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Planned Parenthood is fucking amazing, y’all. I haven’t been there yet…but just talking to their HRT line on the phone…

They used my respected name right off the bat. Called me Riley all the way through. Used he/him pronouns. Didn’t slip up once. Asked me and “What’s your legal name? I’m sorry I have to ask that.”

Then asked me “Now is it okay if I send things with Riley Roswell to your home?” not wanting to out me accidentally and then “Is it okay if I send stuff with planned parenthood labels on them or do you want me to be discreet about it?” knowing there are people who could get in trouble with family or partners or others for going there.








  • Lucas: Where is Maya?
  • Farkle: Doing stuff...
  • Lucas: And Riley?
  • Farkle: Trying to stop Maya from doing the stuff.
  • Lucas: Zay?
  • Farkle: He's trying to stop Riley from stopping Maya from doing the stuff.
  • Lucas: Oh boy... and what are you doing here then?
  • Farkle: I'm supposed to stop you from trying to stop Zay from trying to stop Riley from stopping Maya from doing the stuff.
  • Lucas: uh, Riley?
  • Riley: yes?
  • Lucas: don't you think you and Maya are acting a little...strange?
  • Riley: no, what do you mean?
  • Lucas: well, you and I are on a date...and you're kinda repeatedly kissing her face...
  • Riley, whilst kissing Maya's face: you don't get it, Lucas, this is normal best friend stuff
  • Maya, whilst grinning like a gay idiot: yea huckleberry, normal best friend stuff
  • Lucas: right...normal best friend stuff...
Riarkle One Shot

hey guys! so this is another riarkle one shot! wrote this one on my phone in my car so who knows if it’s even very good. 
Rating: K (one instance of language)
Prompt: The Matthews’ host yet another New Year’s Eve party at their home, but things go very differently this time. 

“Farkle, Riley needs you.” Maya whispered, rushing over to him. He was currently sitting in the Matthews’ living room, attending their New Years Eve party, like he had for the last few years.

“What do you mean she needs me?” He asked, his face full of concern. He looked around the party, realizing Riley was no longer in sight.

“We were talking about New Years kisses and stuff and she just sprinted out. I think she went onto the rooftop.” Maya sighed, obviously upset about Riley, who hadn’t been acting herself lately.

For the past month, Riley was…weird. She barely hung out with the group anymore. She barely hung out with anyone anymore for that matter. No one knew what was up with her, not even Maya.

“Why do you think she needs me?” Farkle questioned, going over to grab his coat off the hook.

“Well you weren’t apart of the conversation, so I assume she’d be more willing to talk to you.” Maya shrugged as she opened the door for Farkle. “Now go.”

Farkle headed up the stairs to the roof, like he had three years ago. But this time, there was no Riley to drag him up the stairs, and no Lucas in her life for him to confront. Riley and Lucas had grown distant shortly after that, and never looked back.

He got to the top of the stairs and saw Riley looking over the edge of the roof. She was aimed away from the bright lughts of the city, trying to get any sense of quiet she could.

“Riley? Are you okay?” He asked quietly as he approached her. He came up behind her and placed his hand on the small of her back. At his touch, she flinched and backed away from him.

“Farkle, you didn’t have to come up here.” He could sense her voice wavering as she spoke. Her head was titled towards the ground, but he could just make out a tear rolling down her face.

“Yes, I did. If you’re not okay, I’m not okay.” Farkle moved closer with every word. He placed his hand on her face gently, picking it up so she was looking at him.

“Just stop okay? This is too much for me.” She gently pushed away his hand.

“Riley, what’s going on? You know you can tell me anything.” He grew more concerned as he spoke. What was going on with her?

“This is all too much.” She whispered to herself, backing away.

“Riley Matthews. Please. Tell me.” Farkle begged as he moved towards her.

“I love you okay? That’s why I can’t hang out with you. I just love you so much that it hurts to be around you because I know you’ll never love me and it sucks. It sucks Farkle.” She screamed loud enough for the whole of New York City to hear. Farkle stood silent, in shock. “When they were talking about who they wanted to be with at midnight, I wanted to be with you. So I left because I knew when midnight came, I couldn’t bare the sight of you kissing someone else.”

“Riley..” Farkle started to say before she interrupted him

“Just…don’t.” She put her hand out, stopping him from coming any closer.

“Happy New Year!” They could hear the cheers from all around the city. It’s midnight now. Start of a new year and new chances.

Before she realized it was happening, his lips were on hers. His hands found their way to the side of her face, his fingers entangled in her hair. As he pulled away, Riley looked up at him, very obviously confused.

“Riley, I’ve been in love with you since the first grade. How could you forget that?” He smiled grabbing her hands. “Do you not notice the way I look at you? The way I’ve been there for you all these years?”

“Do you not notice the way I look at you?” Riley chuckled, happy tears now replacing the tears from before.

“I guess we’re both pretty oblivious. But I love you, okay? This year, and every year after that, all I want is you, Riley Matthews. You’re the only person I ever want to kiss at midnight. Don’t ever doubt that.” He smiled, leaning down to kiss the top of her head as he pulled her into a hug. She wrapped her arms around him, burying her head into his chest.

“I love you so damn much Farkle.” She whispered, standing on her tiptoes to kiss him once again.

And for once in his life, Farkle Minkus had everything he wanted. 


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friarlucas  asked:

emma i want you to know its one of my fav things when you do this and i get to read all of them fkdhsgd but ok headcanon: in sophomore year lucas works at topangas as well after school and him and josh get to bond and serve coffee and wear dorky aprons #losers

omgggggggggg yesssssssssss

  • okay so lucas wants some extra cash (mostly for dates with riley and stuff but for himself too) and just like she did with josh, topanga offers him a job over family dinner
  • cory flips his shit like its bad enough lucas is dating his daughter now he has to pay him??!??!
  • anyways josh is pretty indifferent to lucas at the beginning
  • like hes a nice kid but he doesnt know him very well and hes a bit wary since lucas is dating his niece
  • when lucas starts the job josh is like ‘if you hurt riley i will make this job a living hell for you’
  • lucas is #shook bc even though he’s ‘strong as a horse’ josh is also kinda scary when threatening
  • but then josh tells a joke and starts cleaning the dishes and lucas is so confused (and now he understands why maya and josh click together so well a little bit more)
  • josh also controls the music in the bakery like sorry nope lucas josh is a pretentious music hoe
  • but lucas gets used to joshs music even though he thinks its kinda weird and starts to sing along off key
  • both of them are super charming and get like 100000 tips and sell way more food because girls order stuff just to talk to them sknglkng
  • riley and maya get so jealous lmao
  • speaking of riley lucas gets SO distracted when shes there and josh pulls him by the ear and is like……………….. dude ik us matthews are irresistible but this panini aint gonna cook itself
  • they become bros and have inside jokes and they start to talk a lot more during family dinners
  • riley is really happy her uncle and her boyfriend are getting along so well bc they are two of her favorite people
  • meanwhile maya is horrified and betrayed ‘josh how could you i thought you would make fun of huckleberry with me’
  • dont worry josh teases him all the time but lucas does too
  • when its slow they do stupid shit like chubby bunny or throw grapes into each others mouths
  • they bond over being newcomers to new york and talk about all the weird things new yorkers do 
  • josh tells lucas embarrasing stores about younger riley
  • and also gives him advice if they are having a tough time (although he already gave riley advice before bc josh is king of advice tbh)
  • josh gives him random diner lingo in a new jersey accent that doesn’t even make sense like ‘get me a ornery bob with a hangnail and slap some magic dust on it like your powderin’ a babies bottom!’ just to fuck with him and lucas freaks out (he tries to research diner lingo but gets nowhere bc they are nonsensical)

send me your gmw headcanons and/or ask me about mine! 

more cluster movie night stuff 

  • will starts it after he finds out half the cluster–including riley–has never seen princess bride, and he’s so offended that he has to fix this injustice immediately
  • they watch it twice in one night because wolfgang keeps ‘falling asleep to be an asshole i know what you’re doing man i feel what you feel’ 
  • when will falls asleep after a long shift during wolfie’s showing of beastmaster they all sneak up on him and he wakes up with ‘inconceivable!’ written seven times on his stomach in sharpie and popcorn all down his brotank
  • sun’s picks are rare compared to the others, but when she does come out with a suggestion it usually turns out to be some hard-hitting korean horror movie that leaves them all questioning their lives for days, or like, kill bill again. 
  • capheus actually enjoys lito’s movies more than anyone else, and asks him a lot of questions about production. one day lito just lets him visit the set and he doesn’t stop smiling the entire time 
  • kala really learns to love american dance movies, and they’re all pretty sure she’s half the reason they keep making step up movies
  • wolfie not-so-secretly has a weakness for musicals, and getting him into the singalong karaoke version of high school musical is kala’s greatest success
  • riley suggests they all watch eurovision together and she and wolfgang almost get into a fistfight while the rest of them are just confused
  • hernando keeps making ten cups of hot chocolate that most of them can’t actually drink, so it ends up getting lito and daniela really hyper
  • neets thought her favorite thing was watching nomi dancing around their living room in her socks and underwear when it seemed like just the two of them, but then riley and will show up on their doorstep one day and she realizes how much better it is when you can see how happy they are for yourself
Twin (FarklexReader)

Request: frakle imagine where the reader is Riley’s twin, but she is both a bad girl and a good girl (=she is acting more like maya, but is still a good girl, does her homework and stuff), and she feels left out with her family and friends, because she feels like Riley is the first choice, and she is the second choice. she has a crush on farkle (s3) but she thinks he likes Riley. you can take it from there.

A/N: thank you for requesting! :)

“Why do you do such evil stuff to Dad?” Riley asked as you walked into classroom and saw your dad’s face covered in chalk dust. “It’s not my fault they put me in the locker next to the chalkboard just like they did in middle school.” You replied before laughing so hard you couldn’t breathe. “I hate that you’re a good student!” Your dad snapped. You shrugged your shoulders and kept laughing. “How come you haven’t gotten any sun, Matthews?” Maya asked. “That was me!” You laughed. “Hey Riley wanna hang out this weekend?” Farkle asked as he walked in. “Sure.” Riley smiled. “You can come too, y/n. If you want.” Farkle smiled shyly as he stuck his hands in his pockets. “I don’t know. Is Lucas gonna be there?” You asked. Lucas was the only one who didn’t make you feel like a second choice. You didn’t do any bad stuff for attention, that was just you. You liked to tell yourself that Riley got the happy sunshine bits that you were supposed to have but she absorbed them. “Where am I going?” Lucas asked. “To come hang out with me and Farkle. Y/N wanted to know if you’d be there.” Riley replied. “Sure.” Lucas smiled. You smiled big. “Good. I’ll be there then.” You smiled at Farkle.

“Y/N, why do you always want Lucas around?” Farkle asked as all of you were studying. “Because it’s fun to have Bucky McBoing McBoing around.” You replied. You were lying but Lucas was really the only person you told about how you feel in the group. “Well why don’t you like hanging around me?” Farkle asked. “Because you have a crush on my sister and I don’t want to get in the way of that.” You replied looking up at him. “You don’t know that I have a crush on Riley.” Farkle replied. “Yes you do. You like her happy sunshine. Nobody else can’t bear my bad girl behavior.” You snapped. “You don’t know that!” Farkle snapped back. “Maybe I do!” You yelled throwing your books down. “Y/N feels like a second choice!” Lucas said suddenly. “Lucas.” You whimpered. “I’m sorry.” He mouthed. “Why? Why do you feel like a second choice?” Riley asked. “Because you’re perfect and I’m not. I may be a good student but I love doing bad things. Like that time I blew up a mail box.” You replied. “See you beat me to that so I doesn’t count.” Maya said trying to lighten the mood. “And everyone else just shuts me out whenever Riley’s around. Lucas doesn’t.” You continued. Farkle stood up suddenly. He cupped your cheeks and kissed you. “What?” You asked. “I like you y/n. I like you a lot. I think you’re amazing just like I think Riley’s amazing but you’re even better.” Farkle replied. “Really?” You smiled. “Really.” Farkle smiled back. “I like you too.” You smiled big. You hugged him. “We all like you y/n. We didn’t mean to make you feel that way.” Zay said. “I think I’ll be okay guys.” You smiled resting your head on Farkle’s shoulder. “Just give me some time.” You smiled. Farkle kissed your forehead and all of you started working again.


request: “Ohh, can you do a one shot of a few guys hitting on Riley and Farkle getting jealous and pretending to be her boyfriend and they don’t believe him so they tell them to kiss but farkles to nervous so Riley kisses him???please”

requested by: anon

requests are: open

authors note: this is the cutest prompt ever i was so excited when i got it :’) 


Look at her over there. Being all cute and stuff. God it makes me sick. Farkle’s self deprecation had gotten to an all time low as he sat alone with nothing but a glass of water and angst. He hated how whiny he had become lately but he couldn’t help himself, he was growing impatient after watching Riley fall in and out of love with every guy that wasn’t him over the past ten years of their friendship. Not that he didn’t love being friends with Riley, because she’s everything to him, but he had always been desperate for more. 

And now, seated on the couch in God-knows-who’s living room, Farkle was wallowing in self pity as Riley flirted and giggled with everyone within a three foot radius. They all became human sighs around her. Her dimples were showing and her eyes were crinkling, even if he wasn’t the one making it happen he loved the moments he got to see her smile. A smile that could cure cancer is how he had always described it. But, suddenly, her smile started to falter. Her eyes smoothed over and drooped down; everything about her had shrunk. Looking for clues as to what could have done this to her, he searched the whole room, and then he saw him. This kid, Taylor Montgomery, was somehow at every party Riley came to and he always gave her the worst time. Farkle’s body immediately began to heat up and he could feel himself growing taller, bigger, stronger - or maybe it was just the adrenaline. Before he realized what was happening, his brain was telling his feet to move and he was walking towards Riley. Him and Taylor responded at her opposite sides at the same time.

“Fancy seeing you here Riles,” Taylor said as he put his arm around her as if she wanted it. As if she had missed him. The blood under Farkle’s skin had reached a boil.

“Taylor.” She sighed and shrugged his arm off of her body, a piece of her dignity falling with his limb.

“Aw what’s wrong baby are you not happy to see me?” Was he mocking her? Did he really have the nerve to mock her right now? In front of ME? He tried to hold his words back but he just couldn’t, Farkle had to do something.

“No Taylor, she’s not happy to see you. You know why? Because you’re everywhere all the time and it’s creepy so back off of her,” alright.” He used the stern teacher voice Cory had taught him. Unfortunately, Taylor never listened to his teachers.

He scoffed, “Oh and what are you, her brother?” 

For the second time that night, Farkle’s body just did whatever it wanted without any consultation. With an arm around Riley’s waist Farkle responded, “Actually, I’m her boyfriend but thanks for playing.” He tried to lead Riley away from Taylor so she wouldn’t have to play along and be subject to Taylor’s criticisms. He just wanted her safe, but, apparently, that was too much to ask from good old Taylor Montgomery. 

“There is no way in hell that she would date you,” he crossed his arms and somehow grew three feet. Farkle felt so incredibly small; everything he had told himself late at night when he couldn’t fall asleep was no being said out loud by a guy that could snap him in half. Since Farkle was speechless, Taylor continued, “I mean come on, have you seen her? She’s gorgeous. She’s easily a 9 and you’re ‘Squeaky the Mouse’.” All of his insecurities were being played out right in front of him. This had to be some sick joke. 

He looked over at Riley to see that she was already looking at him, her eyes were always so strong even in the face of adversity. She was terrified of this guy and Farkle knew it, but her eyes were telling him that she believed in him. He could win this for them. 

“Yeah well, you better believe it because Riley is my girlfriend and not yours so I’m sorry that you couldn’t learn how to treat people with respect soon enough to actually have a chance with her. She is the best person I have ever met in my entire life and even if we weren’t dating there’s no way I would let her settle for someone like you. I don’t even know why she settled for me but what I do know is that I treat her with the utmost respect and affection that she deserves and I’m going to spend as long as she’ll let me showing her how much she means to me,” his grip on her waist  tightened and he looked back at her, her eyes were wide and her smile was growing back to its normal size. He looked down fondly at her and gave her a small smile of reassurance. It was as if the two were the only ones in the room, but Taylor was going to make sure they were brought back to reality.

“Alright, if you’re really dating, kiss her,” he was standing with his hair crossed, so sure of himself. 

Farkle froze. He was prepared to “pretend” confess his undying love for Riley but he was not prepared to kiss her. This was too far, earlier in the night his body did things without his permission but now it wouldn’t do anything despite his pleas.

“Interesting, you guys must be really close if you can’t even kiss her.” 

Still frozen.

“I bet she’s really lucky to have you, isn’t she?”

Still frozen.

But then he isn’t. 

Then he’s melting because Riley’s lips are on his and they’re moving in perfect sync together and her hands are in his hair and he never wants this to stop.

But it does and her lips are swollen and he’s floating.

“You know what Taylor? I am really lucky to have him. He deserves way better than me but I’m going to try my damnedest to show him that I’m worth it. Now please, for the love of God, leave me alone.” Riley hadn’t removed her hand from his shoulder and he really hoped she wouldn’t. She turned to Farkle and continued, “Will you walk me home Farkle?” He simply nodded and they made their way out the door without looking back.

They stopped outside of the door of the house and Riley turned to face Farkle.

“Was what you said back there true, Farkle?” her eyes were hopeful, a look he wasn’t expecting.

“Of course they were Riley, you do deserve better than me and I will spend the rest of my life - if you let me - making myself worthy for you. I’m always here for you, Riley.”

“Good, I’m always here for you too.”

He didn’t know where this was going to take them, or what was going to happen next, all he knew is that he was glad whatever happened he was going to be by her side.


hope you liked it anon!

anonymous asked:

I live for your friendship with @adoringrucas

I’m… Shooké.

No, honestly, seriously, from the bottom of my heart - I love that asshole more than anyone in this world (even more than I love myself because let’s be honest, if I’m going to be in a relationship with someone, it will be me, myself and I) and she’s like my other half, obviously the better and the innocent one and I can’t imagine my life without her in it anymore. And I know that a lot of people would say that Internet friendships do not last and stuff like that, but I’d like to say that our friendship is one of a kind, okay? What you see here or on Wattpad or maybe on Twitter is just a little bit of our daily craziness.
She’s the Maya to my Riley (just because she’s the blonde one and the artist), Peaches to my Honey, pepperoni to my pizza and all of that. She’s my hoe, botch, homie for life and, of course, my extraordinary relationship.

So to hear that you live for the friendship between @adoringrucas and I honestly means everything to me and I am incredibly grateful for letting me know that, Anon. 💖💖💖💖💖

Driving Lessons--Joshaya

“I thought Shawn was giving me driving lessons.” I asked the handsome boy in front of me. I guess he wasn’t a boy anymore.

“He was going, but he had stuff to do so he asked Cory to teach you.” I looked around for Riley’s dad.

“He’s not here.” I stated the obvious.

“Cory has to teach Riley, so he asked me to teach you.” I smirked. This is going to be great.

“I can see you’re excited for me to teach you.” He patted my head as if I was a child.

“Stop treating me like a child Uncle Boing.” I moved his hand away.

“Stop calling me Uncle Boing and I’ll think about it.”

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madelinecoffee  asked:

Those Stupid Hormones was great. It was super realistic because teenagers do make-out and stuff. I'm glad you don't treat Rucas with kid-gloves. I can totally see Lucas being overly worried about Riley and her comfort as well as Riley being kinda shy about it. It was well written as always and I enjoyed reading it! <3

I’ll admit that there are *some* situations where I treat them with kid gloves, but yeah…Lucas will always put her comfort level first. Having said that, after a year of dating, I think he’s earned one slip up, am I right? 😂

I’m so glad you liked it, Madeline! I was a little anxious about posting it because of the age and situation I put them in, but I was hoping people would see it like you did. Teenagers make out. Teenagers, quite often, do more than that…so why can’t Lucas Friar get a little booty grab?

Gone/Closed AU

“It’s a requirement, Riley. Everyone is being summoned. That’s what a lottery does. Your number is chosen and you have to go.” He said to Riley as he started to pack up. “I could be thrown into jail. Do you really want that? For our child to see their dad in jail?”


Me and the guy talked for another twenty or so minutes, where I discovered his name was Riley, and he was a cop, recently transferred to the local police station. (ikr. SHOCK! I didn’t hate this guy, even though he was an officer!) he didn’t know anyone, and he was struggling in this town on his own.

That’s when I suggested karaoke. 

“I don’t normally do that.. stuff.”

“You are in a karaoke bar, Riley.”

“Ok ok, I’ll do it.”

The writers tweeted that the biggest clue is in the pilot

Do not tell me that the clue was Lucas’ stupid lunch choice because it was not.

The whole entire point of that pilot was Riley taking on the world and THE FIRST PERSON SHE WANTS BY HER SIDE IS MAYA.

That is the clue. Riley and Maya, together, forever.

Do not even dare tell me that the clue was something as stupid and irrelevant as food or clothing because I don’t care about that stuff.

The clue was Maya.
Maya is the clue.
Maya is Riley’s world.
And I do not care what anyone else has to say about that.

Riley and Maya are the real endgame, they always have been. Look at the pilot, look at Demolition, look at Bay Window, look at the clips from Triangle.
It’s Riley and Maya or it’s neither.

I do not care if it is romantic. I do not care if it’s platonic.
Riley and Maya. Together. Forever. There’s your endgame.

Every time in permanent record after Riley says you were always the smartest student in the class…The way Farkle lifts his eyes , and gives her that do you really think that face. With that tiny smile it makes me melt. (I am just going to start posting random Riarkle stuff to help our tag ^.^)

The sheer number of people who say stuff like, “Lucas and Maya have no relationship at all beyond teasing and shallow physical attraction!” who have ALSO claimed that Maya and Lucas have an “amazing friendship” when you bring up how he supported her in GM Creativity, or how Maya wanted Lucas to stay safe in GM Texas, or how Lucas influenced Maya in GM Belief (etc etc) is honestly amazing to me.

It’s like they want to apply this sort of a low-key Madonna/whore complex to the Rucaya thing (Riley is pure innocent goodness who only brings out the best in Lucas/Maya is an evil temptress who brings out the worst 🙄), but then when you point out the emotionally substantial Lucaya stuff they’re like “oh I do love their friendship though!”

The compartmentalization is amazing. In one breath it’s “how dare you suggest that the ‘purely physical’ Lucaya is more emotionally substantial than Rilucas and the veterinarian thing from two years ago?!” and in the next it’s “oh yeah Maya and Lucas really do have such a beautiful friendship! I love how he supported her in Creativity and how they could talk about their beliefs!”

Like…you can’t have this both ways. You can’t say “Lucaya has nothing but teasing and physicality!” and then praise their “amazing friendship” in the next breath and claim to be using logic.

I mean, of course the reality is that it’s all of the above; it IS both, ultimately—especially when their growth is intact. But anyone who wants to disparage the Lucaya relationship by claiming that it’s “nothing but teasing and physical chemistry and anyone who values this relationship over the magical purity that is Rilucas is sick!” cannot then flip around and wax on about Maya and Lucas being great friends.

If people want to attempt to discredit Lucaya by claiming they’re nothing but teasing and physical chemistry, then they cannot logically turn around and praise their friendship as a means of torpedoing the emotionally substantial aspects of the Lucaya relationship…which they’ve previously claimed do not exist. I have sooooo many anons who do both in the exact same ask and it’s just…

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