I got to talk to my daddy all day. The first picture I text him was this one that I took the day before. I was being a little ham for my mama. So she snapped it 😜

Dada says I am so pretty and smart. He can’t wait to come home to me and mama. He wants to share all his food with me and take our family showers again. I miss him so much, but in 26 days he will be all mine again. I’ll think about sharing him, only if you’re nice.

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Put one foot in front of the other👣
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Today was another sick day for Riley. She has a stuffy runny nose and had a little fever that broke this morning.
You wouldn’t know this little baby was sick because she still stays her cheerful playful self. The only give away is her sniffing because she doesn’t know how to work her drain pipes yet.
Riley also had another visitor today. Her cousin Brianna @sc_love991 stopped by to finally meet her. She had so much fun with her. She loved touching her face, almost pulling her earrings out and messing up her pretty hair. And Bri let her because she loves the Riley.
She is such a little goob. But I love her so much. She wanted to wear her bear beanie her auntie elphie got her so I put it on her. She then got so happy she had to flail out her arms and legs in excitement. Hopefully she is nice and healthy tomorrow cause now I feel the sickness coming my way. Super mama must not get sick!!
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