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The Story of Us

Prologue || 

✮ Chapter One: The Weekend ✮

Word Count: 3055

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Friday evening 

If there was any part of Riley that thought her parents were using the ‘sending her away’ argument as an empty threat again that’s certainly not the case anymore as Riley sulks at the back of a bus as it leaves the airport she just arrived at.

The worst part about it was that Riley was packed and sent off in a matter of days. Part of the punishment was that Riley wasn’t even allowed to see her friends before she left.

With her head resting against the glass window Riley stares out and watches as the view fades from city to country and if she wasn’t so bitter about the forced lifestyle change then she might of actually enjoyed the scenic drive.

The bus pulls into the station - if you could call an old wooden bench with a sign that reads ‘bus station’ a station. Riley gets off the bus with her duffle bag slung over her shoulder. When her feet hit the dirt road beneath her Riley sees nothing but trees and wide open fields. Awkwardly she stands there not knowing what to do but once the bus pulls away Riley spots a hardened looking man resting again a car just up the road. With a heavy sigh she treks over to him.

“Riley,” He nods once she approaches.

Grandpa,” Riley says in a mock excited voice.

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i still don't get why lucas was so shook at rileys 'lookin good georgie washington' lol

it’s because he’s not ready!! he’s never ready for riley to swoop in and be charming and make a move and it’s so f u n n y like not only is he shook at this, this is a recurring pattern where riley PULLS SOMETHING and lucas is like w h o a

“oh my god wait what just happened… do i run?? do i say something back?? wait im not quick enough for this i need like ten minutes to prepare, maybe i should buy some notecards or something. crap. dang it riley”

“oh my god WAIT…. did she really just… i didnt make that up did i??? what’s happening?? i think im dying. im probably hallucinating. im so caught off-guard like… what am i supposed to do??? what do i say?? ok, i’m gonna say something really clever if can just look her in the eyes ok lucas be cool”

“dang it riley”

“ok well she’s really going the heck off here, doesn’t know anything about sports?? mhm ok riley sure. ok crap what am i supposed to do. i gotta say something cool. wow she’s so cute. ok no shut up and focus lucas. be cool. say something cool. you got this.”

“i really like you, riley”

“nailed it.”


The epilogue has been dubbed!!! Lots of thanks to @princess-sakura-serenity, Isamu and Riley for the wonderful voice acting!! <3 <3 <3 Princess Sakura did well with the editing voicing multiple characters in the same scene. :’D The singing was pretty good, too, so kudos to Riley! He nailed the Irish parts. The extra scene was super cute, too! (I didn’t know it was from Naruto until someone pointed it out, nice little reference there haha). I feel pretty bad for adding french words in there cos it seems Princess Sakura was having a hard time. The youtube comments are so amusing.  

today’s fic is not a request bc after cancellation news i really wasn’t in the mood to write. so this is something i started a really long time and never finished. au where lucas moves in high school instead of middle school

Anyone who knew Maya Hart knew she loved Hamilton. She was desperate to see the show on Broadway—and was crushed when Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom Jr. left—but for the time being she was forced to settle on listening to the full soundtrack. On repeat. She was on her third listen of the day as she changed, humming distractedly while she thumbed through her closet. As soon as her favorite song came on she belted out the lyrics and danced around her room wildly.

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Couples Retreat | Final Part (Rucas)

AN: I hope you guys like the final chapter of Couples Retreat. It started off as a prompt request and quickly became one of my favorite stories I’ve written so far. I wanted to bring it full circle and I think you’ll know what I mean by that when you read the ending. Hope it’s okay. Enjoy xoxo.
Word Count: 2,128.

Chapters 1[x] 2[x] 3[x] 4[x] 5[x] 6[x] 7[x


Two Days Ago…

”Welcome home!” Zay says pulling Lucas in for a hug. The two hadn’t seen each other since Lucas left to London to win Riley over three months ago.

Lucas promised Zay a tour of the house before the three of them flew to Texas for his sister’s wedding that weekend. The plan was to get the house unpacked before their departure at JFK Friday morning. While the boys bonded in the empty pad, Riley wanted to spend the day with Maya catching up.

“It’s good to see you, man.” Lucas pats the boy on the back. Even though he was happy in London with Riley, he still missed the city and his oddball friends.

“So I see things worked out?” Zay laughs. “I was almost worried she turned you down when I didn’t hear from you for the first two weeks.”

Lucas bites down on his lip and raises his eyebrow. “Yeah about that…we were kind of…occupied.”

“Atta boy!” Zay wraps his arm around Lucas’ neck and tussles his hair.  

It wasn’t like Lucas to brag about his personal life, let alone his sex life. But even he was impressed with how much time he and Riley spent in bed together when he arrived in the UK. He liked to joke they were making up for lost time.

“So details?” Zay insists, taking a look around the empty house.  

“C’mon man I’ve already said too much.”

“Uh no.” He stops him. “You only implied that you two were doing it nonstop. That’s hardly a detail.”

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Rucas FanFic: Heliocentrism

A/N: Several weeks ago, I posted this picture in one of my IG edits about the Friar Family. I received quite a bit of negative feedback. Most were appalled that I represented “adult” Lucas as having tattoos. Some were polite about it, some weren’t. I decided to write a one-shot that explains why he has these tattoos. I searched for hours for this photo (trust me, it was not a hardship😈🙊) because I knew they would be the perfect representation of his story. 


Heliocentrism, or heliocentricism,is the astronomical model in which the Earth and planets revolve around the Sun at the center of the Solar System. 

The Friar family is out working with their friends & neighbors cleaning up a local park one warm Saturday morning. Riley, 7 months pregnant, starts to feel a little woozy and goes to sit on a shaded bench to wait for the nausea to pass.

As she reaches down and grabs a bottle of water from her bag, she notices two older ladies sit down on the adjacent bench.

“Good Afternoon Ladies.” Riley greets them with a smile.

“Good Afternoon Miss.” They reply as they settle themselves into comfortable positions on the bench.

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Rucas + “You’re doing it wrong, let me show you.”

I am going to try and get a few drabbles done today!

Riley groans in frustration as the ball goes way over the net. This is the 20th shot she has missed and not once has the ball even touched the net. She grabs another ball from the rack that is beside her and closes her eyes while taking a deep breath, determined to get the ball in this time. She takes a shot and watches as the ball soars over the net and she lets out a tiny scream.


Riley freezes at the voice, not wanting to turn around and look him in the eyes. She is embarrassed that he has seemed to have caught her failing at shooting a basketball. She gulps as she turns slowly to face him, Lucas just looking back at her with a grin on his face as he leans against the gym door.

“What are you doing here?” She asks, fidgeting with her fingers slightly. Lucas pushes himself off the door and makes his way to where she is standing. He grabs a basketball while looking at her “I heard noises and I came to check it out, was surprised to see you in here.”

Riley blushes as she looks away “I need to shoot a basketball for gym.” She admits, looking everywhere but at Lucas. Lucas shakes his head and he lines himself up and shoots, the ball going swiftly into the net. Riley just gapes at him, still not understanding how he is doing it. She grabs another basketball, trying to mimic him but once again the basketball goes nowhere near the net.

“You’re doing it wrong, let me show you.” Lucas says as he grabs another basketball and stands behind Riley, handing her the ball and placing his hands on her waist. His lips coming to her ear, whispering “Ok you need to move so you are on a slight angle and bend your knees.”

Riley can feel her hear hammering inside her chest as he helps her position her body correctly, his hands warming her skin underneath her clothes.

“Now bring your hands up just slightly over your head and focus on the net.” Lucas guides her hands above her head, his hands resting on her own as Lucas and Riley prepare to take a shot.

“Ready and shoot!”

Riley with the help of Lucas throws the ball watching as it soars in the air before going through the net, Riley jumps and turns pulling Lucas into a hug.

“I DID IT LUKE I DID IT!” She yells into his ear while Lucas squeezes her hips tight.

They stand like that for a moment, caught up in each other’s embrace. Riley pulls away slightly, her meeting Lucas’s, their faces only inches apart. Riley gulps as her eyes quickly lower to his lips and back up again. Lucas pushes a piece of her hair behind her ear, his fingers grazing softly against her cheek.

“I uh-should uh keep practicing.” Riley manages to say, moving out of Lucas’s grip and racing to grab a ball just to put some distance between them. Lucas runs his hands through his hair needing to calm himself down before he did something he regret.

“Right, well I should get going. Keep practicing Riley, you will nail it.”  Riley nods, watching as Lucas races out of the gym. Riley closes her eyes, the feeling of his hands on her hips ingrained into her mind. She shakes the thoughts from her head, slowly looking at the net. She remembers what Lucas showed her and she takes a shot, the ball going neatly into the net.

Lucas watches from the door, smiling when he sees when she jumps up and down when the ball goes in. Now, next time if only he had the guts to actually kiss her.

commitment [lucaya]

hahuuurrrr fanfiction // part 3

requested by @maefriar (aka my favorite cinnamon roll)

In which Lucas wants Maya to buy an apartment with him and doesn’t understand why she’s so opposed to it. (juniors)

“Maya, I need to ask you something.” Lucas wonders if she can hear his heart hammering in his chest and hopes desperately that she can’t. She glances up from her painting for half a second before continuing to brush red strokes across the canvas.

“Well, this sounds serious,” Maya dips her brush in the cup of water set beside her easel and swirls it around, admiring the way the water fogs into a light red color. “Does it require my full attention, or can I keep painting?”

“Keep painting,” Lucas dismisses. He’s sat across from Maya, because she told him he can’t see her painting until she’s finished. Lucas has no clue as to what the painting is, but so far she’s used a lot of orange and yellow and even more red, and he just wants her to be done so he can look at it. She’s probably been working on it for fifteen minutes.

“Okay, what’s up, huckleberry? You seem nervous.” She frowns, inspecting a skinny paintbrush before using it to create thin black lines. 

“What? No, I’m fine.” He doesn’t even believe himself, and he has no idea why he’s so nervous about this anyway. Maya practically lives in his room most of the time anyway, since Shawn moved in with her and Katy. She comes over after gymnastics practice every day, and doesn’t leave until dinner. Sometimes, on Thursdays, she stays for taco salad night because it’s her favorite and Lucas’ mother always lets her take home the leftovers. She has a toothbrush next to Lucas’ in the holder that she made fun of him endlessly for having, and a drawer full of paints and brushes in his dresser. 

Of course, a whole apartment together would be much more responsibility. There would be bills and dishes and laundry and cooking, but most importantly there would be her. And that’s all Lucas really wants.

“Alright, spit it out,” Maya says impatiently. She’s making long strokes of black now, across the top of the canvas. “But first, can you pass me the glitter paint?” He reaches for it, handing the bottle to her and watching as she squeezes the glitter onto yet another sized brush.

“Will you move in with me?” Lucas blurts it out quickly and isn’t even sure he actually said it until Maya freezes.

She’s quiet for a solid minute until her phone lights up.

“Oh, Riley wants me to come over so we can work on our physics project,” Maya makes eye contact with Lucas briefly before starting to clean up her art supplies. “I’ll leave this here to dry overnight and take it home tomorrow, is that okay?” Lucas nods, not sure why she’s in such a hurry to leave. “Thanks, Ranger Rick. See you in the morning.” She kisses his lips softly and grabs her backpack, swinging it over her shoulder before leaving swiftly.

What just happened?

+ + +

“He what?” Riley shrieks. Maya covers her ears, cringing. “Maya, that’s huge!”

“Yeah,” Maya says quietly, opening the fridge to retrieve a water bottle. Riley has a large grin on her face and her hands are doing that weird jazz thing that happens when she gets excited.

“We should sing our happy song!” She exclaims. Maya rolls her eyes.

“We don’t have a happy song.”

“We should have a happy song.”

“We will never have a happy song.”

“Not with that attitude,” Riley scolds playfully. They’ve had this conversation thousands of times, every time something Riley considers fantastic happens (which is often). It’s a tradition that stuck ever since eighth grade. Noticing her best friend’s expression, Riley’s smile fades. “Maya, why aren’t you happy? You kinda live with him anyway. And this is big, he’s asking you to move in with him!”

“Yeah, exactly,” Maya agrees. “It’s big, it’s really big.” She looks at Riley with a frown on her face. Understanding dawns on Riley’s as she grabs a pack of Oreo’s out of the pantry.

“Bay window,” she announces, sprinting up the stairs, “bay window right now.”

+ + +

“Ladies,” Farkle greets as the two head to lunch the next day.

“Farkle,” they say in unison. 

“Has anyone seen Lucas?” Zay inquires broadly, but he’s mostly talking to Maya.

“He was in my math class this morning,“ Charlie offers, threading his fingers through Riley’s. She gives him a small smile. 

“I haven’t seen him,” Maya shrugs, glancing around the hall. “I’m sure he’ll be in history later, though.” 

“Yeah, probably,” Zay dismisses, but Farkle frowns. 

“I’m going to go look for him. Maya, come with me?” Farkle looks at her expectantly. She sighs internally. 

“Sure, let’s go,” Maya says tiredly. She follows Farkle down the hall, waving to Riley, Charlie, and Zay. 

“What happened?” Farkle quizzes as soon as they’re out of earshot. Maya turns toward him with a startled look. 

“What are you talking about?” She brushes it off, but Farkle knows her too well. 

“Well, something happened,” he turns the corner and starts for the history building. “Lucas is hiding. What did he do?” 

“Heaskedmetobuyanapartmentwithhim,” Maya mutters incoherently and in one breath, hoping Farkle won’t catch it. He does anyway, taking it in stride like only Farkle can. 

“Oh, finally. So what’s the problem?” He raises his eyebrows. 

“I kinda didn’t answer?” Maya inspects her nails carefully. “Riley texted me, so I left.” 


Avoiding his gaze, Maya sighs. “I don’t know, Farkle, I guess I panicked. It just seems like a big thing to me. You know how I feel about commitment.” Farkle nods understandingly, stopping mid-step and turning around. “Wait, where are you going?” 

“You should talk to him,” Farkle suggests over his shoulder as he walks away. “Room 504.” 

Maya doesn’t even call after him to ask how he knew. She doesn’t yell at him, or glare at the back of his head as he leaves. Instead, she faces the familiar door. Room 504. It’s been their history classroom for five years. 

She peers inside the long window on the door. Lucas is sitting at his desk, the same one he’s been in since the first day of school. None of them ever switched desks. It was part of their unspoken agreement to not allow anything to change. It’s why Lucas and Maya took so long to say anything about their feelings, until they did, and why Pluto was always a planet, until it wasn’t.

Maya pushes the door open. Lucas has his head in his hands and his eyes stay closed, but Maya knows he heard her come in. 

“Hey, Huckleberry,” she says softly, shutting the door behind her. “What’re you doing in here? I thought we all agreed to go to the cafe down the street.”

“You guys can go.” He doesn’t look up. Maya sits at Farkle’s desk, which is already moved closer to Lucas’.

“Look,” she presses her hand against her forehead. “You… You kind of just…”

“Blurted it?” Lucas cringes, finally looking at her.

“Yeah, little bit.” Lucas makes a face that says, ‘Gee, thanks’. Maya bites her lip. “Okay, you know how I feel about commitment.” She sighs. “My father left my mom, I don’t have a lot of faith in relationships. Moving in together just seems like a really big step, to me at least.” She blushes. “I don’t know.”

“Maya, I would never want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” Lucas’ expression turns into a frown. “You could have said no.”

“No, I couldn’t have,” Maya almost laughs. “You know I couldn’t have.”

“Why not?” He’s confused, and turns toward her in his seat.

“I don’t know. I just… I just can’t.”

“You don’t have to move in,” he whispers. “Really, you can say no.”

“You looked at my painting,” she says instead of replying. Lucas’ eyes widen.

“W-What?” He stutters, avoiding eye contact.

“Lucas,” she laughs. “I know you did.” Suddenly she becomes nervous.

“Yeah,” he admits. Noting her doubtful expression, he taps her cheek lightly, causing her to crack a shy smile. “It was beautiful, Maya.”


“I loved it,” he says fondly. “It looked exactly like the campfire did in Texas.”

“Good.” Maya stands up, holding out her hand for Lucas to take. “Because it’s the first thing I want to hang in our new apartment.”

The Mysterious Miss Matthews

1 || 2 || 

Chapter Three: The Charade

The following day Riley’s first class is Chemistry, she slots herself behind an empty bench and sits with her hands folded neatly on the counter top. The teacher begins his lesson and ten minutes after the tardy bell Lucas walks in unapologetic and with no explanation of being late. Instead he acts quite jerkish and the science teacher gives his student an after school detention and orders the boy to take a seat so he can move on with the lesson plan. 

Lucas has that on the verge of an eye roll and jaw locked expression as he takes the only free seat in the room which happens to be beside Riley. The brunette tries to not follow Lucas with her eyes as he approaches and sits beside her, instead Riley locks her gaze on the chalkboard as the teacher scribbles down notes. 

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For The Rest Of Our Lives

A Rucas Fanfic

Rucas Week - Day 4 - Lucas Has His Moment

Story by: @hoffkk

Summary:  It’s been a long time coming, but Lucas finally has his moment, and Riley will never forget it….ever.


“So, where are we headed next?” Riley asked her best friend, Maya, admiring her new manicure as they walked down the street.  They had just spent the last hour or so getting their nails done.  Riley got hers painted bright purple with silver sparkles, while Maya got hers done jet black with  a gold crackle design overtop.

“You’ll see.” Maya teased, threading her arm through her friend’s.

“Is it a surprise?”  Riley said excitedly.  "I love surprises!“

"Something like that.”  Maya smirked.

“Yay!” Riley beamed, as they rounded the corner and headed toward the subway station.  It was late spring, so the weather was warming up. Riley relished the feel of the warm sun, interrupted every few minutes by a slight cool breeze that would blow through her hair, which was half pulled up and hanging in long waves down her back. The small wind gusts also rustled the flared skirt of the flirty purple dress that she wore with a black cropped officer jacket and matching black heels decked out with buckles and rhinestones in a classy, stylish way.  Maya helped her pick out the outfit, telling her she needed to wear something special for a special day.  If only Riley could figure out why it was so special.  Much to her dismay, Maya wouldn’t tell her anything except that she’d find out later.  So, she just had to wait and let Maya drag her around from place to place until “later” came around.

Once in the subway station, they began making their way toward a particular subway train.  Riley noticed that only one door on the train was closed, while all the others remained open for passengers to enter and exit freely.  The closed one had a sign on it that read:


Suddenly, Riley noticed that Maya was leading her right toward the broken door.

“Uh, Maya?  I don’t think we are allowed to use that door.” Riley said.

“Nonsense.” Maya waved her off.

“It literally says ‘DO NOT ENTER’ and the whole thing is capitalized…CAPITALIZED, Maya!  I’m pretty sure they mean business.” Riley protested.

“Yes, but you’re missing the fine print underneath that says 'come on in Riley and Maya.  This train car is all yours!” Maya told her matter-of-factly.

“It doesn’t say that.”  Riley said, knowing her friend was just being silly.  "And I rather not get in trouble.  Getting arrested is not the surprise I had in mind for today.“

"Trust me, Riles. You are gonna want to go through that door.”  Maya assured her.

“Why don’t we just use the one down here…” Riley trailed off, pulling her friend in the direction of another door.

Breaking her arm from Riley’s hold, Maya walked slowly backward in the other direction, messing around with the curls at the end of her long blonde hair as she danced and sang, “I.  Can’t. Hear.  You.  Ba-da-da-dada-da!”  After finishing her little tune, Maya turned around and dashed off toward the broken door, pried it open, and slipped inside.

“Maya, wait!”  Riley called after her.  "I can’t run in heels!  Maya?!“

Realizing that her friend wasn’t coming back and that she better go after her, Riley let out a sigh and mumbled, "Oh, boy.” then started to follow in an awkward trot motion.  The whole time Riley made her way to the train car, she was annoyed yet trying not to laugh.  Even though they were 24 years old, it was times like these that made her feel 14 again with Maya acting rebellious and getting them into trouble and her trying to be the good girl and get them out of trouble.  She actually missed their crazy antics.  They were few and far between these days with her living with Lucas and being busy with her nursing career, while Maya was pretty consumed by her art, Josh, and spending time with her five year-old sister (a one year anniversary surprise for Shawn and Katy - to say the least).  Riley couldn’t believe how fast the time had flown by and how far they had all come.  Well, maybe they haven’t come that far if this moment was anything to go by.

Eventually, Riley made it to the door, but struggled to open it.  There was only so much she could do without chipping her nails.  After peeking to make sure there were no security guards around, she balled her hands into fists and banged on the door. “Maya?  Come on, Maya!  Let me in! Let me–”

Before she could finish, the door rolled open and Riley stepped inside, letting them close behind her as she stood there confused.  Maya was nowhere to be found.  The only thing in sight was a trail of red, white, and pink rose petals leading from her feet to the door across the car that led to the next car down.  Not knowing what else to do, a curious Riley followed the makeshift pathway and entered the second car.

When the door opened, Riley couldn’t believe her eyes.  She not only found Maya, but her whole family, including her parents, Lucas’s parents, her grandparents, Uncle Josh, Uncle Shawn, Katy, their daughter Jonna, Auggie, Farkle, Smackle, and Zay.  They dotted the sides of the small space, the rose petal path flowing between them down to the other end of the car.

“What’s going on?” She said aloud to the whole group, completely baffled.

“Why don’t you ask him…” Maya said, nodding her head in the direction of the flowery trail.  

After giving her friend a quizzical look, Riley obliged her friend and took a few more steps down the path. As she did so, her family and friends shuffled around, revealing a dapper looking Lucas, dressed in her favorite navy blue button down with his hair perfectly coiffed, to be sitting in his usual seat at the end, the flowers leading right to him.

“Lucas?” She questioned, coming to stand right in front of him.  "What is all this?  What’s going on?“

Lucas smiled before responding, "I have something that I need to say to you…to ask you…and I want everyone we care about to hear it.”

Bells suddenly started to go off in Riley’s head.  “Wait a minute…is he….he couldn’t be…could he?” She thought to herself.

Lucas saw Riley’s eyes bug out for a quick second and chuckled softly.

“Come here.” He said sweetly, reaching out and pulling Riley by the hand to sit in his lap like he has done several times before. She happily complied, looping one arm around his neck and resting the other against his chest.  He took her hand in his and pressed her palm over his heart.  She could feel it beating rapidly as she gazed into his bright blue eyes and waited for him to continue.

“Riley Matthews… you are easily the single greatest thing to ever happen to me.  You support me in everything I do and trust me with your heart and with your life.  You always see the best in me, even when I don’t always see it myself.  You make me want to be a better person, someone worthy enough to be called yours.  I love you so much, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without you… but I don’t plan on ever having to find out because now that I know how amazing and right it feels having you in my life and in arms right here, right now, in front of everyone, I am never letting you go.”

Leaving his one arm around her back, Lucas moved his other one, letting go of Riley’s hand to fish something out of his pocket.  While her hand was free, she quickly wiped away a couple of stray tears that had fallen due to his sweet words.

In a matter of seconds, Lucas removed his hand from his pocket and held it up between Riley and him, displaying a shiny, elegant, two karat princess-cut diamond set in a platinum band with little jewels along the sides.  It was breath-taking.  Riley couldn’t believe her ears or her eyes in this moment.  It was just all too much.  The tears started all over again as Lucas went on.

“I love you, Riley. Will you stay with me and be mine for the rest of our lives?  Will you marry me?”

“Yes!”  She answered after taking a moment to catch her breath, then watched him slip the ring on her finger.  Once he did so, she grabbed his face between her hands and kissed him like she never kissed him before, pouring her heart and soul into, showing just how much she loved him, their friends and family clapping and cheering in delight as they did so.

She pulled away briefly, rested her forehead against his and whispered, “I love you, too.  I love you so much, Lucas.”

Lucas’s face broke out into an even wider grin and then they kissed again…and again and again, blissfully happy to be in this moment.

When Riley pulled away after the last kiss, she saw a single tear sliding down Lucas’s cheek, and wiped it away.  She looked deep into his eyes, willing away the tears in hers, and said, “There are some moments you know you’re gonna remember forever.  This…”  She trailed off, gesturing to all their friends and family surrounding them and everything Lucas set up to make this moment perfect.  "this is definitely one of them.“  She finished,  looking him in the eye again before giving him another soft kiss then hugging him tightly.

"All right, our turn!” Topanga called out, speaking for the restless crowd that was eager to personally congratulate the happy couple.

Riley giggled and finally removed herself from Lucas’s lap.  As soon as she stood, she was mobbed by the overseers, as was Lucas, both receiving congratulatory hugs and handshakes.  Of course all the ladies made Riley show off her gorgeous ring.

“Celebratory dinner on us!” Lucas’s mother announced.  "Everyone’s invited!“

After settling on a restaurant that was right around the corner, the group started to file out of the subway car.  Riley was the last to leave, right behind Lucas.  They were walking hand in hand through the doorway when Riley suddenly paused, jerking her new fiancé to a stop.

"Everything okay?” He asked, suddenly worried.

“I’m more than okay, Lucas.  Way more.” She smiled, giving his hand a little squeeze.

“Me too.” He agreed, bringing her hand up to his face and placing a kiss on the top of it.

“I was just wondering…. how did you do all this exactly?”  She asked.

“Let’s just say that I know a guy who knows a guy.”  Lucas said with a wink.

“Ah.” Riley replied.

“So, you really liked my proposal?  I mean, the subway idea wasn’t too cheesy?”

“Not at all.  It was completely and totally perfect.”

“Good, that’s what I was going for.  I figured since this was the first place we met and the first place we kissed, it was only right.”

“Huh, I never really thought about it like that, but I guess the subway is sort of our spot.” Riley noted, leaning into Lucas and resting her head on his shoulder for a moment.

“So it would seem.” Lucas concurred as he brushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “You know, maybe we should just get married here.”

“I wouldn’t go that far.” Riley hastily rejected the idea.  "But in all honesty,“ She continued as she turned to face him, threading both her hands into his.  "it doesn’t really matter where we get married…. as long as I have you waiting for me at the end of the aisle.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”  Lucas said, pressing his forehead to hers, then after second, he gave her yet another kiss.  He never got tired of kissing her…ever.

Once they broke apart, Lucas rested his forehead against hers once more and said, “As much as I am enjoying this, we better get going.  They’re probably wondering where we are.”

“You’re probably right.”  She sighed. “To be continued?” Riley asked, quirking a brow.

“For the rest of our lives.”  He beamed at her, making her smile just as big.

Riley couldn’t think of anything to top his sweet words, so she simply said, “I like the sound of that.”

“Good.” Lucas said, giving her one of his boyish grins.

“Good.” Riley repeated.  "Come on, let’s go eat.“ She added after a quiet moment of gazing into each other’s eyes.

Together they turned and made their way out of the subway station and to the restaurant down the street, walking hand in hand, arm in arm, and heart in heart.  Today was the first day of the rest of their lives together, and they couldn’t be more excited, especially Lucas.  It was a long time coming, but he had finally had his moment.

The Mysterious Miss Matthews

Chapter Two: Friends? Friends.
Word Count: 2,685

The following morning Riley is one of the first to arrive in History. The new student takes her seat and edges forward to talk to the two geniuses she’d briefly met on her first day. Again Riley notices they seemed somewhat surprised she’s initiating conversation with them. 

“How are you finding the new school?” Farkle asks with a smile, the kind that shows he’s genuinely interested in her response. 

“It’s a lot different to what I remember back home,” Riley admits.

“I’ve heard you’re quite the scholar, Riley,” The girl in glasses speaks up, “Have you considered joining the Chemistry Club? We could use more girls on the team.” 

“Oh no, I’m pretty swamped with student tutoring,” Riley shakes her head, “Besides, I’m nowhere near your level of expertise.” 

“No one is,” she says bluntly and Riley chokes on a laugh. 

“Excuse her, she’s working on her filter,” Farkle laughs and turns to give his girlfriend a mild glare, “Right, Is?”

“I apologise,” Smackle nods and looks to Farkle for approval. 

“Well I find your honesty refreshing,” Riley finishes her swallowed giggle.

Farkle beings to say something but is cut off by my Maya as she enters the room. 

“Riles!” Maya shouts and plonks herself down on Riley’s desk, crossing one leg over the other. 
“Peaches,” Riley greets her with a kind smile, “I was just talking to Isadora and Farkle,” she motions to the now sheepish students. 

“Why?” Maya scrunches up her face and Riley wasn’t sure if she was intentionally being rude or not. 

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anonymous asked:

So then what would pennys relationship with all her aunts and uncles be like? (Maya zay lucas morgan josh eric shawn etc)

Specifically Penny? Okay let’s see

  • Maya 9000% believes this is basically her child omfg
  • Cried for three days straight after Riley gave birth
  • The second she started to calm down, the baby opened her eyes for the first time to reveal she got Farkle’s eyes, and Maya broke down all over again omg someone help her
  • Before her actual kids were born, 90% of all her social media was just pictures of Penny
  • She tagged every single picture #PrincessPenelope
  • Riley and Farkle had no idea but every time Maya offered to babysit, she was trying to train the kid to say her name
  • So when Riley and Farkle are just hanging out one day and Penny says her first word, and instead of “mama or dada” it was ‘Maya’ they lowkey flipped omg
  • Well I mean Riley was cracking up but Farkle called her yelling about how rude this is lmao
  • Maya’s always prepared to help Penny when she’s caught in the whacky situations that come along with a sitcom family
  • And if she finds out too late to help her, will respond to a recounting of the events with “That’s my girl!”
  • Sometimes just fucking flies across the country to take her shopping for a ‘girls day’, gives her parents no word or warning
  • When talking about her with Riley and Farkle, will address her as “Our child” omfg
  • Penny runs to her every time things get too weird because like who else knows how to handle her parents???
  • Every time Farkle turns into the Over Protective Father™, Maya is prepared to drag him on Penny’s behalf
  • Has been spoiling the life out of her since she was still in utero
  • Taught her to paint
  • Just really adores her goddaughter beyond belief and Penny thinks she’s the coolest aunt ever
  • Okay so Zay
  • Zay is always filled with unbridled worry over all of Riley and Farkle’s kids omfg
  • Partly because he’s unsure how to express how much he adores them, Partly because he’s not wrong in believing Riley and Farkle’s kids would get into some weird situations, Partly because he thinks they’re all so sweet and pure that some Karmic balance would try to ruin them omfg
  • Every time he’s left alone with one of them, let alone all of them, he is 100% that drunk girl from the buzzfeed puppy video crying “I CANT PROTECT THEM”
  • So omg okay so when Penny was born he just refused to hold her
  • Because he just knew he would drop her
  • He was like “I’m gonna find some way to ruin this I’ll just be the uncle that loves her from a distance”
  • Like he didn’t even hug this kid until she was like 3 holy shit
  • He’s just so scared of hurting her because she looks like a little Porcelain Doll. And one day when she’s like five he somehow managed to be tricked into babysitting her alone right. His nerves are on edge but as the day goes on he starts to relax
  • And all is going fine until she drops a plate or whatever and glass is all over the kitchen floor
  • So he had to instinctually pick her up because he didn’t want her to step on the glass right
  • Except that really caught her off guard so she jumped as he grabbed her which shook his balance so they both fell ALL OVER THE FUCKING GLASS SHARDS
  • And honestly like the kid was fine but he’s freaking out and rushes her to the emergency room whilst leaving a voicemail on Riley’s phone “I’M SORRY BUT I THINK I KILLED YOUR CHILD” omfg
  • So he’s a wreck at the hospital and once Riley and Farkle get there and learn that their child is in fact alive they aren’t sure whether to murder Zay or laugh at his emotional pacing in the waiting room
  • So he never agrees to babysit again and he never loosens up about worrying over Penny but they do have fun when he’s at the house
  • Always helps her cheat at board games
  • Always ready to side with Farkle when he’s in Protective Dad mode and reaffirms for him how awful teenage boys are
  • No one told Zay when she was going on her first date and he just occasionally walks into their house with no warning right so he walked in to see Penny all dressed up and Farkle interrogating a boy and Zay honestly just gasped dramatically and fainted on the spot
  • Riley threw a blanket on him and they just left him there
  • Honestly just very always worried and caring uncle yay Zay
  • Okay Lucas is sorta similar to Zay on this one
  • Like one time he agreed to babysit when she was a couple months old and the door closes, they’re gone, and he stands in the same spot looking down at this teeny tiny baby in his arms for like 30 minutes without moving
  • And then just whispers “I am a very large man and you are a very small baby this was not a good plan”
  • So he’s always convinced he’s gonna accidentally hurt her omfg
  • Also he’s always a little uncomfortable around her and her siblings because he lowkey still finds it shocking that Riley and Farkle are together in the first place
  • Always covers her ears if someone is saying 'bad words’
  • Even when she’s like 20 and she’s actually the one saying the 'bad words’ omg
  • Sends the most ridiculous birthday presents because wtf does he know about girls???
  • “Do I just send money??? A pretty dress??? More hair dye??? Do you like card games??? Have you grown out of stuffed animals??? Do you want another real animal???? Would a time share in Hawaii do??? IS THE DEED TO MY HOUSE OKAY???”
  • One time got emotionally blackmailed into participating in her ballet recital
  • And when he’s done with school he doesn’t really see her in person that much anymore, and when he sees her in person for like the first time in years she’s like 16 and he just walked into a restaurant and accidentally interrupted her date and he just SCREAMS because she was kissing the boy when he saw her
  • And she’s sees him and is like “not another one” omfg
  • Penny claims he’s basically the embodiment of Joey from Full House
  • She also gets into political debates with him on facebook omg
  • Altogether tho he thinks she’s swell
  • Morgan is still very busy systematically dismantling the Patriarchy in 8 inch heels, she will be until she’s dead, but she adores her great niece omfg
  • Was one of the only people who didn’t immediately respond to Riley’s pregnancy with anger (the others being Farkle and Eric)
  • Sends Penny ridiculously expensive designer clothes like “oh I was in Paris for work and I thought of you!!!”
  • One time Penny was home alone in mourning bc her boyfriend cheated on her, she texted Morgan for emotional support, and Morgan’s response was to order all the desserts Domino’s has, send them to Penny’s place already paid for, and then texted Penny a picture of the street address of her ex captioned “I’ll handle it” and Penny has never stopped laughing about it
  • The boy also may or may not have ever been seen again
  • OMG when Penny was a little kid and Morgan occasionally helped babysit, she was that super involved babysitter that puts on whole productions with hand puppets and stuff it was so cute
  • So yeah they’re tight
  • Josh is Penny’s godfather and he ADORES HER
  • Like omfg he cannot handle how cute she is
  • Buys her giant stuffed animals
  • Taught her how to play piano and now they’re working on guitar
  • Takes so many pictures
  • Makes really bad “godfather” themed jokes at her all the time
  • Somehow manages to get her concert tickets to all her favorite performers every birthday or holiday, no matter the fact the show has been sold out for months. Will never reveal his secret
  • She calls him for help just as much as she calls Maya and Morgan
  • Taught her to parrot curse words when she was a bay, found it hysterical, made a bunch of youtube videos
  • A pro at painting her nails because Riley used to make him paint hers all the time lmao
  • Has taken her to quite a few classic movie fests
  • She knows he’s the cool uncle, no debate
  • Eric basically has to stop himself from crying every time he’s in the same room as her because she looks so much like Riley omg
  • Basically agrees with Zay that all the riarkle children are too sweet and pure and everyone should be on constant guard lest Karma tries to fuck something up
  • One time somehow managed to acquire a baby elephant for her birthday party
  • But he didn’t tell anyone he was doing this so like
  • One day she just woke up and there was a baby elephant standing in her bedroom
  • Staying true to his bad uncle jokes, he’ll usually refer to her as “Nickel” or “Quarter” or some other form of currency
  • Takes her to the zoo whenever he can bc he knows she loves animals
  • OMG when she was a couple days old he was the only one visiting in the hospital at one point and Riley and Farkle were conked out so he just tried to keep the baby entertain for a few hours and in that time he counted the exact number of freckles on her face and now whenever a new one pops up from age/the sun/whatever he gets really distressed
  • So yeah Penny thinks he’s great I mean come on who doesn’t love Eric
  • S h a w n
  • If you thought Shawn had no idea how to act with Riley, you can only imagine how ridiculous he is with Penny omg
  • Always super torn what to get her as presents because “Little girls like barbies right?? Or will she think I’m enforcing gender roles???”
  • He’ll make facebook statuses about being a cool uncle and she will DRAG HIM (A talent well learned from her mother)
  • He’s just always so panicky around her because he doesn’t know how to express emotions properly but he also doesn’t want her to think he hates her like Riley did
  • And after a while like they never really connect on anything because he can’t think of a way how to??? So he thinks she hates him
  • And this goes on for a few years and he’s always beating himself up because in his mind he failed to connect with his best friend’s granddaughter and now it’s too late for them to have a relationship because he’s probably a loser footnote in her life
  • And then one day he gets a manila envelope in the mail and it’s a bunch of pictures right
  • And she wrote a letter saying she took all of them and some place is gonna display/sell them soon and ’“Thanks for inspiring me with photography Uncle Shawn!!! <3 ” and he just sOBS
  • UGH
  • And so yeah Shawn is an awkward little gem but Penny still loves him awww
  • fin

Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down when Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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Author Note: So just an FYI the next chapter will be posted on Monday July 25th, 2016. If you have any questions my ask box is open and I’ll answer anything that isn’t too spoilery.


Wyatt lay on Alex’s bed, staring at the ceiling, “I can’t believe your posters are still held hostage.”

“Mom wants to make sure I don’t back out on Reese.” Alex came into the room wearing a black party dress, her hair in soft curls.

He knew it was Alex his best friend in front of him, but he couldn’t understand why his heart was racing, his palms suddenly felt sweaty. “You look amazing; Al, good thing the boys won’t be there or they might start treating you like a girl.”

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