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Planned Parenthood is fucking amazing, y’all. I haven’t been there yet…but just talking to their HRT line on the phone…

They used my respected name right off the bat. Called me Riley all the way through. Used he/him pronouns. Didn’t slip up once. Asked me and “What’s your legal name? I’m sorry I have to ask that.”

Then asked me “Now is it okay if I send things with Riley Roswell to your home?” not wanting to out me accidentally and then “Is it okay if I send stuff with planned parenthood labels on them or do you want me to be discreet about it?” knowing there are people who could get in trouble with family or partners or others for going there.









The Originals - 4x07 - You are the reason I wanted to stay in New Orleans, Freya. You make me feel understood. Known. And there’s always going to be a spell to do or an enemy to fight but when that is all finished you deserve someone who gets you. 

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you know one of my favorite things of Life is strange is the soundtrack, i love that kind of music! can you recommend me a playlist or a fanmix please? btw your art is fantastic!

I love that kind of music too, anon. ^^ There are some great LiS inspired musicians like Koethe and Riley Hawke, if you haven’t heard their stuff before. (Also Max’s voice actress Hannah Telle released an album last year!)

Might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but I do keep a list of songs I’ve listened to to whilst drawing LiS fanart.. because everything I draw ends up with one specific song I’ve overplayed whilst working on it. So here’s a weird little playlist of those (b-but if anyone else has proper mix recs..?)

Message to Bears - You are a memory
Fink - Too Late
Wolf Larsen - If I Be Wrong
Julien Baker - Go Home
Sleeping at Last - Saturn
Lucius - Two of Us On The Run
Connor Youngblood - The Birds of Finland
Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Someone to Stay
The Irrepressibles - In This Shirt
Lights & Motion - As The World Goes Away
Blackbear - idfc
The National - Without Permission
Cigarettes After Sex - Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby
Nothing But Thieves - If I Get High 
Arcade Fire - Dimensions
José González - Stay Alive
Angus & Julia Stone - Wherever You Are 
The Antlers - Putting the Dog to Sleep 
Hammock - Tornado Warning
Emmy The Great- Where is My Mind
SOKO - We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow

Reggie Mantle x Reader PART TWO: THE ARTIST & THE JOCK

I cant believe people actually liked this, I honestly thought nobody would like it, but I got 84 notes as of now. I really want to thank you guys for liking it and rebloging it. I am currently writing part three so hopefully, you guys like where this is going.

Words: 1585

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Summary: Dinner b/w The Mantles and (Y/L/N) with a bit of a twist at the end. 

Spoilers: Cute, fluff flashback b/w Reggie and the Reader.

A/N: I had fun writing this so hopefully you guys like it! 

Part One

You arrived home practically speeding home, since for business dinners, your father wants everything at its best. But before arriving you stopped by the flower shop to get tulips for Reggie’s sister Riley (I made this character up) and Pink Roses for his mom Vicky (this is his moms name in the comics). Hoping these were still there favorite type of flowers.

Mom! Dad! I’m home!” You shouted opening the door to your home.

“(Y/N) you’re a bit late, now go on and start getting ready” your father answers you.

“Sorry dad, I stopped at the flower shop as quickly as I could to get flowers for Riley and Mrs. Mantle.” You spoke up and your mother gives you a smile

“Well that’s sweet, now go on take a shower and start getting ready, do you want to give them like that or should I find a vase for them?” your mother asks

“No just like this, I think, you don’t want my help getting the stuff ready?” You question them.

“No honey” your parents answer in sync

“Okay” You nodded and went up the stairs to start getting ready. Wondering why they were acting strange about you looking nice since they usually didn’t care as long as you tried.

You turned on your music and got in the shower, then If we were a Movie by Hannah Montana started playing on shuffle, and you couldn’t help but smile and start singing along to the song that brought a great memory to you.


If we were a movie
You’d be the right guy
And I’d be the best friend
That you’d fall in love with in the end

You and Reggie were watching TV at his house, both 9 years old. You persuaded him to let you watch Hannah Montana with him. His parents were away with Riley at the clinic.  He would pretend he wasn’t enjoying it, but you’d catch him smiling every now and then. You sang along to those lyrics dancing around the living room.

Wish I could tell you there’s a kiss
Like something more than in my mind
I see it could be amazing

Then Reggie got up from the couch and started to walk away, when you grabbed him and made him dance with you. He squirmed to get away, but defeated he did what he knew would get him off your grip. He pretended to start slow dancing with you, so his hands reached your waist and he started to tickle you. You ended up on the floor laughing/screaming “Please! Reg! Stop! Its hurts!”  until you ran out breath to speak. He removed himself and brought water for your dry mouth.

That day was great for you because you and Reggie were growing up and your little group was growing and sometimes you just wanted to spend time with him. You were both about to turn 10 and your parents promised to take you two camping.

Turning off the shower, you grabbed your towel and started to get ready for the dinner. You dried off your hair so you could curl it. A smile plastered on your face to the memory that was now flooding your brain. You could not get yourself to think about anything else, and thought nothing about the fact you could not get Reggie of your mind, you simply pushed that away by lying to yourself that maybe it was better this way since you would have to deal with him and his parents.

You ignored the fact that the memory made you think so much about the old Reggie, Oh the old Reggie was so charming, caring, and you were the only girl in his universe until his sister showed up in your lives when you both were 7 and throughout the years you started drifting apart, not because of her, but the fact that growing up meant changing and you both were no longer into the same things anymore.

It was now 6:50pm as you applied red chapstick, since you weren’t a big fan of makeup, you kept it simple with a bit of black eyeliner to match your dress as well since that’s all you could do.

Your heart sunk the moment you realized you had no dressy shoes, mentally preparing yourself for your mothers’ wrath. You recently bought new converse, and you decided to pair them with “fancy” looking black socks.

It was now 7:00pm when you heard the doorbell ring. And you heard you parents call you, so you made your way out of your room and down the stairs.

You couldn’t help, but smile at Reggie.

He looked amazing in that maroon blazer, white shirt, and black pants. You were glancing at him until your mom took you out of your trance.

“Well well” your mother spoke up “look how handsome you have turned out” She directed a smile at Reggie

You were reaching the last steps and you felt Reggie’s eyes on you.

Man, she looks so beautiful Reggie thought

“(Y/N) you look amazing” was what came out of his mouth as he reached his hand towards you, and you grabbed it and finally made to the last step.

“Um, these are for you (Y/F/Flowers), hopefully they’re still your favorite” you nodded at him as you took the flowers in your hands and you were both staring at each other until Riley broke it by hugging you.

“I missed you sooo much (Y/N)!” The brown haired girl with a huge smile on her face spoke.

“I missed you so much too! Look I got you flowers too” you grabbed her hand leading her to the kitchen island where her and Mrs. Mantle’s bouquets resided. Your dad led the family to the dining room.

“I got you flowers too Mrs. Mantle” you declared when you walked in the dining room with Riley and she took the seat across yours.

“Oh that’s so sweet, but please hold them for now” you nodded “And please call me Vicky” she added on and you smiled placing her bouquet on a small table in the dining room.

As you were about to take your seat, Reggie got up grabbed your chair, so you could sit in it and pushed you in, and took the seat next to you and you both couldn’t help but smile at each other. The parents were on their own side of the table as our mothers brought in the food.

“So what business are you guys doing together?” you spoke looking directly at your father and Mr. Mantle after a few minutes.

“I am going to start a practice at the hospital” your father spoke up taking a drink of his merlot.

“I am going to pitch in some money, to help your father out start the practice” Mr. Mantle added on.

There was a bit of shift in the mood of the dinner now and you somewhat regretted that you asked.

“This Garlic, Basil Chicken is great Mrs. (Y/L/N) the tomato butter sauce really makes it pop” Reggie spoke up to get rid of the awkward silence that you started and you smiled at him and he returned it.

“Why, thank you so much Reggie” your mother spoke up while your father and Reggie’s father glanced at each other.

You and Reggie started to talk, as your parents held up their own conversation and Riley was playing games on her tablet with headphones plugged into her ears you would turn to see the 10 year old, so into her little world.

“Well” Mr. Mantle spoke up “I hope you can keep your end of the bargain” and the dining room went silent, so silent you could even hear the crickets outside chirping.

“(Y/N) do you like Reggie?” Mrs. Mantle broke the silence and you choked on the water you were drinking.

“I really hope you do because your parents and I would love for you guys to date, right?” She kept going and you were so confused as to what was going on and all the parents smiled.

You looked at Reggie who was staring down at his plate with a somber look on his face.

“Um, what is going on?” You finally spoke up and Mr. Mantle and your dad handed you a small stack of papers.

“This is a contract your father has signed in our partnership in the practice, in return I would like for you to date Reggie, during any events we have since he is not popular for his attitude and with you we could have an advantage to these fundraising events” Mr. Mantle spoke up “See honey you are sweetheart, compared to Reggie” he added on.

“You would make it look like he was changing his ways” Your father spoke up and your mother and Mrs. Mantle were just smiling.

You were speechless, you couldn’t get a word out, you could not believe your ears as to how Reggie’s parents were talking about him or your parents who didn’t seem to care about you to agree to such a thing in exchange for money. Instead your body took over and you stood up from your chair and walked out.

Reggie’s POV:

I couldn’t believe the way my parents did that, we had agreed that I would ask her out like a normal teenager. We were 16, and throughout the days I made it my mission to start changing, I know she noticed; but now that plan was out and I had to go out and look for her.

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Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six

Riley: Ever since the day after Cultural Day, when you found out you might have a new ancestry, I started reading about it. Because I love you. And I would always want to know who you are. Merry Christmas, Farkle. Happy Hannekuh. Happy everything.

Smackle: Ever since I’ve known you, you’ve never stopped trying to put yourself back together. I wanted to get you something to let you know that you’ve done a great job, and it’s okay to work on something else.

Zay: “A young lady speaks in a gentle tone and never raises her voice.” Your voice is my favorite thing about you—that’s why i crossed all these things out. That’s why I changed them to the funny things you do that I like. Because I know you’re working on stuff. But I never want you to forget who you are. What makes you wonderful.

Auggie: You gave Maya back to her family. Even though it was hard for you, and you wanted to keep her for yourself. You gave her the gift that would make her truly happy. I don’t have to [tell her]. She already knows.



Sims Tag Yourself Meme Challenge

by @itsoceansecret

I’m Sweet & Sour and sometimes Spicy Nuggetz! This was really fun to do btw ;-;

Challenge rules: Tag your challenge with #simstagyourself and make a meme based on the tag yourself memes that fits the characters (must be your sims) you used. Tag other 5 people. 

Gonna do more than 5 but.. I tag @plumb-barb@simtasia, @simgallery, @sims3hasstoppedworking, @literallywhothe, @obsimmian, @cakenoodles, @freckled-pixels, @touchmypixels, @pixelddump, @simovee, @riley-annette, @baehaved, @fanaskher, @spladoum, @buckleysims, @remysims & whoever wants to do this! 

People want to know what Maya got Lucas for Christmas

But consider this…

It probably wasn’t that great. If she even got anything for him in the first place.

Unlike Riley getting Farkle a girlfriend-y gift, this would mean something. Maya’s been very careful about her relationship with Lucas since the triangle ended. 

She’s been avoiding eye contact, refusing to banter with him (except maybe in SS), and her jabs have a bit more bite than sass (”You think you are [important], but no”). Whether or not she’s fully considered why it’s necessary for her to do all those things, the fact remains that she’s intentionally creating distance between them. 

Enter Secret Santa. Lucas didn’t want to do it. He went all the way to Texas, presumably so he wouldn’t have to. Maya already assumed the whole production would be stupid and awful. He’s practically given permission for everyone to leave him out of Secret Santa…so where’s her motivation to send something all the way to Texas?

Afterward, this becomes even more true. The thoughtful gifts brought each pair closer. MUCH closer. And as far as she knows, Lucas didn’t send Riley anything. (Even if we put in the deleted scene, okay, Lucas gave a poor girl a gift on Riley’s behalf. Cute and all, but not as personal as the others.)

That means, as much as she might want to, as much as she might have had a great idea for something that would melt his heart and show him how well she knows him, she. wouldn’t. do. it. Jumping back into a triangle-like situation after the whole thing’s been “resolved” would most definitely not be as innocent as the first time Maya got dragged in, and she wouldn’t risk hurting Riley like that.

So for all the fanfiction stories I’ve seen of legitimately adorable presents Maya gave Lucas on the down low, consider this: How much more likely was something like this?

[Gang at Topanga’s, hanging out]

Farkle: Okay, Zay, you’ve finished your homework. Can we go now? I’m just about to cut you off from all the supplies you need to survive.

Zay: I know the whole point of your nerd game was for me to spend more time with you and Smackle, Farkle, but can I just…I don’t know, resign or something? We’ve been playing for like a week, and I need my beauty sleep!

Smackle: When Farkle and I rule the world, you’ll be playing this game a lot more, so get moving!

[Zay, Farkle, and Smackle exit]

Riley: You know, Zay can complain all he wants, but he’s gotten closer to them since Christmas. [Looks pointedly at Maya]

Maya: Yes, Riley. You’re a Secret Santa genius. Happy?

Riley: Yes.

Lucas: Hey, who got me?

Riley: You didn’t…? Let’s see, there was me and Farkle, Zay and Smackle, Smackle and…

[Maya looking innocently off in the distance]

Riley: Maya! Did you not do Secret Santa? Lucas even did Secret Santa, and he was in Texas!

Maya: Do you have any idea how long it would have taken me to go to the store, find a gift, then go to the post office? And then, you know, there’s the issue with priority box! padded envelope! normal envelope! Honestly, my present should just be me still being alive after thinking of all the stuff I would have had to do. 

Riley: [Stubbornly] You could have just given it to him when he got back.

Maya: [Looks lazily around her and the homework spread out on the table. Picks up her calculator.] Merry Christmas, Lucas. [Hands him calculator, then pretends to get back to homework.]

There’s a beat, then Maya snatches the calculator back.

Maya: Actually, can I borrow your Christmas present? I don’t have enough fingers for this problem.

Girl Meets The Jellyfish Pact
  • This scene is inspired by another episode of friends.
  • Location: Minkus Family Beach House.
  • The gang just arrived at Farkle's family beach house for the weekend. Everyone takes their suitcases to their rooms except Maya who crashes on the couch and falls asleep. Everyone arrives back to the living room.
  • Riley: What's everybody's plan today?
  • Farkle: I'm going to the beach.
  • Zay: Me too.
  • Riley: Can I come?
  • Farkle: Of course.
  • Riley: (looks at Lucas, Smackle, and Maya) How about you guys?
  • Smackle: I'm going to stay here and read.
  • Lucas: I'll just walk around.
  • Riley: Maya?
  • Maya is snoring loudly.
  • Farkle: See you guys later.
  • Everyone leaves.
  • Location: Beach.
  • Riley is laying on a towel. Farkle is sitting in a beach chair while Zay is digging a hole in the sand.
  • Farkle: There's a Zombie Apocalypse, I'm the only man left, would you date me?
  • Riley: If you were the only man left, maybe.
  • Zay: Hey, guys look at my hole.
  • Farkle: Wow, what a waste of time.
  • Riley: Don't listen to him Zay, it's a nice hole.
  • Zay: Thank you Riley.
  • Zay sticks his tongue out at Farkle.
  • Farkle: You know the Tide's just going to fill it up with water.
  • Zay: That's not going to happen. I made sure that we were far enough away from the ocean before I started digging.
  • The tide brings the water to the beach filling up the hole Zay made.
  • Zay: Damn.
  • Riley jumps up.
  • Riley: Ow! Ow! Ow!
  • Zay: Are you in pain?
  • Riley: No, I always say ow for no reason.
  • Farkle: What happened?
  • Riley: I think I got stung by a jellyfish.
  • Farkle: We should get you back to the house.
  • Riley: It hurts too much to walk.
  • Zay: And I'm tired from digging that hole.
  • Farkle: Then what should we do?
  • Zay: I was watching Discovery channel and-
  • Farkle: Wait, you watch the Discovery channel?
  • Zay: It was by accident.
  • Riley: Is there a point to the story? I'm going to pass out from the pain.
  • Zay: The point, before I was rudely interrupted, was you have to pee on the jellyfish sting.
  • Riley: What?
  • Farkle: He's right. The ammonia is supposed to kill the pain.
  • Riley: I'm not peeing on myself. I rather just deal with the pain.
  • Riley starts walking back to the house and stops.
  • Riley: Ow! Ow!
  • Riley turns around to face Farkle and Zay.
  • Riley: Fine. I'll do it. But you can't watch.
  • Farkle holds up a blanket to cover Riley. Riley tries multiple positions so she can pee on the sting.
  • Riley: Um, guys, I can't do it. I can't bend that way.
  • Farkle: What are we going to do?
  • Riley: One of you have to do it.
  • Farkle: Not it.
  • Zay looks at Riley and Farkle.
  • Zay: Aw man.
  • Location: Beach House.
  • Maya, Lucas, and Smackle are playing cards. Riley, Farkle and Zay rushed in.
  • Riley: I'm going to take a shower and stay in there forever.
  • Riley leaves.
  • Maya: What happened?
  • Farkle: (talking fast) Nothing happened. Why would you asked that? Who told you stuff happened? Stop giving me the third degree.
  • Farkle leaves.
  • Maya looks at Zay.
  • Zay: I got nothing.
  • Zay walks away.
  • The next day.
  • Riley, Farkle, and Zay are eating breakfast. They won't look each other in the eyes.
  • Maya, Lucas and Smackle walk in.
  • Maya: This is ridiculous. You guys won't even look at each other. Something happened on that beach and we demand to know what it is now.
  • Farkle: We made a pact to never talk about it.
  • Riley: It stays in the past.
  • Zay: It's buried in the hole I digged.
  • They get up and try to leave but Maya, Lucas, and Smackle blocks the doors.
  • Lucas: No one is leaving until you tell us what happened.
  • Riley looks at Farkle and Zay. They nod.
  • Riley: Fine, we'll tell you.
  • Maya: Start from the beginning.
  • Zay: It started on a stormy Sunday afternoon.
  • Maya: What?
  • Zay: You said start from the beginning. I'm telling you about the day I was born.
  • Maya: I meant about what happened on the beach, you maroon.
  • Zay: Oh.
  • Riley: We were on the beach.
  • Zay: I was digging a hole. It was the biggest hole I ever dug.
  • Farkle: He was so proud of himself.
  • Zay: (smiling) I was.
  • Riley: Then the tide came.
  • Zay: And it destroyed my hole.
  • Riley: And a jellyfish stung me.
  • Farkle: Riley was in too much pain to walk. So Zay remembered something he watched on tv.
  • Zay: I was watching the Discovery channel-
  • Lucas: You were watching the Discovery channel? Were you watching channels by accident again?
  • Zay: Yeah.
  • Smackle: I saw the same show. They said...
  • Smackle pauses and looks at Riley.
  • Smackle: Ewww!!!
  • Maya and Lucas: What?
  • Smackle: She peed on herself.
  • Maya and Lucas: Ewww!!!!
  • Riley: I tried and failed. I couldn't bend that way. So I asked Farkle and Zay to pee on me.
  • Farkle: And I said no.
  • Maya, Lucas, and Smackle looks at Zay.
  • Zay: That's right. I stepped up to the plate. I took one for the team. I peed on Riley. I would peed on everybody.
  • Riley: How did you take one for the team? I was the one being peed on. And you didn't even peed on me.
  • Smackle: You didn't?
  • Zay: (looks down) No, I'm a fraud. It was too much pressure. Performance anxiety.
  • Maya: Then who peed on Riley?
  • Farkle raises his hand.
  • Farkle: I did. I kept aiming everywhere but the foot.
  • Everyone laughs.
  • Riley: It wasn't funny. Starting now, we'll never speak of this again. We're taking this to our grave.
  • Everyone: Agreed.
  • The next day.
  • Location: Topanga's.
  • Farkle: About that Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Riley: Dude, never going to happen. You will always be the idiot that peed on me.
  • Farkle: Fair enough.
  • The end.
Fighting with the Freaking Sun! (Riarkle Future One-Shot)

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle

Characters: Riley Matthews and Farkle Minkus

Rating: T but only for some suggestive kissing, so if that doesn’t bother you…

Description: Even people who are perfect for each other fight. Fighting with Riley Matthews is a little like fighting with the sun… But Farkle would probably die without her warmth and in the end, they are always.

Author’s Note: Riarkle’s first fight as a couple! Aww! Lolz, funny how a fighting prompt is actually romantic? Gets kinda angsty too, but I mean, come on! It’s a fight and mean things are said without thinking.

Farkle didn’t know where it all went wrong.

He’d thought he was just doing what Riley wanted! He was just trying to make her happy, right? So, how exactly had the attempt ended in her telling him to leave with tears in her eyes? How had he managed to hurt her so badly when all he ever watched was to make her smile?

It started as a typical Saturday night for them. Or least a typical Saturday night since they’d started dating a few weeks ago.

Farkle had snuck into her room through the open bay window, finding her sitting cross-legged on the floor with textbooks scattered about. He didn’t really know why, but Riley’d been on a studying kick the last few weeks and hell, who was he to tell her to calm down?

Taking up his usual spot beside her, he leaned over and greeted her with a quick, distracted on her part, kiss. “What are we reading up on tonight, Babe?”

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Hello, Stranger - Part Two

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 1,941

Warnings- Swearing and angst again.

A/N- So, as you’ve probably noticed by now, I like the idea of the park being the common location themed throughout out this fic. It was a challenge to have each section taking place in the same location, but I think it’s adds something different, meaning the reader can fill in the gaps with their own narrative. Also, you can all blame my recent love of angst on @plamspringsdancingontables ! So, I hope you like it! 

Tags- @butlinislin @always-blame-jefferson @hamil-lins @buckybarneshairpullingkink @hamilton-gaygod @congratsonhamlet @nesthemonster @daveedish

Part One/Part Two

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  • Lucas: Where is Maya?
  • Farkle: Doing stuff...
  • Lucas: And Riley?
  • Farkle: Trying to stop Maya from doing the stuff.
  • Lucas: Zay?
  • Farkle: He's trying to stop Riley from stopping Maya from doing the stuff.
  • Lucas: Oh boy... and what are you doing here then?
  • Farkle: I'm supposed to stop you from trying to stop Zay from trying to stop Riley from stopping Maya from doing the stuff.
The Story of Us

Prologue || 

✮ Chapter One: The Weekend ✮

Word Count: 3055

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Friday evening 

If there was any part of Riley that thought her parents were using the ‘sending her away’ argument as an empty threat again that’s certainly not the case anymore as Riley sulks at the back of a bus as it leaves the airport she just arrived at.

The worst part about it was that Riley was packed and sent off in a matter of days. Part of the punishment was that Riley wasn’t even allowed to see her friends before she left.

With her head resting against the glass window Riley stares out and watches as the view fades from city to country and if she wasn’t so bitter about the forced lifestyle change then she might of actually enjoyed the scenic drive.

The bus pulls into the station - if you could call an old wooden bench with a sign that reads ‘bus station’ a station. Riley gets off the bus with her duffle bag slung over her shoulder. When her feet hit the dirt road beneath her Riley sees nothing but trees and wide open fields. Awkwardly she stands there not knowing what to do but once the bus pulls away Riley spots a hardened looking man resting again a car just up the road. With a heavy sigh she treks over to him.

“Riley,” He nods once she approaches.

Grandpa,” Riley says in a mock excited voice.

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Girl Meets Season 4 - Episode 1

Girl Meets Season 4 - The Continuing Saga of Riley and her friends as they tackle their Sophomore year in High School. The ups, the downs, and everything in between. What will their sophomore year be like? Read and find out.

A/N: I’m writing this fic for 2 reason, well these are the main reasons, the first is that Disney cancelled the show and didn’t give it a real chance, the second is that I want them to keep growing. All of the chapters are titled as episodes, as the fic goes along there will be some serious topics, as well as my ships because I love them and I won’t let them go.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Maya is in love with Riley but Riley is still with Lucas so she confides all of her feelings to Farkle. Maya spends more time with Farkle than with Riley. Riley assumes that the two are dating and she doesn't like it at all.

Wow, this prompt is over two months old :c Sorry it took so long!

Maya hadn’t thought she’d been so obvious. She thought she’d been acting normal, acting everything-is-the-same-as-when-we-were-seven normal, but apparently her façade isn’t as strong as she’d assumed. Although, to be fair, Farkle always has been frighteningly perceptive when it comes to his friends, so she can’t really say she was too surprised when he confronted her about her feelings for Riley.

“It’s pretty clear,” he’d said. “You get all quiet and aloof when you’re anywhere near Lucas and Riley. It’s like you don’t know how to talk to them together, but it’s fine when it’s only one of them. And the way you look at Riley, the way you act around her…I’m surprised I didn’t see it sooner.”

Maya hadn’t known what to say for a long minute after that until, in a broken voice, she’d murmured, “I don’t know what to do.”

She took to avoiding Riley, shaving away their time together and replacing it with time with Farkle. They sit in Maya’s room and she talks about Riley in an attempt to extinguish her feelings. Her theory is that the less she sees Riley and the more she talks it out with Farkle, the sooner she’ll get over it. Farkle can only listen; he’s been trying since the beginning to convince Maya to tell Riley how she feels, but she still insists on doing nothing more than talking to him.

“I think she’s getting more serious with Lucas,” Maya says one evening. “They’re going on real dates now, to restaurants and stuff. I thought that would let me get over her for sure, but….”

“But that’s not how love works,” Farkle says. “Even I know that.”

“Farkle, it’s been too long. It should be over by now,” she says. “I just want it to stop.”

Farkle sighs. “How many times to I have to say it? You need to tell her, Maya.”

Maya pauses, and then says softly, “How do I do that? How do I tell her I’m in love with her when she has a boyfriend? And anyway, it’ll make things weird. I’m afraid of changing what we have now.”

“Maya, it has changed,” Farkle says. “When was the last time you saw her outside of school?”

Maya thinks for a moment and looks down. “Two weeks ago.”

“You two never went a day without hanging out after school and you used to spend whole weekends together. This is happening whether you like it or not….Isn’t it better to get it off your chest than to ruin your friendship because of this? I know she’ll be okay with it. You know it too, deep down under all that worry.”

“Okay, okay,” Maya says, “you’re right.” She sighs and stands up from her bed. “I’ll talk to her now before I change my mind.”

“Good,” Farkle says. “I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks, Farkle.” She smiles softly and gives him a quick hug before leaving and sending Riley a text: “bay window in 15. need 2 talk.”

Riley is waiting at her window, fidgeting with her hands in her lap, when Maya comes in. Riley looks up and flashes a bright smile, but it fades into something more pained after a moment.

“Hey, peaches,” she says. “It’s…good to see you back here.”

Maya sits down on the far end of the window seat, eyes averted from Riley’s gaze. “I’m sorry I haven’t been spending time with you lately,” she says. “I had a reason, but…it’s time I told you.”

“It’s okay,” Riley says. “I…I think I already know.”

“You do?”

“Yes, and I’m sorry, but…I don’t like you dating Farkle.” She says it quickly and looks back down at her lap, ashamed of herself for contesting Maya’s happiness.

Maya blinks as she processes Riley’s words. Dating Farkle…? “Then you’re in luck, I guess, because I’m not dating him.”

Riley frowns and looks up again. “What? But…but you’ve been spending so much time with him.”

Maya shrugs. “It was to talk about…this. About what I’m about to tell you. He’s been a really good listener for the past month, but that’s all it is.”

“Then…what’s the problem?”

“I, um….” Maya bites her lip and forces herself to look up at Riley. “I have…feelings…for you.”

Riley only stares at her, eyes wide and mouth slightly ajar.

“Listen, I know you don’t like me that way and I don’t want to come between you and Lucas, but this has been on my mind for a long time and Farkle convinced me that you should know, so now that you know, we can just…forget about it and go back to normal. Okay?”

Riley shakes her head. “No, we can’t forget about it. I need to talk to Lucas.”

Maya’s heart sinks. “Can’t we just talk it out together? I told you I don’t want to come between you guys….I-if you have a problem with it, we can figure it out, right?”

“I don’t have a problem with it, Maya!” Riley says with a light laugh. “I need to break up with Lucas. He’s so sweet, and I hope he finds someone good, but…he’s not you.”

“You mean…you feel the same way?” Maya says the words with careful incredulity, as if she must be horribly mistaken, but Riley only nods in response.

“Yeah, peaches, I do.”

“Is that why you didn’t want me to be dating Farkle?”

Riley blushes and laughs nervously. “I guess it is. I was more upset that you were spending all of your time with him, but…I think it was worth it.”

Maya smiles and nods. “Yeah. Yeah, it was.”

Yellow & Blue (Maya and Lucas one shots)

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The last person she expects to find standing by her locker the morning after her failed homework rebellion is him.

“What do you want?” She glowers at him as she opens her locker.

He looks so neat, with his blue t-shirt and grey hooded jacket and his stupid nice smile on his well rested face. In contrast, she’s had a sleepless night worrying about her unfinished homework, and her tired, late-shift working mother, and she’s thrown on the first set of clothes she found in her closet. Despite having showered, she feels scruffy and grimy next to him.

“Some help,” he says.

The amusement in his voice is at odds with the stupid nice smile still gracing his stupid cute face. It’s just an observation; she couldn’t care less about his stupid face. “And what do I get out of it, cowboy?”

A look of alarm passes over his face. “Why do you think I’m a cowboy?”

“You’re from Texas, what else does Texas have except for horses and cowboys?”

She knows she’s exaggerating, and probably being more than mildly offensive, but she doesn’t care. Besides, he seems amused rather than annoyed at her stereotypical view of his home state, so she doesn’t let it bother her.

“Maybe one day you can visit and see for yourself.”

Her head snaps up at that, and he looks stricken and red-faced when he realizes what he’s said.

“Uh— I mean— I mean—”

He reminds her so much of Riley’s goldfish Chelsea, with his mouth opening and shutting as he struggles to come up with an explanation or a response, that she has to smother a smirk.

“Save it, Heehaw. What did you want my help for?”

“Well, since I’m new here and don’t really know much about the school, or about New York, I was wondering maybe if you could show me around.”

He edges closer, the cockiness gone from his voice, replaced by a painful, earnest honesty. She wonders why the latter is more appealing than the former. Then she remembers she isn’t supposed to find anything about him appealing.

“Why are you asking me? Why not ask Riley? She’s the one who does stuff like this, helping people out, and being nice to them, and extending the hand of friendship, and all that crap.”

He laughs. “I’m sure she’d be happy to help. But I’m also sure you know a lot more about the school and about New York than she does.”

She narrows her eyes, studying him, trying to figure out what his motives are. She doesn’t know why he’s being so friendly with her, why he seems to want to hang out with her.

He looks at her hopefully, and he reminds her so much of Riley that her resolve to keep him at arm’s length crumbles. “What do I get out of it?”

“I could help you with homework?”

She stills as anger grips her. She knows she acts like she doesn’t care about school and homework, because it’s easier to pretend that than it is to let her classmates learn about her situation at home. But that doesn’t mean she wants people like him to rub it in her face.

“What makes you think I need help with homework?” she asks, her voice quietly dangerous.

He must have heard the ill-concealed threat in her tone because he definitely looks nervous as he hurries to explain. “I was at my locker round the corner, and I sort of overheard you and Mr. Matthews talking yesterday after we left history class.”

If he overheard her telling Mr. Matthews that she has no one at home to help her with homework, he must have also heard Mr. Matthews say how she goes too far, and gets Riley into trouble. He’s probably already made up his mind about her, convinced that she’s a troublemaker. The thought both angers and saddens her.

But more, it makes his sudden insistence on hanging out with her suspicious. He either thinks he can be a good influence on her like Riley, and save her. Or he’s tired of being such a good southern boy all the time, and wants to break a few rules by doing something that he thinks is exciting and dangerous in this new big city. And he’s figured that she, being the troublemaker she is, can help him.

And, she has to admit, the latter sounds a bit farfetched. There’s definitely more than meets the eye with him, but overall, he seems to be a rule follower, just like Riley. But she’s yet to figure out his motive.

She stuffs some books in her locker before turning around to face him. “You often go around and listen to people’s conversations, Goody-Two-Spurs? Didn’t your mamma tell you that’s not polite?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” he defends himself, his cheeks and ears going a bit red. He looks embarrassed and irritated.

When she says nothing, just raises her brow in question, he shifts uncomfortably.

“Look,” he says, “You’ve been really nice to me ever since I got here. You came up to me and talked to me on the subway, and let me sit with you guys at lunch. I just want to say thanks.”

This is the first time ever that anyone’s accused her of being nice to them. It leaves her flustered. She doesn’t like being flustered.

Before he can so much as blink, she grips the neck of his t-shirt and yanks him closer, pulling his face down to her level. “Let’s get one thing straight, Cowboy. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not nice.”

“I don’t think I’d be talking to any of you if it wasn’t for you,” he says with utter sincerity, staring unblinking into her eyes.

Unknowingly, he’s done something no one’s ever been able to do before: he’s rendered her speechless. She lets go of his t-shirt without even realizing her actions.

“Besides, didn’t you say on the subway that we should hang out sometime?” His cheeky grin is back.

She stares at him, confused and frustrated at her inability to intimidate him. Most people back off when she gets in their face. But he just goes toe to toe with her and plays the game right back.

He stares back at her hopefully, eyes bright, that silly grin still plastered on his stupid face.

She inwardly sighs and reluctantly relents. “Alright. But I’m only doing this for Riley.”

When he frowns, puzzled, she rolls her eyes and explains. “Riley likes you and wants us to be friends with you. And you’re a Ranger Rick; you’ll get mugged if you wander around New York by yourself. And Riley won’t like that.”

He grins at her knowingly. “Nice to know you care.”

She glares at him. “And I don’t need your help with homework. I can handle it.”


“Save it, Hop-Along.” She slams her locker shut and saunters off.

He stares after her, sure she’s the most frustrating, hard-headed, stubborn person he’s ever met.

She doesn’t bring up the subject of homework again for the next few weeks, neither in school nor during the couple of times they spend together while she shows him around Manhattan.

But then, the day after Mr. Matthews fails her in their assignment on evolution, she accosts him in the library.

“Hey Ranger Rick, remember how you offered to help me with my homework?”

“You want me to help you?” he asks eagerly.

“Even better,” she smirks. “You can do my homework for me.”

He sighs. “I’m not going to do your homework for you.”

“But you’re a huckleberry, you love doing homework and all this school stuff!”

“Maya, no one in their right mind loves homework. Except Farkle.”

“And Riley.”

He gestures with his hands, as if to say “there you go”.

She whines, pouts, threatens, and wheedles, but he sticks firm to his decision, though he’s entertained by the increasingly crazy reasons she keeps coming up for why he should do her homework for her.

Finally, she gives out a dramatic, long-suffering sigh. “Fine, Huckleberry, don’t get your lasso in a knot. You can help me with my homework.”

He rolls his eyes. As if he’s the one who’s been begging her to let him help, and she’s doing him a favour by letting him.

But he’s smiling as she pulls him down to sit with her at one of the tables in the library. He’s not sure why, but he knows he wants to spend more time with his beautiful, fascinating blonde friend. And he’s not complaining even if it’s something as mundane as schoolwork that allows him to do that.

Maya’s right, he really is a huckleberry.

Hope you enjoyed this!

As Long as You Love Me

This oneshot is 5358 words of pure love. I started this after my very first oneshot. I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to go with it. I love the Backstreet Boys and this song. I always thought it was perfect for Cory and Topanga and Rucas. I finally figured it out and I hope you enjoy.

As Long as You Love Me

It was Friday, two weeks before Homecoming at Abigail Adams High. Riley and her friends were so excited. They were sophomores now and had settled into the high school routine pretty well. They were all taking part in different clubs and activities and Homecoming was the highlight of football season. Homecoming was a time-honored tradition and Riley was eager to participate this year. Last year the triangle had just ended and they were all still adjusting to things.

Homecoming week was planned and each day would have a different theme. The gang probably wouldn’t participate in every activity but wanted to show their school spirit. Every day had a different theme with prizes going to the three people in each grade that best represented the day’s theme. All you had to do to participate was wear clothes from the different eras that were chosen for that day. Monday would be 60’s Day. Tuesday was 70’s Day. Wednesday was 80’s Day. Riley’s favorite day would be 90’s Day and Friday would be School Spirit Day. The whole week would end with a pep assembly and the football game on Friday night followed by the Homecoming Dance.

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a/n this is a superrrrrrrr popular idea so I do apologise that the plot is very similar to other one sh0ts I have seen. I am only trying to do what I think would work best for the prompt. You guys have never misunderstood me before so I think it will be cool, lots of love Bay xoxo

not proof read lmao

Riley Matthews strolled down the hallways of her high school. She was on her way to her first tutoring session with a kid who was struggling in her class, there were only a few people left in the school considering it was 20 minutes since the final bell but she could hear a group of girls talking nearby. Riley tried to block out there conversation but she couldn’t help but hear considering how loud the girl talking was. She spiked up at the mention of her boyfriends name and began walking closer to the group.

There she saw 7 girls who were 17, they always talked down to Riley considering she was only 16 and didn’t turn 17 for a little while. It didn’t phase Riley because she knew age was basically nothing.

‘Lucas will probably stop loving her soon, I mean she’s so much younger, she doesn’t even want to have sex with him and I heard she always reluctant to do stuff. What a baby.’ The girl Riley new as Abigail scoffed. Riley took their words in letting them effect her slightly before realising she had the upper hand. These girls weren’t bullying her, they were just gossiping and nothing is worse then getting caught out gossiping. Especially when they are all head over heels in love with her boyfriend and want him to think highly of them.

'Well I don’t appreciate being called a baby. I mean I don’t cry and complain half as much as you do Abigail.’ Riley yelled making all seven girls look at her with a shocked expression. All six of them ran over and started apologising and saying it wasn’t true while Abigail just stood at the back rolling her eyes.

'Come on girls we have bigger problems. Bye Riles.’ She fake smiled before trotting off. Riley smiled knowing that she had basically defeated Abigail.

She made her way to the library very late for her tutoring lesson.


The words hadn’t made Riley insecure like she thought they would, they had made her more conscious, curious. Did Lucas think those things? Ok so she was somewhat insecure but not as if she was going to cry about it, or break up with Lucas, more like she needed answers or it would just bug her. Like when you get comfortable in bed and your nose starts to itch. You think about anything but itching it but because you’ve noticed it it needs to be itched.

She heard her bay window open so she slowly closed her book and put it beside her, Lucas immediately saw his girlfriend and knew she had her thinking face on.

'Well this can’t be good.’ Lucas joked and Riley laughed.

'I just need you to answer this one thing for me. ’

'Ok sure thing, what’s up.’ Lucas sighed and Riley warped her brain trying to think of a way to put this.

'Do you think that one day you’ll stop loving me, maybe I’ll be too young or because I’m not ready to have sex yet. Or because I’m really quite insecure with transition—do you think you would just give up. Other people seem to think you’re crazy.’ She ranted and took a deep breathe once she finished, making sure her hand was still intertwined with his, which it was.

'Riley, RILEY, Riley. When you love someone you don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes and call you crazy. Especially then. You just– you just don’t give up.’

'I love you too, I knew I shouldn’t need an answer but  just– I just did.’ She fretted sad that she needed constant reassurance. She put her hands over her face embarrassed but Lucas was quick to pull them back down.

'Hey it’s OK. Now who said this to you.’ He asked bouncing up and down her purple doona cover. They were facing the bay window and Lucas smiled as he could see the sun setting and Riley slowing starting to turn gold. Lucas had a love hate relationship with the sunset considering it bought the darkness of a sky with no stars, but the sunset almost reminded of how there would be light again.

'That girl Abigail from our grade. The one who’s heavily obsessed with you.’

'Oh the one that wears the cakiest foundation and way too much perfume. Zay and I have to go get fresh air after talking to her. Like does she spray the whole bottle.’ Lucas yells and Riley can’t help but laugh while hitting him/

'Lucas that’s mean.’ Riley scolds.

'Sorry I just prefer natural brunettes.’

Black Blood. -Jeon Jungkook Wolf AU

Summary: In the darkness of the night, there’s more to worry about than insects. Jeon Jungkook has to take responsibility for his actions- has to deal with the monster he created.

“I don’t want to be like this. It’s not my fault- it’s your’s, for turning me into a… into a monster.”

Ranked highest in the poll for the next supernatural AU, so here you are!

Inspired by This Playlist: Black Blood , and the MTV Television Series ‘Teen Wolf’

Black Blood, Part 1. 

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