I just wanna clarify
If my hair is not styled and you wanna like run your fingers through it or just fuckin play with it
Do that shit
Just go right ahead

this lady came into my work today and asked if i knew where she could find a my little pony bag

i pointed her in the direction of the little girls section
she nodded sadly with a sigh and said “It’s for my 17 year old son”

i gave her my sincerest condolences

seriously though
why in all human!stuck AU’s which include karkat and kankri
why is it that karkat is like the albino kid and kankri is the normal one
yes albinism is a mutation good thats a fine human alternative
you know who else has a blood mutation aside from karkat

oh yeah

fucking kankri

i didnt see any posts about the pride whopper… or maybe its old

i thought it was kind of cool

burger king made a “new burger” called the pride whopper wrapped in rainbow paper

people eating them were saying oh this is different and trying to figure out what was different about it, but inside on the paper if you took it off it said “we’re all the same on the inside” or something along those lines

yeah it was just a normal whopper

idk i didnt see anything about it on tumblr i just heard about it on the radio v o v

So downtown this big truck pulls up
Opens the back
There’s like 400 hockey sticks
They were givin away free hockey sticks
People just start appearing out of no where they’re all gone in minutes

This is Canada..

i dont understand how other people arent as passionate about cold toilets seats as me

i need some serious mental preparation before sitting down on that shit…

you are clearly stronger than i am

omg i found it… weeaboo isn’t a japanese word, it originated as an English non-sense word and DIDN’T EVEN MEAN THE THING IT MEANS NOW. That definition was popularized by 4-chan… At least learn what the word means and it’s ACTUAL background before you try to claim it’s part of your culture or something holyyy… It means wapanese like… japanophiles and it is not some sacred slurr that only asians can use… And that’s only its new meaning thanks to 4chan!
“ In its original context, the word “weeaboo” doesn’t signify anything but something undesirable and deserving punishment. Since then, many 4chan visitors adopted the word “Weeaboo” in replacement of Wapanese. “

Not to mention this is just another not actually all that relevant or important issue that tumblr wants to blow out of proportion just to have something to be upset about and seem like theyre better people over… good job, congratulations on your whining tumblr… again…  

please please please never brush your teeth and then take tums

dont even do it the other way away around

do not put your tums anywhere near your toothpaste

this is important