Best viewed if listening to this, and imagining these little nippers parading around to the song. XD 

I told you, hybrid baby fever.

Here you have @myrling-art ‘s  Irrilia leading the parade (She was here first after all), poor @arishynya ‘s little Leorai baby getting dragged along by my own Ramona child.

Meet Ig’thyb, or Iggy, for short. c: He looks more Salamandrian than some of his cousins or AU counterparts (siblings? AU siblings, is that a thing?) but I simply couldn’t resist a little bit of an 80′s reference in his design with that neckerchief. It’s no small guess who he got that souvenir from. c;
You can’t see it here, but Iggy has duel scutes down his spine, almost like a reverse plastron. I should draw him a proper turn about one day, but for now, enjoy the cute.

Wedding Planning || Rilia

Riley sat at his desk with his glasses at the tip of his nose. “You know….it sad that I’m literally a genius and I can not fucking get this shit.” He said as Amelia walked into his office. “Weddings are hard. Tell me to make a plane out of car parts and I can do that no problem. This really….this is pathetic.”


Dear friends,

I must share with you the awesome beauty that is my new coat. It is absolutely gorgeous and although it is probably not the best choice of garb for someone whose job requires blending into the darkness it is definitely the latest in fashion. Why, even the centaurs I fought today seemed stunned for a moment not because of pistol whip I swear and it was certainly gratifying to know that even these humanoid creatures know how to appreciate the cutting edge of haute couture. 

I still stand by my last statement that my pants flatter me… ok, maybe flatter’s not the best word, it really is kind of the opposite. Buldger me. Yeah. 

Sometimes it just gets a little lonesome out there.

You’d think it wouldn’t happen because really who would pass up the chance to spend some time with me and bask in the radiant glow of my effervescent company but yeah sometimes I do wish there were someone out there who would consent to traveling with me. 

It’s also really hard to steal stuff when there’s no diversion.

Today I made myself a spiffy new coat that, if I may say so myself, thoroughly flatters my figure. The velvet lining is a particularly nice touch. 

I am not so pleased with the rather dilapidated appearance of my sword (honestly, it’s as if no matter how many times I polish the blasted thing it just won’t lose that sheen of dirt!) - I suppose I must seek out another. Where from, I’m not too sure… perhaps I’ll relieve a passing soldier of one. 


So today, against better judgement, I found myself… in quite the skirmish. There were bandits of some sort, and against my own volition I found myself swept up in the general fervour that seemed to be enveloping the place although really I might have been convinced to participate in the mayhem just to eradicate those awful garish red and orange uniforms.

In any case I rapidly found myself over my head - there were just too many and I was just beginning to think that oh crap this is a really bad idea I should just stealth out of here when -

OWCH. And just like that I found myself horribly weakened and struggling against one very persistent bandit that just wouldn’t quit a mighty horde of barbaric invaders who rapidly overwhelmed me and really the thought that sprung foremost into my mind was despair at the knife holes they were poking into my suit

…But thankfully, as I lay there drawing gasping breaths, a nice young man passed by (at least I think he was a man, what with those robes billowing about and stuff, you never know) and thoughtfully fixed me up. Perhaps I should’ve gotten his number.  

quick update of Rilias’ current wardrobe… I like how… sparkly it is, but it’s getting a bit old, admittedly. I think I’ll wait until he’s level 50 and get that pretty silvery sparkly robe… (that will probably set me back millions of gold or something like that… GOOD LUCK -.-;;)

Just a regular day, y'know, slaughtering centaurs and the like. 

Really I wouldn’t bother, I would much prefer if they left me alone, but so much as LOOK at them and they come running up to you

and honestly I understand that I must be irresistible somehow but I don’t think I want to engage in frisky times with a centaur thank you very much.



Also Riliane would spoil the fuck out of them.


#character study; 01.

Were eyes indeed the windows to the soul? 

Those who chanced to glance upon Rilias could never be completely sure of it; they could only attempt wild and furtive guesses, frustrated by the fleeting glints of everything and nothing in his gaze, that for one moment could promise complete honesty and the next turn artfully hidden, cloaked in shadows and secrecy. More than one foolish maiden had swooned against the force of a single well-placed look, that altogether seemed beseeching and earnest, only to find herself mired in futile yearnings. For Rilias, despite the abundance of that strange, delicate brand of charm he could wield all too well in the midst of polite company, suffered little attention from such triflings. He was happier in solitude, and at his best within trusted confidences. 

Few understood him; those that did were spectators to a simple truth. Rilias, for all the liberal comforts and swaddlings of wealth that had been his all his life, had never quite grown accustomed to them - there remained the unspoken wonderings of his parentage that danced just out of reach, that beckoned discoveries and enlightenments both enticing and frightening. To his close friends (of which there were few, despite his good humour and general easy nature) he often laughed, merrily, and declared, with a twinkle in his eyes, that he should be pleased never to know his parents, that it was certain his good fortune at present were certainly his to deserve, and therefore all was as it should be. 

But still he wondered, and often his words went unbelieved, even to himself. Perhaps there remained some small part of his mind that doubted the legitimacy of his claim to the circles of the noble and wealthy elite, that were only his through the good intentions of the only family he knew. There was nothing to be said against this family, for they were, to the minds of all that knew them, a well-respected name, the echoes of which inspired smiles and well-wishes throughout the noble districts. The parents Rilias called his own doted upon him, and the fact that the youth displayed little likelihood in appearance to the rest of the household did little to assuage their adoration. 

Perhaps it was only to them, huddled in a peaceful recess away from the stirrings of the world beyond the gilded doors, that Rilias showed something more of himself, something that echoed beyond his usual facade of deception; it was only to them, and to his sister, that his self was revealed. Only here, hidden from society, did his smile turn softer, charm wavering and then melting away into real, genuine pleasure. Only here was his laughter unbridled, only here did his green-hued gaze reflect, for a dancing moment that passed altogether too quickly, the doorway to his soul, tucked away somewhere deep within him, that sang for no man and that yet yearned to be lifted and drawn up, into the glimmering light. 


Today I decided to take a quick visit home - well, inasmuch as I can call it home anyway. My exploits haven’t really given me much of a hearty and hale reputation in the Salma District, although I am fairly sure that’s not much of an obstacle since evidently good looks, fine clothing and the maintenance of a good family name are all that matter when it comes to amour. 

Sister gave me a verbal dressing down as usual, complete with the usual thinly-disguised concern, and then sent me out to oversee the preparations of her lil’ soiree. It was rather difficult to remember that the silverware actually belonged to my family and there was no reason for me to pilfer it; it was all so shiny and my fingers kept twitching

Good to know the dogs remember me, at least. 

I think I’ll stay here for a little while - there are some up-and-coming districts around and if my reputation has already been blackened then we might as well go the whole hog