And now for the au no one freaking asked for but we all desperately need. I wanted to try a mix of my version of Ice Finn and the canon way so he turned out like that. Plus Demon!Marco and Babel are just needed in my life.

Saeyoung stands in a black, long-sleeved dress that ends just above his knees and hugs him in all the right places.

Excerpt from the fic that inspired Mary’s outfit *_* Fics like that make me want to get down on my knees… and pray for forgiveness…

I made this for a girl i have a REALLY HUGE CRUSH ON. like REALLY HUGE.

@sevenravenseven we should rilly start laven it up. :P

Merry Christmas!!!!!

“What’s that, champ? You’re having those silly dreams again?”

“Yeah… I was skinny, but my hed was SO full of smarts, & I was thinkin all sorts of things nonstop. It was like my brane was rilly fast. Can I train my brane like I train my muscles?”

“No, that’s impossible, boy. Don’t let yourself get so confused. You were always a dumb meathead and you’ll always be a dumb meathead. Flex and see the truth for yourself.”

“Huh huh, I AM pretty swole. Guess I could never be that skinny dude in my dream… Yore the best, Coach.”


Cause my mind would not let me rest until I made a human SL cast. Including a smol Bonnie puppet cause he’s sentient and he deserves his own human variation.

Also bonus: Human E X O T I C B U T T E R S