riley was in florida

Girl Meets Disney World

Vanessa breaks up with Zay because of the long distance. Lucas learns from his friends back in Texas that she is as miserable as Zay is and that she is going to Disney World. Riley decides that the whole gang goes down to Florida to help Zay find her. Cory, remembering all the trouble that occurred in Texas, convinces Josh to chaperone. When they get there, they decide to split up. They agree to meet at Disney Springs at a concert (musical guest) that starts at 10 (It starts at 10!)

Riley and Lucas take the Animal Kingdom Park. They make an honest go at trying to find Vanessa, but keep getting distracted by all the animals.

Maya and Josh (It’s not a date!) take the Hollywood Studios. They look around for a while and Maya convinces Josh to go on the Tower of Terror to get a better look around. When it falls, Maya holds onto Josh. She convinces him to go on it again and again.

Farkle and Smackle take Epcot. As soon as they get in, they calculate the odds of finding 1 person in the crowd and decide to look around at all of the science exhibits.

Zay, left alone, takes the Magic Kingdom. He looks around for a while and is sitting on a bench depressed. Chip and Dale sit on either side of him and he tells his tale. They agree to get the rest of the Disney Characters to help and Zay spends the rest of the day running around at the direction of various characters, always just missing Vanessa.

Everyone but Zay gets to Disney Springs a little early and all begin saying that they tried looking, but eventually confess that they had fun instead. When Zay arrives they console him. When the music starts, Vanessa bumps into Zay while dancing and they get back together.