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Why do u think lucas gets annoyed when riley laffs or bothers him and not when maya does it. Becuz im tired of rilicas shippers saying its cuz lucas thinks of maya as a sister

Because their whole friendship/relationship has been about Riley sort of idolizing Lucas and seeing him as this perfect amazing guy, a persona he attempted to take on. Their first big human connection was ALL about Lucas. It was just Riley listening to him talk about himself while she basically swooned, with no input from Riley about herself. And it’s lovely that she listened so well, but it’s really quite imbalanced when you think about it. It’s all about Riley being impressed with Lucas, listening to him but not volunteering anything of equal weight about herself, and then assuming that because they’ve had this one interaction she knows all she needs to know to know who Lucas really truly is. (It’s what she comes back to, twice, in Secret of Life when she’s presented with the reality that she doesn’t know him as well as she thinks she does, that the library conversation only told her about a part of Lucas instead of who he really is as a whole.)

Riley makes Lucas feel like he really can be That Guy (kinda like how she let Farkle believe in something unrealistic in GM Truth), and he REALLY feeds off it. He totally commits to the part. For a while. That dynamic begins to fall apart in Secret of Life though, when it becomes apparent that Lucas isn’t really That Guy and never was. It’s hammered home again in Semi-Formal. And as S2 goes on, we see Lucas acting more and more cheeky more and more passionate about things, and less like the bland “Prince Charming”/Gary Stu he appeared to be back in S1.

But then in Texas, that idolization dynamic comes screaming back, and Lucas is SO grateful for it. To the point where he starts reverting back to Mr. Perfect: delivering a cheeseball rehearsed-sounding speech, hopping up to dance, clearly trying to get back that whole groove. Until he finds out about Maya’s true feelings, that is. That changes everything in terms of romance for Lucas. Maya doesn’t need or want him to put up a facade or play a role. She doesn’t make him wear a bucket on his head. She lets him be his cheeky self and she doesn’t look down on his darker side. He craves that even more than Riley’s validation. And he NEEDS it more. Being something you’re not is just a sword hanging over your head, and Maya doesn’t expect Lucas to be anything other than exactly who he is.

But Lucas still craves that validation/idolization from Riley. He thanks her again for her support in GMT3, although he’s quickly distracted by Maya. Riley really does build Lucas up, but when he fails to play the role, she doesn’t take it well. (Secret of Life, Semi-Formal, the post-Texas episodes, arguably Yearbook). And in Secret of Life, she rips him to shreds and tears him down without so much as an apology, because he’s the first boy she ever liked and she can’t handle the idea that he’s different than what she thinks. Her romantic expectations—which exist in part due to Lucas playing the role alongside the expectations she has because of her parentage—keep Riley from truly accepting the less-than-perfect parts of Lucas.

And in Texas, this becomes super apparent when she piles on him with the “disgrace” crap (as if falling off a sheep as a kid is actually some huge disgrace wtf?) and she encourages him to risk his life for his reputation. Luckily it worked out and Lucas didn’t get hurt, and obviously Riley was worried when he got thrown, but she still cared more about his image than his wellbeing, unlike Maya who (rightfully) thought all this “disgrace” crap was bullshit, nothing worth risking life and limb over. Riley cared more about the boy’s image than the boy himself. Lucas could have been SERIOUSLY hurt, and while yes, it was a HUGE deal to Lucas to prove himself to his family…his family’s expectations were honestly bullshit. “Ride this bull and I’ll stop thinking you’re a disgrace for falling off a sheep as a kid.” I mean honestly, wtf? I seriously vibe with Lucas a little bit on this one, because I come from a southern family too, and their expectations regarding image and family honor can be REALLY absurd tbh. Anyway.

Lucas, in some ways, cares more about Riley seeing him as this perfect guy than he does about having a more genuine, less idealistic and less conceptualized, friendship/relationship with her. She makes him feel like he’s living up to his family’s unreasonable expectations. She’s supposed to shore up that Mr. Perfect feeling/image, not make fun of him. That’s why he scolds her in GM Pluto when she makes fun of him. It’s also definitely a huge part of why he’s so uncomfortable with Charlie, who just naturally does the “perfect” stuff Lucas has to consciously work at.

But ultimately, both Lucas and Riley have put unreasonable expectations on the other. Riley simply cannot handle Lucas being different from what she thinks, and Lucas doesn’t like it when she actually treats him like he IS different than she thinks. And honestly? This might be an okay dynamic if they’re just friends, who encourage and support and see each other in this idealistic way, but are then realistically balanced out by their romantic partners in terms of having someone see them for who they truly are, and allowing them to be fully themselves. Friendships function differently from romances, and idealism like that in friendship can be an okay, even a good thing, thing. But in a romance, it’s a death knell—especially in the Jacobs school of relationships.