riley x maya

nothing is as unsatisfying as a cancelled tv show with a otp that had potential to be endgame if they just had one more season to sort their feelings and shit out


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #25. Riley Matthews & Maya Hart

“I know that if you’re lucky in this life, you get an extraordinary relationship. My mother and my father met each other very early and stayed together for the rest of their lives. Our first boyfriends, Maya. So who knows how long that’s going to last? We’re going to meet new people all of the time. But, if there’s one thing I know for sure in my life, it’s that you are my extraordinary relationship, Maya.”

Being LGBT as a young teen is so confusing because all the media you consume as a child is very heterosexual and even if you’re brought up knowing being LGBT is okay, you assume that it only applies older people because you never see kids who are gay/trans/bi. When I realized I was gay I struggled not with the fact that I was gay, I thought that I was “too young” to know if I was. I spent hours on YouTube looking up young teens coming out and most of them had similar feelings. Representation matters

In another episode of: things that still f me up
  • Riley: what if we don't care about our boyfriends as much as we care about each other?
  • Maya: ..oh well, we just care about them in a different way
  • Riley: what different way?
  • Maya: less.