I got to talk to my daddy all day. The first picture I text him was this one that I took the day before. I was being a little ham for my mama. So she snapped it 😜

Dada says I am so pretty and smart. He can’t wait to come home to me and mama. He wants to share all his food with me and take our family showers again. I miss him so much, but in 26 days he will be all mine again. I’ll think about sharing him, only if you’re nice.

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These here are my Nani’s flowers. I love to pick them and walk around with them playing “she loves me, she loves me not” I haven’t quite understood the fact that flowers are pretty and should only be smelled and looked at. 🌺🌷🌸🌻🌹🌿
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It was a wagon kind of day. I took Riley up the block before her nap and when we all woke up we went out again around the neighborhood. Even stopped by the store to pick up some things for dinner. Who says you can’t being a wagon into a store? We managed to haul our goods all the way home & grabbed riley a new book from the free library πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ“š
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