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The Accidental Kiss part 1
  • Riley and Farkle are standing by their lockers.
  • Riley: So, will you help me study for the biology test?
  • Farkle: Sure. When?
  • Riley: Tonight, around 7, at Topanga's.
  • Farkle: Sounds like a plan.
  • Riley: Thanks.
  • Farkle: No problem.
  • The bell rings.
  • Farkle: I have to go. I don't want to be late again.
  • Farkle hugs Riley. Then he gives her a quick peck on the lips and walks to his class. Riley stands there in disbelief. Farkle arrives in his science class and sits down. He takes out his work and then it hits him.
  • Farkle: (screams) What have I done?
  • The whole class stares at him.
  • Meanwhile Riley is still standing in the hallway. The bell rings again. Maya walks up to Riley. She waves her hand in front of her face. Riley doesn't blink.
  • Maya: Honey, what's wrong?
  • Riley snaps out of it.
  • Riley: I think Farkle just kissed me.
  • Maya: You think? You don't know.
  • Riley: It happened so fast. He definitely caught me by surprise.
  • Maya: I know I'm going to regret asking this, but was the kiss good?
  • Riley: (smiles) That's the thing. The kiss was great.
  • Maya: Then, what's the problem?
  • Riley: I don't know where we stand. Was it a one time kiss? Are we dating? Are we friends who kiss? What are we? I want to know.
  • Maya: You and Farkle need to talk about this.
  • Riley: Why is life complicated?
  • Maya: I don't know honey. Let's go to class.
  • They walk to their classroom.
  • Cafeteria.
  • Farkle, Lucas, and Zay are sitting together. Lucas and Zay are talking. Farkle is distracted. Lucas notices.
  • Lucas: What's wrong?
  • Farkle: Nothing.
  • Zay: Something's off. Tell us.
  • Farkle: It's complicated.
  • Meanwhile Riley and Maya walk in the cafeteria. Riley sees Farkle.
  • Maya: Talk to him.
  • Riley: I don't know if I can. Can't I pretend the kiss didn't happen?
  • Maya: No.
  • Riley: You talk to him for me.
  • Maya: No.
  • Riley: I forgot. I have to talk to my dad about history homework.
  • Maya: We have no homework.
  • Riley: It's a different kind of homework.
  • Maya pushes Riley to Farkle's table. Farkle tenses up when he sees Riley.
  • Maya: Look Riley, it's Farkle. Isn't there something you wanted to say to him?
  • Riley nods her head.
  • Maya: Then say it.
  • Riley: (To Farkle) Hi.
  • Farkle: (To Riley) Hi.
  • Riley: (To Lucas) Hi.
  • Lucas: (To Riley) Hi.
  • Riley: (To Zay) Hi.
  • Zay: (To Riley) Hi.
  • Farkle: (To Maya) Hi.
  • Maya: Not doing it.
  • Riley: Gotta go.
  • Riley starts leaving when Maya grabs her.
  • Maya: No. You sit down and talk to Farkle. Lucas, Zay, and I will eat lunch at a different table. I'm watching you two. You are not leaving until you talk about this kiss.
  • Zay: What?
  • Maya: I'll tell you about it later. (Looks at Riley and Farkle) Talk.
  • Maya, Lucas and Zay leave the table. Riley and Farkle stare at each other.
  • Riley: So....
  • Farkle: So...
  • Riley: I have to go to the thing with the thing.
  • Farkle: So do I.
  • Riley: I'm glad we talked.
  • Farkle: Me too.
  • Riley: Bye.
  • Farkle: Bye.
  • They take off.
  • Maya: You got to be kidding me!
  • Lucas: What do we do now?
  • Maya: It's time for us to intervene.
  • Zay: How?
  • Maya: I have a idea.
  • To be continued...

Do I know you?

Playing Pretend

Alright so i really wanted to make a fake relationship fic for Lucaya where they’re on a boat. That is literally what this is going to be.

Part 1.

Nonnnie asked: I feel you on that being old thing, my friend and I are both 16 and we watch GMW, sometimes we feel so old. Anyways, I love your writing, so I hope you’re accepting prompts? If so, one where Lucas and Maya have to spend a lot of time together (bc of school project or bc everyone else is away for break) and they end up actually liking each other. Bonus: they’re 15-17 

 Enjoy Mind-Reading-Nonnie the fruits of my tired mind a fortnight ago.

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anonymous asked:

i only feel comfortable reading smut about rucas if they're in college like idk i just can't read about 15 year olds' getting down u know? but like who do you think is a top and the bottom in the relationship???

firstly anon,  i want to apologize for taking so long to answer this didn’t mean to keep you waiting so long, my pal 

but yeah i agree with you about the 15 year old thing, i typically in general shy away from reading any kind of smut relating to rucas, because it makes me uncomfortable but that’s 100% just a personal preference, which kind of leads me to the second part of this question and i can honestly say that i have no idea. i’ve never thought about riley and lucas’ sex life and personally, talking about them in that kind of way isn’t really for me, so i don’t have an answer for you anon! 

sorry to disappoint you, my pal, hopefully you don’t hate me. 

Back To Basics Pt. 5 |Rucas Fanfic (AU)

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone so long.

Chapter 1 [X]
Chapter 2 [X]
Chapter 3 [X]
Chapter 4 [X]

Chapter 5 - “She’s not a toy”

After her fight with Josh last night the last thing Riley wanted was to go to school. She wasn’t in the mood to put on a fake smile and pretend that she was happy to be there. Nonetheless she got dressed and left 20 minutes earlier than she needed to. There was hardly any kids at school at this time, mostly just staff. She still had a half an hour before class so she found a spot in the back of the library and got cozy with a book she started reading last night. She was halfway through Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights.” The Bronte sisters were some of her favorite authors, along with Jane Austen and Hemingway. She kept reading and came across this quote “He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” Hm.  She takes a highlighter out from her bag and highlights the passage. Yeah, I like that, she says to herself.

“Is it a good one?”

She peaks up from her book and sees Charlie standing there with a goofy grin on his face. “I’ll let you know when I finish.” She answers, patting the carpet next to her, inviting him to join.

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Okay, let’s look at the GMT jelly bean scene for a moment.

Lucas’s reasons for choosing Riley:
- He thinks it’s what the universe wants him to do
- She makes him laugh with her general goofiness
- A deep conversation they had 2 years ago (yet never again since…) in which he talked about his life and Riley swooned at him without judgement

Lucas’s reasons for choosing Maya:
- Because of “who Maya is”
- She makes him laugh with their personal inside jokes & teasing
- A deep conversation they had a few months ago in which they discussed difficult feelings and almost kissed

Spot the difference…? 🤔🤔🤔

(Mostly Farkle-Centric) GMW Episode Ideas

< These all have a running theme >

~ Girl Meets Pride ~

Riley attempts to ask Farkle to be her date to a Valentine’s Day Dance, only to find out he’s already taken—by the last person she expected him to be with.

~ Girl Meets Halfway Home ~

When Farkle runs away from home after a fight with his parents, Riley and Maya go to a halfway home he is staying at to try and convince him to go back, only to find out that the his parents weren’t the main reason Farkle ran away.

~ Girl Meets Punk Rock ~

Riley and Maya find Farkle’s secret playlist and become concerned for him because of some of songs’ content.

~ Girl Meets Stunts ~

Farkle hurts himself while trying to impress Zay and Lucas by doing an extremely dangerous stunt.

~ Girl Meets Depression ~

In which Farkle randomly bursts out crying in front of his friends for no reason.

~ Girl Meets How to Save a Life ~
(Continuation of Girl Meets Depression)

Farkle comes to the bay window at 2am when life sucks more than usual. He and Riley talk about stuff, just like friends are supposed to do.

~ Girl Meets Okay ~

After Farkle recovers from his depression, a mental health orginization asks him to tell the story of his journey.

Madly In Love

Madly In Love

Summary: Lucas flirts with Riley by teasing her. Riley figures out that Lucas is flirting and decides not to respond to it.

Word Count: 1,610

For: @itsmegaby2000 “‘I’m mad at you because I love you’ +Lucas makes Riley flustered and he teases her about it.”

Okay, how am I going to do this?” Lucas asked himself.

Lucas was ready. He had been in the ‘friend zone’ and even the ‘brother zone’ for too long and he was ready to fight his way in to the ‘boyfriend zone’. Here he was sitting in his bedroom with his thoughts patiently waiting for an idea for how to flirt with Riley. It may be a surprise to some but Lucas has never flirted with anyone because it was always the girls practically throwing themselves at him. Riley was different though and she deserved to be swept off her feet. Lucas couldn’t approach this like any other guy would because he and Riley were already friends and if she still wanted him in the ‘friend zone’ or the ‘brother zone’ he could lose her altogether.

After five minutes of thinking in silence Lucas decided to turn to something that had all the answers and its name was The Internet.  

He grabbed his thin white laptop and opened up The Internet’s partner in crime Google and typed: how to flirt with a girl who is already your friend?

The first thing the search engine generated was a YouTube video called, The Perfect Plan to Get Out of the Friend Zone.

Lucas quickly grabbed his ear buds, plugged them in, and started the video that could potentially be his savior.

I am your savior guys, the video started; I have perfected a plan to get you out of the friend zone. So, write this one simple step down.

Lucas grabbed a miscellaneous paper and pen to get prepared to get out of the friend zone.

The plan: Tease her a little bit and end it with, “You’re still cute to me”

“Barry the bear and I stayed up past our bedtime last night,” Riley said confidently to her group of friends.

“You still sleep with a stuffed animal?” Lucas questioned with a smirk on his face.

Riley was slightly taken aback by Lucas’s question because it wasn’t like him to tease her about something, “Is that weird?”

Lucas let out a small chuckle to sell his teasing, “No, not all. I mean we’re in high school now, so don’t you think we should let go of things like that? But if you want to hold on to Barry the bear that’s okay because you’ll still be cute to me.”

With that Lucas got up from his seat and gave Riley a wink then walked out of Topanga’s.

“Bay window right now,” Riley commanded without giving Maya a chance to respond and grabbed her arm to lead her to the sacred place.

The girls decided to go the back way to avoid any questions from Riley’s parents.

“What. Was. That?” Riley asked in fragments to her street smart friend as she took her respected steat at the bay window.

“Riles, he was just teasing you like any friend would do. Don’t freak out.” Maya tried reassure her.

“Just teasing? He called me cute and winked at me! Maya that was more than teasing!” Riley explained while shaking her best friend by the shoulders.

Maya thought for a moment, “Hon, since when did you get so street smart?”

Riley let go of Maya’s shoulders, “I don’t know! And I don’t know how to respond to this flirting.”

Maya smirked, “I know how you should respond.”

“Oh no.”

“Don’t worry, it’s the perfect plan,”

Riley gulped, “Okay. What do I do?”

“You don’t do anything,” Maya said simply.

Riley furrowed her brow, “Do nothing?”

“Yes, you’ve been chasing him forever and it’s time for him to chase you,” Maya explained to her confused friend.

Riley thought about Maya’s suggestion and came to the final conclusion that she should trust her best friend.

“Are you okay?” Riley wondered.

“What do you mean?” Maya questioned Riley’s question.

“I know that you like him too,” Riley clarified.

“Riles, you don’t need to worry about that. I’ve done some thinking and Lucas and I just don’t have that spark that you and him have. And I’m okay with that,” Maya confessed.

Riley gave Maya a comforting hug, “If you change your mind let me know.”

Maya didn’t respond and just hugged the brunette back.

“Okay,” Riley broke the hug, “let’s see how not responding to Lucas’s flirting works out.”

It was one simple step he had to do and all of his problems would be solved. Was it working? No. Lucas has been poking fun at Riley all week and he felt that he wasn’t moving any closer out of the friend zone.

He had to keep trying though. He couldn’t give up on a girl like Riley.

Lucas took his assigned seat in his favorite class; History with Mr. Matthews. He saw Riley walk through the classroom door with her arm linked around Maya’s.

“Hey Riley, how’s Barry the bear?” Lucas asked her as she sat down in her seat.

She turned to Lucas, “He’s great. Thanks for asking. You’re a really good friend for asking.”


That word was repeated over and over in his head. His throat became dry and thought hard for a recovery.

He cleared his throat, “Well, if you decide to break up with him then I’m sure I’d be the perfect replacement.”

This was a little far out there, but he hoped that that would save him.

“Nah, you’re not cute enough,” Riley came back.

Lucas smiled, “Yeah, no one could be as cute as you.”

He saw Riley let out a small gasp and light blush creeping onto her cheeks. She whipped her head back facing the board. He won that round.

Riley was standing at her locker taking out the books she needed to bring home with the company of Maya right next to her.

“I think I should stop not responding to Lucas’s flirting,” Riley looked to her best for her opinion.

“No, it’s working,” Maya said.

“You think so?” Riley questioned.

Maya nodded, “He’ll break sooner or later. We just need to give him a push.”

Riley shut her locker, “I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.”

“Trust me this will work. All you have to do is mention that you think someone other than him is flirting with you and he’ll get so mad that he’ll confess his love to you on the spot.” Maya mapped out.

 Riley crocked her head to the side, “You’re so devious.”

 “I know. That’s why you need me.”

The gang gathered up at Topanga’s for their everyday get together to talk about the usually topic: life.

“So, Riley, how has your week been so far?” Maya ‘casually’ asked her best friend with a discreet wink.

“I think the new boy in our class is flirting with me,” Riley announced.

Anger and jealousy quickly went through Lucas’s veins causing him to break the cookie he was holding into little crumbs.

“Hey, my grandma made that for you. If you didn’t want it then you should’ve given it to me!” Zay exclaimed to the angry western hero.

Lucas ignored Zay and looked at Riley, “You think Jordan is flirting with you?”

Riley tried to nod confidently to sell the lie.

“I think Lucas is flirting with me,” Smackle said with her signature wink trying to get Lucas’s attention.


Smackle stopped what she was doing and mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ to her beloved Farkle.

Lucas still sat there staring at Riley.

“Is something wrong with that Lucas?” Riley asked.

Lucas stood up from his seat and shook his head then walked out angrily.

Riley turned to Maya for direction and Maya nodded for her to go after him.

Riley practically ran out of the building hoping that Lucas hadn’t gone too far.

“Lucas!” Riley shouted to get Lucas to stop walking.

 He stopped and turned around, “What do you want?”

Riley finished taking her last few steps towards Lucas, “What’s wrong? Why do you seem mad at me?”

Lucas sucked in a breath and made a split second decision to just tell her, “I’m mad at you because I love you!”

Riley stood there slightly shocked at the words he said. He loved her. He didn’t just like her he loved her.

“And I’ve been trying to flirt with for almost two weeks now! I watched this stupid video on how to get out of the friend zone. It said to tease you and mention that you’re cute. That’s why I’ve teasing about Barry the bear and calling cute. I guess I’m not good at teasing or flirting for that matter. If you want to date Jordan then go a—“

While Lucas went on his ramble Riley decided to make a bold move by grabbing his face a planting a firm kiss on his lips.

“I know,” she said against his lips.

“What?” Lucas breathed out and pulled back.

“I know that you’ve been flirting with me,” Riley confessed, “Maya told me not to respond because she thought it’d be cool to see you chase me since I’ve been chasing you. Are you still mad at me?”

Lucas cupped the brunette’s face and looked into her eyes with so much love, “Yes, I’m mad. Madly in love with you.”

Riley’s heart melted and both leaned in to seal the love they both had for each other. A kind of love that wasn’t shared between a friend or a brother, but for someone so much more.

 The End.

Riley and Maya Vs Cory and Shawn.

Okay, so everyone is talking about how mean Riley is to Maya, pertaining to her home life, making jokes. And then people are talking about how mean Maya is to Riley, thinking of her as dumb, not really having her back on things… Let me point something out, there were multiple times in BMW where Cory made jokes about Shawn’s home life, and where Shawn made jokes about Cory not being a player, not having more than one girlfriend, Shawn even joked about how great Topanga looked… Here’s the thing, both pairs, are best friends. They joke around, they play fight, they say rude things and tease each other, but they never ever mean it, because when push comes to shove, they are always by one another’s side, they don’t take it offensively, because they know that their best friend loves them. That is best friends and who they are.

And if any one wants to say, “I would never act that way to my best friend!” Look at how best friends treat each other in general. Calling each other names, teasing each other, making fun of each other, but they still love each other. No matter what. So guess what!? Nothing will tear them apart! They are going to fight, scream, cry, but in the end, they are sisters. In the end, Cory and Shawn are brothers. In the end you and your best friend are sisters and brothers. Because you have jokes that no one else understands. You talk all of the time. You care about each other and you’re always there for each other. That is Riley and Maya. That is Shawn and Cory. Take for a moment that these shows are based off of real life friendships. How best friends really treat each other. Just like relationships are based off of real life ones! Each relationship has its ups and downs. Everyone has their own plot twists. Best friends have their own style. But they are always there for each other. Heck some friends call each other names that I can’t repeat, and they laugh about it! Riley and Maya, Shawn and Cory, You and your best friend, will always stick together, because they/you know and love each other. Love you all! Bye!

The Boy Next Door Ch. 6 | Rucas

Riley Matthews finds herself intrigued to learn more about the brooding boy who just moved in next door.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

Chapter 6 - “Darkroom In Use”

“Why are you so nice to me?” Riley asks as they approach a tall oak tree. She and Lucas had been walking in silence for 15 minutes now and she couldn’t take it anymore. If she wanted peace and quiet she wouldn’t have invited him out here with her.

She tucks her camera into her bag and slings it around her neck and shoulder. She climbs up on the lowest branch and pulls her body up on the next one. Lucas follows her move.

“Are you saying I’m not a generally nice person?” He asks trying to keep up with her. She was already at the top by the time he reached the middle branch.

Nooo.” She smiles down at the boy who seemed to be having some trouble, “I’m just saying, I’ve seen how you interact with other people, you’re cold and dismissive like you don’t want to be bothered but you’re nice to me.”

“All I got from that is that you watch me.” He said teasingly as he finally pulled himself up on the branch she was sitting.

“To be fair, everyone seems to be watching you.” She takes out her camera and aims it at the ground. There isn’t much going on down there but it’s still a pretty view. She takes a few snaps before returning her attention to Lucas, who was already looking at her.

“They’ll lose interest in me once something news worthy happens.” He says breaking his gaze. He fiddles with the lighter in his pocket not knowing what to say next. He seemed anxious.

“You can smoke that if you want.” She says, noticing his tick.

“I don’t smoke around other people.” He gives her a smile, “It’s rude.”

They stay up in the tree for a few more minutes while Riley takes some bird’s eye view shots. Lucas watches her get lost behind the camera.

“Okay, I’m done.”  She turns and smiles at him.

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Proof That No Ship Is Perfect

Alright since some people seem to think they’re ship is so great and loves bashing on others ships and their issues I’m just gonna point out a few things about the Top 4 Ships in the Fandom to basically show that not every ship is perfect and so that people can stop acting like a ship is too problematic and feel that theirs is not.

I am sorry if this comes off as rude. I don’t really know how it’ll come across as so I wanted to make a small notice before I go into this.


Let’s talk about how in Pluto Farkle indirectly calls Riley stupid.

Let’s talk about how he gave her an ultimatum about her own relationship.

Let’s talk about how Riley who promised not to laugh at his name poked fun at it (Unintentionally but still…).

Let’s talk about how Farkle of all people Mr. Always walked away from Riley and had the nerve to blame Riley for their first day of High School being bad (Are we forgetting he walked away from her while she was crying as well…I know some of you did).

Let’s talk about how Farkle who was also picked on for being himself is/was a part of the Riley Committee.


Let’s talk about how Lucas poked fun of Maya’s homelife

Let’s talk about how Maya pokes fun of Lucas’s home life and Family

Let’s talk about how Maya didn’t support Lucas’s decision to ride the bull. And then gave him an ultimatium. 

Let’s talk about how Maya dumped a smoothie on Lucas for just simply talking about something important to him. On their First Date which is typical awkward for most already.

Let’s talk about how Lucas walked away from Maya in GMHS


Let’s talk about how Lucas didn’t believe Riley could make the Cheerleading Team. Despite the fact that Riley who had her doubts about the bull still supported him  and had faith he could do it despite past events saying otherwise.

Let’s talk about the fact that Riley wasn’t up front with Lucas during the whole Texas-New Years Debacle (I understand why and while I support it, it was wrong to ignore his feelings)

Let’s talk about how Lucas walked out on Riley in GMHS1 for doing something he has done to her. Why is it when she doesn’t believe he can do something it’s wrong but when he does it it’s a-okay when they were both worrying about the others well being.

Let’s talk about how Lucas calls Riley a loser (And I want so badly to excuse this because I get it was a joke but Reactions are everything)

Let’s talk about how Lucas who is officially Riley’s boyfriend is a part of the Riley Committee (I blame how the episodes air. Either way it’s wrong though so…)


Let’s talk about how Riley takes jabs at Maya/Her home life/Her intelligence

Let’s talk about how Maya pokes fun at Riley’s intelligence, her personality knowing how insecure the girl is.

Let’s talk about the fact that they always think they know how the other feels and often ignore what the other is actually saying (I.E: Rileytown and Texas) 

Let’s talk about the fact that Maya didn’t support Riley’s decision to try out for the Cheerleading Team and told her she wasn’t good enough (Now I get why she did it and while I find the honesty okay the way the situation was handeled in the beginning  was not okay)

Let’s talk about how Maya is a part of the Riley committee.

Now in no way am I saying any of these ships are Toxic or severely Problematic. What I’m saying is that these pairings, the most popular pairings have their issues as many couples do and the fact that so many people act like their ship is fucking perfect pisses me off because that not only erases canon but gives off unrealistic expectations of relationships. Every couple will have their issues and that is something that can’t really be argued. It’s something that should be looked at and worked on. Instead, people ignore the fu*k out of their ships issues and attack other ships on theirs WTF. I’ll tell you now no ship is perfect, no matter how perfect you think your ship is it isn’t. So can we all just collectively put a stop to this now. 

someone please punch me in the face because I can’t believe I’ve waited months to watch legacy just so I could see topanga sayng she was happy about riley talking about her life to them and not only one minute later she says maya is the strongest of them, goes running to hold her and riley is sitting at the table watching that. then I had to watch maya get jealous of lucas smelling riley’s hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH AND THEN I HAD TO WATCH LUCAS TALK TO ZAY ABOUT CHOOSING ONE OF THEM SINCE HE CLEARLY LIKES BOTH THE SAME WHICH IS KINDA ODD BECAUSE HE AND RILEY ALWAYS HAD A CRUSH ON EACH OTHER AND NOW ALL OF SUDDEN HE FEELS THE SAME WAY FOR BOTH???? i’m fine 

anonymous asked:

Riley: "This isn't about that [the triangle, lucas], this is about you!" Maya: *talks about wanting the family life that Riley has* Riley: "So is that why you liked Lucas?" :| Gurrlllll if it ain't about Lucas then don't twist it to be so.

What gets me about that whole bit is how it’s prettttty clear that Riley’s thinking of Lucas as something she “has,” (despite the fact that she was actually thrown back into the middle of things after Lucaya lapped Rilucas romantically…) and she’s clearly thinking that their relationship is something Maya “envied” the way Shawn envied Corpanga and I’m just like…Riley honey, you dear sweet ray of clueless sunshine, do you even know your own life or nah?

There was nothing to envy about S2 Rilucas romantically tbh, and the ship was (for all intents and purposes) dead in terms of Riley and Lucas’s actual *behavior* for large swaths of the season despite the lipservice occasionally paid to the idea of it. Even if they were “waiting for the right time,” they still should’ve naturally behaved like people who were falling for each other as opposed to almost completely forgetting about it in terms of their behavior unless there was a threat to the idea (and they definitely shouldn’t have been having organic romantic-foundation-building moments with other people—moments they should’ve been naturally having with each other if they actually liked each other in the way they believe they do…)

The fact that you’re even having this discussion means you and Lucas ain’t notttttthing like your parents, bb. Topanga never sat there, genuinely torn, tryna figure out whether she’d pick Cory or Shawn…

Maya wanted what Riley had in terms of family life, yeah. No doubt she envied the heck out of that. (It’s clearly part of what fuels her crush on Josh). But there’s no rational reason to believe that Maya was sitting there going, “gee, I want EXACTLY what Riley has with Lucas, siiiiigh: I wish I could peck Lucas and then not talk to him for months, gee I wish I could go out on a date with Lucas and then immediately break up because holding hands made us squirm, and gee I sure wish I could be the one to dump dirty car wash water on his head and question his worthiness, and gee I sure wish I could be the one to defend our damn near invisible non-relationship to the whole class while Lucas leaves me hanging *swoon*, gee I sure do wish I could be the one to feel bummed because Lucas can’t be bothered to ask me to a dance, and boy I sure do wish I could be the one to tell him he’s a disgrace to the community so he’s gotta risk his neck on the back of some killer bull.” 😍😍😍

I mean, come ON. The way Lucas treats Maya is so, so different from how he is with Riley. The way Maya treats Lucas is so, so different from the way Riley treats him. Maya liking Lucas had exactly 0% to do with Riley “having” him. Their dynamics are completely different. But Riley’s perception is a mess. That’s part of why she’s coming up with crazy stuff like “OMG you literally turned into me, let me push you back to seventh grade because I want to feel vicariously badass through you oh and btw I’m pretty sure you only liked [past tense wow] Lucas because I ‘have’ him right?!”

Like yes, no question her conscious intentions are good. Riley truly wants to help and she truly believes that’s what she’s doing, but her perception (especially when it comes to Lucas) is just sooooo warped—yiiiikes. 😔

So. Um. It is official. Deneece and I are getting married. Probably on cable.

on december 7, 2011 the chris gethard show had a speed dating episode. riley soloner called in to talk about his love life, or lack of it. chris told him if he headed down to the studio as soon as possible, he would find a girl for him. as the broadcast ended, he came into the studio, and an audience member agreed to make out with him. that audience member was deneece. if you look at the archive, there’s a solid fifteen seconds of her making out with vacation jason.

december 2012 was uneventful bullshit. my whole family got the flu real bad so for christmas i just ate mcdonalds and threw up everywhere.

on december 27, 2013 i told deneece i wanted to date her. she said she wanted to date me too. i was excited that i was dating her. on december 28 she asked if i would date her. apparently in my polite canadian way i had been so nonchalant i hadn’t made it clear i was actually asking her out. so i said yes, and we officially started dating. this after a couple of months of talking off and on tcgs chats and through tumblr.

on december 25, 2014 my mother gave me a chris gethard show hoodie and deneece a jersey dave t-shirt. i’d stayed with deneece in austin a couple of times, and this was her second time staying with me in bc, but it was her first time meeting  my family. eating christmas dinner with her made me realize just how in love i was.

on march 18, 2015 i phoned my parents in mexico and told them i wanted them to be the first people to know that the next time i saw deneece, i was going to propose to her. being in a long distance relationship, especially an international one, means planning your future well in advance. it means always knowing the end game. i knew i was going to marry her and as things in my life were all happening so fast, now seemed like the right time to get engaged.

on march 19, 2015 this happened:

on march 19, 2015 deneece said “wouldn’t it be funny if we did that. i mean, i’m joking. no pressure. just a funny thought.”

on march 20, 2015 i emailed chris gethard.

on march 23, 2015 chris said he would be thrilled and honored to be involved. he said we would need to work out logistics, but that we were welcome. we just had to be willing to accept that it could potentially be a part of an episode of speed weddings. which is fine. we’re a weird fucking couple and that is so weirdly full circle.

I’ve seen hardly anyone talking about the scene in Secret of Life where Riley is being really hard on Lucas in the cafeteria, and Maya tries to lighten the mood and decrease the pressure on Lucas? That’s honestly one of my favourite scenes and it’s so cute and idk maybe it’s ‘cause I’m not really someone people know/talk to in the Lucaya fandom but nobody has talked about it?? LIKE COME ON SHE’S PROTECTING HIM IN HER OWN WAY WITHOUT BETRAYING RILEY.

FanFic: Prompt Request- Rucas

@jurcyte  requested 94. “You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.”

It was a hot and sultry June evening when the Abigail Adams Class of 2020 had their 10-year reunion. Most of the class had gone their separate ways after graduation. Riley and friends stayed close throughout the years, each knowing that they had to keep in touch lest their friendships fall by the wayside like so many friendships do in the years immediately following high school.

Life moved at the speed of light for Riley and Lucas but they had never been happier. In the days immediately following their graduation from High School, they packed up and went to spend the summer in Texas. They then returned to NYC to attend classes at NYU. This became the cycle. They would spend every summer in Texas so Lucas could intern with Doc Johnson, a local vet and Riley could learn how to adjust to life on the ranch. To the surprise of no one, she adapted quickly and thrived with the added responsibility. It took some time to convince Pappy Joe that she wanted to contribute. She had never been a girl of leisure and she wasn’t about to start now. She never imagined that she would fall in love with Texas, especially since her first trip there was so painful.

Nights on the ranch were spent cuddling together in a hammock under the stars. Conversation was kept to a minimum, they were content to just be together. When they did converse, it was to share their dreams for their future. They would often talk about how fate had its hand in their meeting that first day. They realized how lucky they were to find their soulmate in a city where millions of strangers pass each other on the streets as they go about their day.

The summer after she turned 24 was the summer he made her Mrs. Lucas Friar

Logan Matthew Friar entered the world the following June 17th and two short years later- one of the biggest blizzards in the history of NYC accompanied the arrival of Michael “Minkus” Friar.

It was during the reunion that Riley was pregnant with their soon to be born princess- Emily Ann. She was just starting to show. The Friars enjoyed their time at the reunion, catching up with old friends and reminiscing about the fun in they on their various class trips. The freshman ski trip held special meaning for Lucas and Riley as it was during that trip Lucas confessed to Riley that it had always been her. That he didn’t need to make a choice, he knew all along who he wanted.

Trouble began when Lucas excused himself from the group and went to chat with his old basketball buddies. Riley stayed behind at the table chatting with Maya, Darby and Sarah. Charlie Gardener, the creepy creep creep from 8th grade walked up to the ladies at the table and asked Riley to join him for a dance. She was going to say no but Maya, Darby and Sarah egged her on so she finally relented.

It was weird dancing with Charlie. Brought back memories from the Semi Formal and then the short time they “dated” after Texas. They talked about where their lives had taken them. He was now married with 3 kids and had found a permanent home for his family. He laughingly commented on how his kids were going to have much better attendance records than he did. Riley talked about life on the ranch and all 3 of her boys. About how she was glad this one was going to be a girl because she hoped it would “help even up the odds”. Charlie remarked that Lucas would be in big trouble if she and her daughter teamed up against him. It was a known fact that Lucas had a hard time saying No to Riley, it was a safe bet that he wouldn’t be able to say NO to the combination of Riley and a mini version of her.

They were laughing about that when Riley looked up and noticed Lucas walking over to them. She was stunned to see anger and a hint of something else in his eyes. Without a word, he stepped between them and pulled Riley into his arms.

“Hi” she offered softly.

“Hey” he growled in reply

“Hi.” She offered again, this time with her trademark grin.

That greeting brought back so many memories for them both and seemed to calm him down a bit.

“You want to tell me what’s upsetting you?” Riley asks hesitantly

“Do you really need to ask me that?”

“It’s Charlie isn’t it?”

“Ya think?” he snaps looking down at his feet.

“Lucas.” Riley waits for him to look at her. “You know there is nothing to me talking to Charlie right? I am yours, just like you are mine.”

Lucas sighs “I know. Seeing you with him brought back some memories I would much rather forget.”

“Those memories made us who we are. Think of it this way, on paper, he fit the mold of what I thought I wanted. Turns out it wasn’t what I wanted at all. YOU were everything I wanted. Everything I needed.”

“It’s just that I can’t help but wonder if…”

“You’re an idiot. I married an idiot” Riley cuts him off. She reaches out, grabs his hand and places it against her baby bump. “No wondering, no looking back. I am right where I am supposed to be, where I want to be, where I will always want to be. I don’t know how else to convince you, Lucas. You and our kids are my world. Nothing will change that.”

“Is it bad that I want to challenge him to the Couples game?” Lucas asks with a smirk as his hand rubs her belly in a soothing motion.

Riley laughs, just as he had intended and it makes him feel 10 feet tall.

“Lucas! That’s sandbagging! You know everything there is to know about me.”

“I know but it would help erase the memories of him knowing some of your quirks.”

“Quirks? Like being married to an idiot?” Riley laughingly replies.

“I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot,” Lucas replies as he leans his forehead against hers.

“Yes, you are my idiot and I wouldn’t want it any other way.” They lean forward to share a quick kiss.

“Now, let’s talk about how my daughter is not allowed to go near any creepy creep creeps.” Lucas laughs as he escorts Riley back to their table.

For the rest of the night, they talk and reminisce about where they have been, where they are and where they are going. But perhaps the most important point of all is when they talk about how they were worth it.

She's like a rock.

Through Hayden’s childhood and adolescence she’d never really gained a lot of friends. Constantly weaving through the towns shelters had meant that Hayden was never in one place long enough to even really say hello. There had been a few people she’d met along the way who had influenced the girl, like the guy who gave her her first guitar or the nun who took the time out of her day to say that one day things wouldn’t be so hard — a motto she lived by to this very day. After her mom had given her the permission to leave at the ripe age of sixteen, the first friend she’d made was Sam. Their friendship formed fast and Hayden was glad to say that she was a friend of hers.

It was safe to say that Hayden could talk to the other girl about anything and everything. And the one thing she needed to talk about was Riley – a figure who’d only just came into her life, jolting things a little, but a factor Hayden liked nonetheless. Before she saw Riley off for the day, Hayden made sure she remembered to call her if there was an emergency. The girl felt nauseous at the thought of anything else happening to Riley, but she was trying her best to not let it show. Once the girl was gone, Hayden sent Sam a quick text – eager to have someone to vent to about it all. She cleaned up a little and straightened up some furniture, trying to make the previous nights actions not too obvious – blush creeping to her cheeks as she did so.