to clarify

The two mods running this tumblr/production are Rillie (@power-of-innocence) and Anna (@annapantsu). 

There are no other mods. 
We’ve been receiving asks about whether Scribs (we’ve spoken to them about this beforehand this isn’t shady i swear) will be taking part in this production so on that note, let’s talk about that. 

It’s really weird to ask that and we really hope its not the reason people are signing up, just because someone may or may not be taking part. We’re not doing this so you can talk to artists you admire. We’re making a production. If your joining purely because you’re interested in talking with another artist, you will get the boot very quickly. 

It also makes things weird for them. There has been rumors that they are mods or running this production and that’s not fair to them either. 

If you have any questions about this production that have not been answered in the FAQ, ask but DO NOT send questions to other artists asking if they are running or will be taking part. It’s not cool. 

If we receive anymore questions like this or we are notified about it from another person, the person sending it will be disqualified from auditioning. 

So don’t be a dingus.
And read the FAQ. 


And now for the au no one freaking asked for but we all desperately need. I wanted to try a mix of my version of Ice Finn and the canon way so he turned out like that. Plus Demon!Marco and Babel are just needed in my life.

Quick heads up, it seems that we failed to make it clear that this is a movie based AU and does not contain musical canon (altered for AU or otherwise) Because of this asks based solely on musical canon will not be answered. This includes references directly to songs, events and canon that were not in the movie, and drastic character changes. So if you sent in an ask and don’t see it answered, we’re simply keeping to our AU’s storyline and influences.

more info for vocalists

Hey all,

Here’s a little more info about vocal auditions –

You can audition for as many characters as you like! You can also audition for only the ensemble if that’s what’d you prefer. However, if you do choose to audition for a main character and do not get the part, you will still be a member of the ensemble. So regardless, even if you don’t get a main role, you will still be featured in the musical as part of the ensemble. 

The actual auditions won’t be open for a little while (maybe a week or so) but this is the process we will be using:

Audition for Main Characters:

Acting Audition - There will be provided lines that you must act (just like a regular audition). 

Vocal Audition: You will need to provide a one minute clip of a specified song for each character (ex. Veronica’s audition might be the belty part of Dead Girl Walking, Heather Chandler’s audition song could be the chorus of Candy Store, etc.). Along with that, we need another one minute sample of your singing voice. You can sing anything you want for this! Musical theatre, pop, whatever you want. You can also string together samples of different songs you’ve sang, like a vocal reel (example of a voice reel).

Ensemble Audition:

Vocal Audition - Provide a one minute clip of your singing. You can sing whatever you’d like! The more impressive auditions may receive roles like Bill Sweeney/Coach Ripper or Pauline Fleming.

After you’ve completed these, export each character audition as its own file (acting audition and vocal audition in one file) and put it up on the audition doc (which is not out yet no worries)! 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!! 

anonymous asked:

your stealing the swap idea from hesthers swap?

We’re really not.
The idea of role swap types of AUs is super common, every fandom has hundreds of them. And as for this particular AU written by digi and Royal, they made it some time ago, they were telling me about it before that heathers swap blog was even a thing. The way each group of people has gone about the structure and swaps in the two AUs is completely different, we swap the environment of two characters and discuss how it would effect the world around them, heathers swap is a AU where everyone trades lives with their opposite character.

It’s cool if you prefer another AU but please don’t accuse us of taking their ideas when we’re two completely different blogs?? Their AU isn’t even centered around Veronica and JD it’s totally different.

How to join the project as an artist:

○ PM mod Rillie’s main blog @power-of-innocence art examples

○ If you have examples of storyboards/animatics/animations that is preferred. If not, just send regular art.

○ If you do not have storyboard/etc. examples, you will be asked to create one for a song or scene from any musical of your choice to show us that you can make one. It must be at least 30 seconds long.

○ Once we approve that you’re in! You’ll be added to the discord server. Anyone not comfortable with group chats can simply let me know, and I will keep you updated through private messages instead.

So they had her say it.

They had Emma Swan say that the only reason she knows what True Love is is because of Captain Hook. She said this when she was calm, and reasonable–made it part of her sacred marriage vow.

Now, there was a time, as a viewer, I would have said when a character says such a thing (and in such a way) we must be prepared to believe it. To accept it as incontrovertible canon.

And yet, not that very long ago, the show had a character explain why a certain keychain survived traveling between realms. It wasn’t Neal who made the claim. It was Belle. A sensible character whose words, frankly, we are always meant to trust in. Belle is written and performed as a particularly perceptive character. She understands and sees things we do not.

And so, in that moment of Emma’s marriage, the show’s Neal-erasure became complete.

It’s not just something the show does toward Neal, though, is it? The notion that someone might find/have True Love multiple times makes OUAT a show (ostensibly, but almost never in-practice) about happy endings rilly rilly skittish.

The show seems to believe that if Emma and Neal shared True Love that, then, somehow neuters Emma from ever having it again–even if (as we well know) NEAL IS DEAD.

And in this the show transgresses against Real Life and Real Happy Endings in a way I find it hard to feel okay with.

And as for the show being regressive about its own established-canon? That’s just unacceptable. You pay script advisors to keep track of things like this. There are rules in telling stories. Go back to school. Read a good book. Quit pooping on excellent moments you crafted in the past by trying to turn them on their ear. (*and of course it’s not the first time it’s been done–on multiple fronts)

For someone binge-watching the show, as opposed to watching it play out over six years on-air, it must seem even more egregious. Canon is even fresher in their mind.

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Idk if yall habe gotten this but what do you thunk would happen if canon JD and Veronica met Jason and Ronnie ??

I have yet to get this question. There was a good response for Veronica and Ronnie meeting here. I have details under the cut.

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