I’m thinking of how I saw Thornfield in ruins and what the waiter just told

me as I am sitting here in the lounge having my breakfast. I have to write

down though what the host told me though about Thornfield and what

happened so later on its understood.

So, I was sitting in this lounge less than fifteen minutes ago when I asked

him about Thornfield.

“So do you know Thornfield Hall?” I asked.  

“Yea, I lived there at one point, I was the late Mr. Rochester’s personal servant.”

“Oh my gosh, so is he dead?!?!” I gasped overdramatically. (In my head

as I’m writing this I’m trying to recall what he said exactly to make this


“No, no I mean the living Mr. Rochester’s father.” Explained the host.

Thank goodness MY Mr. Rochester is alive, I thought to myself.

“So where is Mr. Rochester living now, at Thornfield Hall?” I asked.

“Oh no of course not, nobody lives there anymore! Suppose you aren’t

from around here I guess..” said the waiter, “No one lives there anymore

because there was a fire that started in the middle of the night!”

“Oh, that’s horrible! Do people know how it started?” I demanded, thinking

of the night when Mr. Rochester’s room was up in flames.

“Uh well…. Did you know that he kept a lunatic lady in his house?! He kept

her so hidden, nobody even knew that she was real.” He said, starting to

slow down with dramatic pause, “She turned out to be his wife!”

“Oh!” I gasped; but I already knew this..

“Yea and people finally knew about his real loony wife because he almost

married the tutor of the child in the house because he fell in love with her!”

Now of course, yet again I already knew this part of the story, (duh I’m the

governess he fell in love with). He continued to rant on, but I became

bored quickly so finally I asked him again about the fire and who started it.

“Now was it the real Mrs. Rochester who started this fire, because you

know she is a crazy lunatic?” I questioned him.

“Yea, people are most certain it was. A woman by the name of Grace

Poole had accidently let her watch down on the crazy because she kept a

private bottle of gin next to her and one night she fell asleep with it. Now,

this mad lady was cunning enough and took the keys from her keeper,

Mrs. Poole’s pocket and then took to running about the house! People say

that one time she tried to burn her husband in bed… Then that fateful night

she burned her draperies and then went down to the tutor’s room, who

was not there because she ran away two months prior, and made a

kindling from her bed as well!” said the waiter. “Ah, the poor Mr.

Rochester..” he continued, “He sought after that girl like she was the most

precious thing on the earth. He even sent away his housekeeper, Mrs.

Fairfax and the girl who was being taught by the tutor to a boarding

school.” Now little did he know at the time, that I was the tutor and that I

was returning because I realized I still loved Mr. Rochester very much and

didn’t want to be without him.

“The poor man never even left England, he just shut himself up all alone.”

He finished.

“Oh! So he never left!” I said surprised. I really thought that he would leave

England, with or without me. I still had rumoring suspicions about that

Ingram girl, even though Mr. Rochester rejected the rumor when I

presented with to him before. “Was he home when the fire broke?” I


“Yea, oh yea he was. He wouldn’t leave until everyone was already out

and when his mad wife was nowhere to be found, someone finally spotted

her on the roof where he went to get her. Though the man was too late,

she had jumped to her death from the roof, her brains splattered like a

television crime scene.”

I remembered pondering on that for a minute or so, just wondering why

his mad wife was never put in a mental hospital, since they are so much

nicer today rather than one hundred years ago. I finally asked what

became of Mr. Rochester.

“Ah, it probably would have been better if he had died as well… For he is

now stone blind and cripple, his hand was crushed and had to be

amputated directly, for none of the other advanced treatments could help


“Well, where is he now?!?” I demanded. At this point I was really worried

about him, because not only had he locked himself up in a room here in

England, he was blind and a legal cripple now!

“He’s now on a manor house with old John and his wife.” he replied. I

thought that he was going to be in some care home or have some paid

nurse helping him; thank god he doesn’t though. Otherwise, he just would

have seemed like he aged so many years in so few months.

“Get me there before dark tonight and I’ll pay you and the driver twice as

much as you usually charge.” I said.

Now, I am walking and writing this at the same time. I am basically just

getting to the house now, just before dark. I’m seriously thinking that there

is nobody around, like they all left and nobody knows where they went.

Now I’m walking through these iron entrance gates. Thinking about it now,

the reason why it looks like there is nobody around is probably partially

because I was dropped a mile back before the house (I asked to be) and

because it’s starting to become darker out. So finally I can see some

movement. I can see Old John trying to help Mr. Rochester back into the

house by guiding him. But wow, he did NOT want help. He was twisting

out of Old John’s hands and feeling his way back to the door and into the

house. I’m waiting for the door to shut until I make my move.

Now, I am writing this continuing part after these actual events, because

well I don’t really want to be walking around with a pen and notebook in


I knocked on the door and the door opened which revealed a surprised

Mary as I said hello to her, just so casually. I explained to both John and

Mary in few words that I came back for Mr. Rochester because I loved

him so much. (At this point I was just wondering where he was.)

“Now Mary, could you go and tell Mr. Rochester that there is someone

here to see him, but do not give my name.” I said quickly and anxious

because I really wanted to surprise him. She came back, but with no

success, for he wanted my name and business. Mary then picked a tray

up and was carrying it to where Mr. Rochester was.

“Jane, Mr. Rochester likes to have a glass of water and candles in the

night, even though he is blind he likes the candles to be lit and the lights in

the room on, though I’m not sure why.” she explained to me. I actually

didn’t really understand why he liked that either, until he told me that he

can see little blurbs of light.

“Wait!” I said quickly, “Let me take the tray in!!” So she handed me the

tray and I walked into where Mr. Rochester was sitting. He took the water,

sipped, then heard his dog, Pilot, making excited noises.

“You are not Mary, are you?” he questioned, “Who are you?!?!” he

demanded at me.

“I was let in by both Mary and John and Pilot seems to know who I am..” I

replied mysteriously. I was so looking forward to surprising him that I just

had to have him guess it was me.

His response was so in love sounding, so happy, so relieved and I loved it.

“Oh! My darling Jane, can it be you?” he cried. Grabbing my waist and my

fingers he was overcome with joy.

“Oh it is you! With your small and delicate hands and your tiny waist!” he

exclaimed. “Will you stay with me, forever and ever?” he asked.

“Oh, I will never leave you again. I love you so much.” I whispered into his

forehead. For both you and I fit perfectly together.. I thought to myself. 




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Do you think Evelyn and Juliette will still be friends when Evie finds out that Jules is fooling around with Riley?

Probably not. But hey, Quinn and Mercedes are kinda friends even though Sam decided he wanted to try out a different flavor of girl. Oh wait…