turning him around.

Dean bucked his hips and could feel his cock sliding against the meat of Sam’s ass making the younger Winchester squirm.

“ This what you want, Sammy?” Dean moved closer, inching his lips to Sam’s ear to give Sam those delicious goose bumps that he always got from dirty talk. “Want my fat cock in that tight hole of yours?”

Sam’s voice trembled and his knees began to shake.

“Y-yes! F-fuck me? Please, Dean. Need you to.”

“Yeah? Is that what my baby boy needs? A quick rough fuck against the door, huh?” Dean ground his hard on into Sam’s skin again, reaching around to undo the clasp of Sam’s pants, purposefully avoiding Sam’s cock.

“Yes!” The blush spread from Sam’s cheeks to the tips of his ears at the admission, and Dean pulled the zip of Sam’s pants down, letting them fall to the floor. He humped into Sam’s thin boxers, feeling the curve of his crack against the sensitive nerve running down his cock. Sam pushed his hips back, desperation showing in the way he keened and fucked back into Dean’s hardness. Dean pulled at the elastic waistband of Sam’s boxers, pushing them down. Dean went on his knees when they stopped at Sam’s thighs, and on his way back up, he spread Sam’s cheeks and licked a long stripe up Sam’s center, eliciting a powerful moan from Sam. Dean kitten licked at the rim, savoring the sweet taste of sweat, soap and Sam.

Dean noticed the way Sam was quivering, and poked his tongue in and swirled, making Sam gasp and shutter.

“Need you.” Sam whined, digging his fingernails into the grain of the door.

Dean stood, knees popping as he went and pulled on the clasp of his pants, unable to contain himself any longer. He pulled his swollen cock out, taking a moment to appreciate the angry red color of it. Dean pushed himself forward, pumping himself twice and running slowly down the length of Sam’s crack. Sam shivered visibly, goose bumps spreading down his spine.

Dean pulled back, spitting into his palm and fisting his cock, inhaling sharply at the sudden contact.

Sam grew impatient, readjusting his legs and spreading his legs farther apart, presenting his ass for display. Dean rocked forward, rubbing the head against the rim and lightly poking in, a gentle tease and unpredictable segue from the rough and immediate lust for slotting their bodies together as quick and brutal as possible.

Dean shoved himself in another two inches quickly, forcing a pained yelp from Sam, biting his lower lip and worrying it with his teeth. Sam hissed, the burn was intense, but so, so wonderful as Dean filled him up to the hilt. Dean’s hips stuttered with only his will keeping him in place, waiting for Sam to adjust and breathe evenly.

Sam bucked back, jostling Dean inside him and Dean huffed a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Sam whined, feeling Dean’s cock suddenly probing Sam’s prostate.

Dean pushed forward a little, shoving himself into the spongy spot and making Sam squirm.

A litany of pleading words spewed from between Sam’s open cracked lips that included please, move and Dean.

The thing that Dean couldn’t resist was when Sam begged all pretty like that.

Dean leisurely dragged himself out, a crushing grip on Sam’s hips and was drawn back in by Sam’s tight heat, sucked in by the strength of Sam’s gripping velvet walls, making Dean gasp and moan.

“So fucking tight, Sammy.” Dean leaned over and licked a long stripe between Sam’s shoulder blades. “You’d think with how many times I fuck this ass a day, you’d be sloppy like a whore.”

Sam growled, thrusting his hips back and pushing his arms out so he wouldn’t hit his head. Sam gasped between thrusts, the push/pull of Dean’s cock too much to bare as he glided across his prostate. Sam lowered his hand to pump his own weeping prick, sliding easily across the thick length. Dean fucked in, pumping his hips as fast he could without breaking something, the slam, slam, slam of Sam’s chest against the wood of the door until finally, finally he felt the end slowly approaching. Dean fucked in, wrapping his hands around Sam’s shoulders and went as deep as he could, listening to the litany of gasps coming from Sam.

“So.. close.” Sam panted. He twisted near the tip, kneading the bundle of nerves at the tip of the head. Dean pushed in, re- gripping Sam’s shoulders and wrapped his hands around Sam’s knuckles, tightly gripping on to force a choked orgasm out of Sam. Sam let out a bellowed moan, come splattering over the door.

Dean instantly knew how sensitive Sam would be, so he pulled his come stained fingers up to Sam’s mouth and Sam happily sucked them in, moaning at the taste. That was the moment Dean spasmed gloriously into Sam’s hole. He felt like Sam milked him dry, clenching his muscles. Dean saw stars flying, running his hands down Sam’s back as he caught his breath, blinking back a bead of sweat running down his brow. Dean leaned forward to rest his forehead against Sam’s heated back, huffing his exhaustion.

Dean pulled out with a rude squelch, instantly leaning over to pull Sam’s boxers up where they belonged on his hips. Sam sighed, turning in Dean’s arms and kissed him almost chastely on the lips, humming through his smirk.

“Happy Birthday, Dean.”

Ye Ri Drabble Game

Ye Ri + #42
42: “You summoned a demon?”

To say Ye Rim is a bit aloof is an understatement. Usually she has it under control and can function as a normal human being, but other times she completely loses it and nothing can get between her and whatever hairbrained idea she happened to come up with. There have been times where you’ve been pleasantly surprised by the outcome of some of her plans, but those were usually the normal ones that anyone could execute without the need to involve the fire department or hospital. Like little DIYs that she saved from various websites. Sure, the cookies shaped like hearts looked so cute in the picture being perfect shaped and immaculately frosted, while Ye Rim’s look like sad potatoes at best with more of the messy frosting smeared all over her hands than the actually cookies. That is to be expected from most recipes you find online unless you’re worthy of being a candidate on some cooking show.

Though Ye Rim somehow finds a way to make things worse than they need to be while trying to help the situation. The worst of her ideas and the reason you keep all the lighters tucked away in a childproof drawer is because once a recipe called for a culinary torch. You have no idea to this day what she was trying to make. All you remember is waking up to the smoke alarms going crazy and finding Ye Rim standing over a pot that looked more like a mini bonfire with a can of air freshener and a lighter in each hand. You’d managed to put out most of the fire on your own with Ye Rim dumping the rest of a half empty juice bottle on the rest of it. The process of cleaning up the mess and calming the neighbors gave you more of a headache than the fact that your girlfriend nearly set herself on fire.

It seems that she’s become more mindful of the potential consequences for her reckless actions in the past few months, though. You’re honestly rather proud of her. Usually if Ye Rim hasn’t come to bed by this time, around 12AM, you become a bit worried about what it is she’s doing around the house, but these days more often than not she’s reading, cleaning, or watching Netflix somewhere. Hopefully tonight won’t be the exception as you’re already half asleep after finally finishing a drama you’ve been meaning to watch for months. You almost make it to dreamland, but your phone lights up on the nightstand. You consider just ignoring it but curiosity gets the best of you. Somewhat mad at your lack of self control you read the text that lit up the screen. It’s from Ye Ri. The cryptic message has you smacking your forehead. Of all the nights for her to be up fiddling with thing that should never be fiddle with she picks tonight. It’s purely your love for the crazy girl that’s apparently in the living room that has you rolling out of bed. Had it been anyone else you’d probably even write it off as a prank with how outlandish her reason for texting you is. You enter the living room with your eyes closed, as if opening them will stop you from going back to bed.

“You summoned a demon?” You hum sleepily, only half expecting her to confirm your question. When she doesn’t you peek an eye open to take in the sight before you. Ye Rim is looking at you from over the back of the couch and the space between the living room and kitchen is occupied by a large pentagram. The shape is traced out with silver glitter and some of the offerings include Ye Rim’s stuffed animals, but what you focus on is the lit candles that sit at each point of the star. You look up at her in annoyance.

“How did you light these?” She could say magic and you’d probably believe her but instead she points to the kitchen counter. On top of the marble sits a strange creature holding a pair of pliers that are still clamped around a mangled part to the child lock and a lighter. You jump up next to Ye Rim in fright. The thing–a demon, you guess–isn’t scary. In fact, it’s borderline cute. It has silvery gray skin and a childlike body with iridescent wings sprouting from its back. It’s eyes are wide and bright blue as it regards the both of you huddle on the couch. It seems much more interested in the way you tuck a whimpering Ye Rim into your chest than the items in its hand, deciding to chuck them to the floor instead.

“What the hell are you?” You blurt out. Ye Rim’s hand shoots up to clamp over your mouth, but the thing on the counter doesn’t seem bother.

“I’m a fae.” It says kindly. You blink. This thing is Ye Rim’s so called demon? The glittery footprints definitely lead from the center of the pentagram to just before the counter, but weren’t demons supposed to be, well, demonic? You ask as much.

“We come in different forms based on phobias. A spider demon for arachnophobes and the likes. Ye Rim didn’t call anyone with a purpose, so I came because I liked her pentagram.” You assume Ye Rim had to mention her name in the summoning process so it seems less weird that this little fae knows her name.

“Well, she’s Ye Rim. I’m [Name]. Who are you?”

“I’m No Mi; your new fae companion!” The tiny fae takes flight to land next to you on the couch. They’re much smaller up close, only coming to just below your knees if you were both to stand. They regard the two of you with hopeful eyes. Ye Rim pokes her head up to smile at them.

“In that case, welcome to the family, No Mi!”
Hats & Heels.
  • Reader/Calum Hood
  • Word count: 1,785
  • Warnings: some strong language and sexual content
  • Requested? No
  • Summary: The one where you and Calum have drunken sex (lol I didn’t know how to describe it).

To celebrate the ending of 5SOS’ American tour, the boys and I went out for dinner and drinks although, it resulted as Calum and me having had a bit too much, grabbing a cab home and stumbling through the front door.

“I like your hat.” I said, poking the rim of his hat delicately, my body pulling back far. Calum laughed and pulled me close, “I like you.” I giggled and pecked his lips as my alcohol pumping fingers began to unbutton his jacket while he smiled at me puzzled. “What are you doing, (Y/N)?” H slurred. Once again, I laughed in response. “I think you’re hot.” I pulled off his jacket and ran my hands down his toned arms. I then began to untie his bowtie, slipping often before I finally flung it, almost ripped in half.

“You,” I said while I started to undo his shirt, “you’re… you look good without a shirt.” He chuckled and wrapped his hands around me to unzip my dress and let it slide down my body. “So do you,” he whispered in my ear. I managed to get his shirt off, smiling at his torso. “This is a dress silly!” I laughed as his palm made contact with his forehead, chuckling along too. I reached up to unclip my hair, letting it flow down while Calum worked at his belt and kicked off his shoes. Soon enough, we were both standing there in our under garments in a drunken state-of-mind.

“It’s like a no clothes party!” Calum laughed out, going to turn on the stereo. My Beyoncé CD blasted, ‘Drunk in Love’ coming all throughout the house. He held out his hand for me to go to him as we began to stupidly dance in the middle of our living room. “What is the time?” I slurred while I danced limp. Calum looked around until he saw a clock, walking up to it and squinting.  “It is one-ten in the morning.” He said as he turned back to me and we both laughed. I moved closer to him and took his hand. “Come with me.” I whispered and began to stumble over my heels. I guided him to the bedroom where I turned on the light, dimming it to have darkness but enough to still see.

“What is… why are we in here?” Calum asked, slightly waving his body foreword from lack of balance. My eyes trailed his body-up, down, left, right, everywhere. “You… I… you look good in this light.” I stuttered while my gaze moved his eyes on my body. “So do you,” he answered as I felt his watch move around my torso. I looked down, seeing I chose to wear my black lingerie he bought me and I still had my red heels on. Back at Calum, he was only in his plaid boxers and hat.

Calum must have noticed me switching between the two of our bodies and he moved closer, arms closing in on my waist while the space shrunk. Pretty soon, his forehead was leaning against mine, eyes closed, lips just mere centimeters apart. “Kiss me,” I whispered as our lips slowly met. The kiss went leisurely, then becoming more intense, my hand folding around his neck. Both of us going deep, we practically were inside each other’s mouths. Although, it wasn’t anything rough, it was more concentrated. Calum began to turn us, my bare back against the bed as he pushed me down. His body stayed over mind while the kiss never broke.

“I want you to fuck me,” I whispered in his ear through small, loose giggles. He smiled and his hands slid down his boxers then going to throw his hat off until my own fingers quickly flew to his on top of the hat, stopping his actions. “No,” my smile grew, “keep it on.” He laughed while taking my bra off, fumbling for quite some time. My hands stayed on his hat as my feet were to kick off my heels. Calum shook his head, “I keep, you keep. Shoes stay.” He winked and slid down to pull my panties off.

His hands took care of my underwear while small, wet kisses were planted between my thighs, slowly getting higher towards my heated need. I felt his long hot breaths against my sensitive skin, making me shudder with want. Closer, he become, closer to me almost as if he was hesitant of his next decision. “Calum, what are you waiting for?” My words spoke as if I instantly sobered up as soon as Calum’s mouth inched next to my own skin. I could see his hat slightly shift as his smirk radiated upon me.

“For your beg.” The vibrations of his words soared around me, causing me to giggle faintly, mostly out of drunken state. “Calum, just do something, anything… I need you.” I squirmed under his hands, grasping my thighs, feeling them tighten as his attempt to hold me down. Finally, as if feeling it was forever, I felt Calum’s tongue slide into me, at first a long, slow stroke almost as thought he would miss an inch. Each time entering was a faster pace, savoring each time in and covering everything. That is, until he became so fast I could feel myself becoming weaker alongside the alcohol that downed my strength.

I moaned, feeling Calum become content with his work. “Fuck, Cal..” I could feel myself coming closer and closer to my peak, slowly but surely while my hands gripped his sliding over my hips. As my vision moved to look at him, all I could see was the top of his hat moving ever-so-lightly and I dropped my head once more while my eyes dropped and back arched as I could feel myself getting real close.

“C-Cal,” I moaned, tightening as I was at my crest. Just as I was to release, he removed himself from me, his wet lips kissing up my body to my breasts, burying himself in them and leaving me unfinished.

“What the fuck Cal!” I groaned, my hands now roaming his back for a good spot to grip. I could feel his breath on the top of my breasts before he responded. “Baby girl, you’re not going to get it right away… I’m going to make you beg for it.” With his words, I moaned partially of pleasure and partially of frustration.

                His lips continued upon my chest and neck while his hands moved to life me slightly so they can reach my back. “This can come off now,” he whispered. My bra vanished before I could understand what he said, leaving a slight breeze over me. There was the absence of his hot breath on me as I opened my eyes to see him looking down at me, full of lust and hunger. “You look so fucking hot,” he whispered while grazing over me with the thoughts of how things are going down. I couldn’t take anymore waiting, teasing, or staring. Y hands made their way to his cheeks, pulling him closer as my lips connected with his. “Hungry are we?” Calum’s voice sounded over me. I nodded and planted my lips upon his neck now, working down. “Now, now Princess,” he chuckled as he pushed my head away, “don’t go trying to get what you want. Remember, you’re going to beg.”
“Well then, fuck Cal, just do me already I don’t need to beg you know.”
“Oh, do I? I don’t think I do.” I groaned, throwing my head back and my nail deeper into his back. “Yes you fucking do, come on!” He smirked as he thought of other way to tease me, finally coming up with one. “Fine.” His calloused fingers trailed over my body until they stopped at my heated area once again. They toyed around, feeling over every spot so not one was untouched. He slipped on finger onto my clit, rubbing painfully slow. The pleasure was soon being felt.

“Fuck, Cal, come on!” He laughed once again, bringing his lips down to my neck while his free hand held his torso up. It seemed to be that we both felt more sober although we still knew that our bodies were taken over with consumed alcohol.

“Do you want more? I’m not sure I can tell.”
“Fuck, yes I do. Come on Calum, I need you!” I moaned again, my eyes closing once more while my head was thrown back again, the crown digging deep into the mattress before returning to the open air. His lip worked around my neck, sure to leave red marks and bruises everywhere.  “Calum, I need you. Don’t be a fucking tease.” I could feel his smirk against me although he didn’t say nor do anything. I could feel his fingers become faster with each word I begged.

“C’mon Calum,” I begged, holding out the last letter of his name. The rubbing become more intense, making me more and more wet with his touch. My breath has become considerably heavier while my hips rocked to their own pace of pleasure. Small moans escaped every so often while his fingers circled over me. My nails dug deeper and deeper, tracing over and over as I left scratched up and down his back. I felt myself get closer as just his touch could do millions for me. “Fuck, Cal, faster.” His pace hadn’t change as I repeated myself. “Faster!” I screamed, arching my act while my eyes clenched themselves closed. My climax was approaching and I could definitely feel it and apparently so could Calum.

“Hold it for me baby,” he said, his lips finally off my neck while he hovered me, watching my face tighten from his doings. “Cal,” I moaned. “No,” he said, “hold it. Just a little longer baby.” I clenched my thighs around his hand for a mere few seconds before his leg interrupted and pulled them apart once again. “Calum, I can’t hold it any longer.” I said softly, biting my bottom lip to near blood-drawing. “Okay baby girl, cum for me.” He said, kissing my lips to muffle my moans as my climax reached, releasing all over his fingers. They worked through my peak until he was sure I was finished, my mouth stopping the kiss to scream his name, the way I know he likes it.

He lifted his fingers while his eyes stared in mine; he led them to my mouth, making me taste myself as we stared at each other. “Good girl,” he smirked, kissing me deeply and harshly. “Fuck, Cal…”
“Oh no, we’re not done. What about me? Don’t I deserve to be pleasured too? Oh, we’re not done.” 

vanillayote  asked:

I don't know if tumblr ate my last ask but if it did THAT IS OK. I have questions I actually couldn't answer by looking through your archives. 1- How do the eyelids go in and open/close in unison? The way i have the lids now they keep falling out and don't move together. 2- How do I keep the eyes from moving forward and backward once they are installed in the head? Without support they shake as if it were an earthquake :x

(Given the last ask I figure you don’t need this any more, but I’ll go ahead and post in the event that someone else wants this info!)

I’ve used a couple different techniques in different masks–

The first thing you’ll want to do is give your eyelids an axis of rotation.  If you have a drill or Dremel on hand, make holes on opposite sides of each lid, near the rim, and poke your paper fasteners or other similarly shaped objects through the holes:

If no hole-making tool is available, hot glue works decently well, especially if you reinforce it:

The pins will stick into the foamcore base on either side of each eye, such that the lid can rotate freely around the eyeball (until it hits the eye stalk or support)  It should be able to at least make a full blink without running into anything. 

The final templates will have markers for where the pins go, but for now you’re on your own (it’s pretty easy to figure out once you see what you’re doing though)

As for the mechanisms themselves: I did it a couple different ways on different masks.

Foxy 1.0 has a single servo which pulls the eyes open (with fishing line cables threaded through the mask) when it turns one way, and pulls them closed when it turns the other.  This generates a lot of friction and not all that much movement, so overall I don’t recommend it.

ShadowBun also has a single servo, this time connected to each lid with stiff metal wires.  The wires are the same length and shape, so the eyes move in unison.  Because there’s very little friction (the wires are going through holes in the faceplate that are wide enough for them to pass freely) the servo can move them as quickly as needed.  I actually had to slow down the blinking in the code, because I wanted something a little smoother.  (Blinking mechanism is at about 1:05)

(Note that the four new templates are different than ShadowBun and Springtrap in that the eyeballs are on the inside of the faceplate.  You’ll need to adjust your mechanism accordingly.)

Foxy 2.0 has one servo per eye. They’re set up similarly to ShadowBun’s, with each servo arm connected to a stiff wire which moves the lid up and down.  From inside the mask:

The servos can be programmed to move together, but they could also be told to wink, or do a sleepy blink, or anything that requires the eyelids to act independently of each other (things that are not possible with a single servo setup).  I haven’t done any of that with Foxy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

On to the second thing:  To keep the eyes from wobbling, you need to stabilize them up near the eye.  They’re already constrained at the base.  For the original chica template I had some loop pieces that clipped into the faceplate…but they disappeared somewhere in the evolution of these new masks ._.  It’s another thing I’ll need to go back and add in to all the new templates, but like the lid supports it’s something that’s fairly easy to freehand (I don’t have any great pictures but you can kinda see where I put them, here):

Just make sure the stalks can still rotate freely (they shouldn’t be pinched in or the servo will have to do extra work) and you should be good to go.