My oridinary day in Aion

How recently my “ordinary day in Aion” looks like? I log in around 20, burn EC and CC on my Spirit Master (yes, I don’t even do CC on her, although it is so short instance…), then CC on my Cleric and searching for group for EC stage 7 - sometimes I go with legion mates, sometimes with pug, but I try to go everyday. Meanwhile two members of my static Esso group, clean trash mobs in Essoterace and after EC I join them, kill boss and off to bed! Yes, I’m sometimes bored of such “day plan”, but I have my goal to achieve and I want to help legion mates.

(on the left - my soon-to-be PvE EC set, on the right my love-u-soon-get-u PvP Crucible set)

External image
External image

I already have 3 Eternal Tac Officer’s armour parts (chest, gloves and boots - rest is Stormwing) and I now work to have enough insignias to instant update them (to Eternal items with Conditioning 2) then 2.7 goes live - atm I will be able to upgrade 2 items so little more work. After 2.7 have to think what to “farm” next - still trying to get another parts of PvE Tac Officers or focus more on new Crucible PvP set - I will farm PvP arenas anyway coz I love this set!!!!

Although I like bosses in Esso, I hate to clean trash mobs there and because I don’t really need neither AP items nor plat medals (I don’t plan to buy AP items anyway, coz I want PvP Crucible set). So that I have “static group” with my two legion mates (one get all medals, other all AP items and I get kinah :P ). Yday our chanter needed to log off, so I (Cleric) and Assassin had to skip 1st boss (Tree), but with little problems managed to kills 2nd and last boss. That was challenging!:)

Me wants 2.7 to goes live already, it will bring something new into my “ordinary Aion’s day” routine.

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