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Connor I can't make it to the stream today so ya gotta remind yourself to remember the titans but I can tell you now that there's 70 fuckin days left

dont worry we played overwatch and i was jus rilly good

In the night-light,
do you see what you
dream? All your travels,
are they all what they seem? Look around you,
then you may realize All the preachers,
all with their l i e s

This is for Rebs. You’ve been through a lot and yet you still stay strong. You’re a real inspiration Rebby. Don’t listen to all those haters calling you fake. True friends and fans will support you all the way .


Night Terror-Dreamscape Theme
  • Night Terror-Dreamscape Theme
  • Rilli-Luci

Theme for the dreamscape in the fictional game- Night Terror
In between levels of phobias this song plays as long as you’re in the main part of the dreamscape. It does not play when in Jasper’s study, or any other dreamscaper’s domain. 

I was thinking about making this a phobia theme but couldn’t think of one.

Night Terror and picture that comes with this post both belong to rebornica

Song belongs to me.