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A very sad riarkle. Like pining for something. Is better if is from Riley, realizing that she lost her chance with him. Sorry but this kind of thing is for my broke soul

//Angsty. So angsty. Thanks for the prompt and the suffering (:

–I’ll Be Here Waiting For You–

Farkle chased the brunette down the hall shoving past a few students making their way to their third period class. “Riley!”

The brunette kept walking away…walking faster it seemed. Farkle began to jog, pushing a few more people on the way and was able to catch up and slide quickly in front of her. “Riley! I’ve been calling your name for the past 5 minutes.”

Riley jumped back as if she hadn’t expected him to be there so suddenly. “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you.” She clutched the books in her hands tightly ready to continue walking but Farkle had blocked her path. The truth was she was avoiding him and she didn’t want to talk to him.

“I wanted to ask if you wanted to go to the planetarium on Saturday. They’re doing a whole presentation on Pluto. Can you believe it? We’re going right.”

Riley nervously moved a strand of hair behind her ear. “No I can’t. I- promised I’d go with Maya to something she asked about.”

“Oh. That’s okay. We can go next week then. I’ll buy the tickets tonight.”

“Farkle no. I can’t next week either.”

“What? Why not?”

“I have plans then too. Maybe just take Smackle. I’ll go some other time.”

“Some other time? This is a once in a life time opportunity. How many places do you see do whole presentations on a planet that’s not considered a planet of our universe anymore. Besides Smackle doesn’t really care about Pluto. We have to go!”

Riley tried to push past him. “I’m sorry. I can’t go.” She began to turn the corner of the hallway, but Farkle held onto her arm.

“Riley, what’s wrong?”

“What do you mean?” Her eyes were locked on his hand on her arm which she quickly pulled away.

“It just- it feels like, for the past few days you’ve been trying to avoid me. Is that what this is? Are you avoiding me?”

“I’m not avoiding you.” Riley lied through her teeth.

“Then how come we don’t see each other as much as we used to.”

Because you have a girlfriend, Riley thought to herself. 

“Don’t be silly, Farkle. We see each other all the time. History class. Lunch. At Topnaga’s.”

“That’s not what I meant. I -”

Maya was pulling Riley away. She had witnessed the two talking from the other side of the hallway. She knew Riley. She knew that face. She was itching to escape and like any best friend should, Maya came to the rescue. “Riley I was looking for you. You gotta help me with that…with that thing you promised to help me with. Oh hey Farkle. Bye Farkle.”

As soon as they were out of earshot from Farkle, Riley spoke. “Thanks.”

“I don’t like seeing you like this Riles. I can’t stand that look of pain on your face every time you talk to him.”

“I know, but you can’t do anything about it. You promised. You know. They’re meant to be together. Thinking Farkle and I were going to be-” Riley’s words faltered.

“Oh honey.” Maya said pulling in Riley for a hug.

That’s how it had been for the following days. . Riley couldn’t see Farkle without her heart aching or without the words “what if” dancing through her head. Maya had done her best to keep Farkle away, but there was only so much she could do. Riley still hung out with the whole group, but she could no longer be alone with Farkle. Or Farkle and Smackle. Not without getting a sinking feeling and every day it was getting harder to hide the truth.

Hope had arrived when Farkle and Smackle broke up. It was a mistake to think they wouldn’t get back together. A mistake to think Farkle was over Smackle and Smackle was over Farkle.  A mistake to imagine herself telling Farkle that she liked him. A mistake to think he’d say he’d like her back. A mistake to think they’d be a couple. A mistake to think they’d fall for one another.

Meanwhile, She waited. She waited for that day that he’d wake up and perhaps realize that Riley had been waiting for him this whole time. She wouldn’t do anything. She couldn’t. Farkle was happier with Smackle. They were Smarkle. Smackle was a good friend. Farkle was her best friend and never in a million years would she do anything to shatter his happiness. Even if it meant shattering her own. 

Sometimes she would see Farkle and Smackle laughing about something they had been talking about, giggling over some science project or smiling at each other in the hallway and every time Riley walked away. 

She walked away knowing she was never meant to be with him. Farkle and Smackle was the couple that made it while she was the girl who let him get away.

Girl Meets World Fanfiction 

Title: A Simple Lipgloss Stain Can Lead To Many Questions

Pairing: Rilaya

Rating: T

Riley couldn’t hide the smile on her face as she made her way into the college library, finding her best friend, Farkle, in their usual spot.

They always met up here on Friday evenings to study and test one another in any subjects they needed help with, since neither one of them was really that into the party scene.

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kiss me on the mouth and set me free


1265 words

Riley’s nervous about her first kiss so Maya helps her out. 

a/n: title from troye sivan’s ‘bite’. everyone is about sixteen in this fic, also contains mentions of riley/lucas.


“Maya,” Riley says, keeping her eyes on her toenails as she paints them a glittery purple, “What if Lucas tries to kiss me?”

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super fluffy riarkle + 22 for your writing prompt thingies 😊

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Ok, so I’m suffering from a bit of post-fic-deletion rage at the moment. Just FYI, in case this seems more angsty than fluffy. And this took a damn long time, I’m so sorry.

This is rated T (ish), I’d let children read it. Not mine, but children.


It was quiet outside of Topanga’s, aside from the sounds of birds chirping and a few traffic sounds. It sounded like New York, as quiet as it would ever be. The sun was shining, and since none of his friends were there yet, he’d opted to do his work outside.

The limit of f(x) as x approaches infinity is L and - “Farkle?” He looked up from the problem he was working out and saw her standing behind him. She looked confused. “What are you working on?”

He smiled, understanding her confusion. “Calculus homework. Limits. Do you want to learn?”

She laid a hand on his shoulder and sat down next to him, picking up the notebook as she did. “Farkle, we’re not even supposed to be learning trig yet. Whose homework are you doing?”

Farkle gave her a crooked smile, hoping she’d buy his lie. “A senior wanted help in Calculus and when I offered to see what I could do, he bet me 20 bucks that I couldn’t get higher than an 80%.”

Riley giggled, probably laughing at him, but he didn’t really mind. He still loved that sound. “Farkle, you don’t need any money.” She cocked her head to the side. “Why are you really doing this?”

He sighed and set his pen down. “It was some senior bully.” Her eyebrows shot up and she opened her mouth to protest, but he spoke before she could. “Not my bully, he wasn’t bullying me. He was picking on a couple of freshmen and I got him to stop by offering to do his calc homework.”

Her face softened. “Farkle -”

He held up his hand. “It’s fine, it’s not even hard. I googled one thing and found all of the information I needed.” Riley blinked at him, not saying anything, just looking at him.

Faster than he could process, she slid closer and threw her arms around his neck. “Why are you so wonderful?”

He blushed and wrapped an arm around her waist. “I’m just a decent human being.”

Riley buried her face in his shoulder and he tried not to grin too much at that. “Shhh, you’re wonderful.”

He breathed in deep and caught the scent of her shampoo. It smelled like vanilla and something else. Riley hadn’t let go of him yet - not that that was a problem. “We’ll agree to disagree.”

She pulled back and gave him a look of mock-outrage and horror. “We will not!”

He grinned. Flirting with her was his favorite thing in the world. Somehow she came off teasing, and yet all he felt from her was warmth and caring. Farkle tipped her chin up and brought his face closer. “Don’t you want me to finish this homework so that a freshman can live to geek another day?”

Riley blushed furiously at that and unwound her arms from his neck. “Oh, I um… yeah.” Farkle loved the way she looked when she blushed. It started at the base of her neck and slid up her face until she looked like - a very cute - tomato.

He was about to say more when they heard laughter coming down the steps. They both looked up but he and Riley had very different gut reactions to their appearance. While Farkle wrapped an arm around her, Riley scooted a little bit away from him. Maya and Lucas were walking down the steps hand in hand.

Riley plastered a smile to her face, but it didn’t reach her eyes. He smiled up at his friends, but immediately went back to his concern for Riley.

They walked up to the table and smiled, not noticing Riley’s distress. Maya’s face was filled with a kind of joy that was new for her, but wonderful. “Hey guys, what’s up?”

Riley piped up, a bit too cheerfully, “Farkle’s teaching me calculus.”

“Farkle,” Lucas cut in, “Where did you learn calculus?” He could see Riley looking at Lucas strangely, but he couldn’t quite read her expression without tuning out the others.

He wanted to laugh at the puzzled look on his best - male - friend’s face. Farkle turned to Lucas with a deadpan smirk. “Didn’t you hear? I was born knowing it. That’s why I’ve never been in a math class with any of you.”

There was a giggle from behind him and when he looked, he saw Riley covering her mouth. Maya raised an eyebrow at him, playing along. “I thought you were a real boy?”

She hadn’t bantered this much with him in a long time… or ever. Apparently, Lucas was actually a good influence on her. “You can fake a birth certificate.”

Maya rolled her eyes and huffed at him. “Whatever. We’re going to go inside if either of you two want to join us.” She turned to Lucas. “You sir owe me the ten dollars you won when we saw his birth certificate.” They both slipped inside without another word, and he heard Riley sigh.

“Riles, what’s up?” First and foremost, he was concerned about her and her feelings, but he felt a little bit crestfallen. Over the past few months, it seemed like Riley might have been growing closer to her - maybe even starting to like him.

He put all of that aside when he saw the miserable look on her face. “It’s still him? You’re still hung up on…”

She shook her head, but still wouldn’t meet his eyes. “Well, no. It’s more complicated than that.” Riley took a deep breath. “I think - I think I’m still hung up, but not on him. On the potential that I thought we had.” She finally lifted her head up to look at him. He tried to hold her gaze, but she broke away to gather his things. “We should probably go inside.”

Before she could lead them inside, he stopped her. “Riles, Why were you looking at him like that? I know you said you don’t have those feelings for him anymore, but -”

She cut him off. “I’m happy for them, but I feel jealous. Not of him, just what they have. Do you know what I mean?” When he frowned, she kept going. He loved that about her, the way she babbled. It was the only time he could read her face without trying. “He’s not - He’s not what I want anymore.”

She was between him and the wall, and he started walking closer, with her mirroring him. Soon she was all but cornered and he was about a foot away. “What do you want, Riley?”

He kept eye contact with her but was now so close that she had to look up to meet his eyes. Riley was blushing, but her voice was colored with a firm conviction. “I want what’s right for me. The person that’s right for me.”

When it seemed like she wasn’t going to give any ground, Farkle backed up slightly and ran a hand through his hair. “Riley, how does it feel to be in like with two people at once?”

Riley sighed and closed her eyes. “It’s hard. I mean, between Lucas and -” She cut herself off and opened her eyes, looking up at him in shock over what she’d said. She frowned a bit and looked up at him with big, Disney princess eyes. “It helps you see your priorities. It lets you see the things you weren’t looking for.”

He swallowed thickly, liking where it was going, but not quite sure it was real. The moment was filled with tension, and he tried to fill the silence. “What did you learn, Riles?”

Riley tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” Farkle stood there blinking at her, without saying a word. She laid a hand on his cheek and tilted her head at him in the way she always had. “More importantly, I noticed the way I looked at you.”

Riley leaned up on her toes to kiss him and he froze. He wasn’t ready for that, but he had always been quick to catch on. Farkle wrapped his arms around her, one hand resting on the small of her back, the other snaking its way up into her hair. He felt rather than heard a whimper from her when he pulled her closer.

She gave as good as she got - better in his opinion. He hadn’t been paying much attention to anything other than her lips and her soft curves until he felt a tug on his hair. He pulled back and groaned at the feeling. As it turned out, Riley was an excellent teacher, or she knew more about him than he thought.

When he pulled away, she grew impatient and pulled his lips back to hers, capturing his bottom lip between her teeth. It hurt, but in a good way. “Riley, do I want to know how you learned that?”

She laughed and pecked his lips. “You’re the first one I’ve tried that on if it helps.”

Farkle smirked and began kissing his way over to her ear, finding a spot that made her purr. The sound went straight to his ego and he kept at it.

Riley and Farkle would have gone further, but they were interrupted by a tap on his shoulder. They sprung apart to find Topanga Matthews giving them a calm yet terrifying look. Her arms were crossed and she had an eyebrow raised but other than that, there wasn’t any disapproval in her gaze.

Topanga smiled and put a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “I understand the allure of young love - and as your mother, I approve - but this is my storefront. Children are present.”

Riley’s eyes widened and a blush crawled up her face. “Mom, we weren’t doing anything that bad!” She looked frantically at Farkle, who could only just smother his grin.

By then, Maya had seen the commotion outside and was standing there watching. “Frankly, I’m not sure I’d want children around when you’re just looking at each other.” None of them had noticed her entrance, and Farkle was now suffering from his second heart attack in five minutes. “Maybe find another spot?”

Farkle ran a hand through his hair and stuttered out a response despite his racing heart. “Oh, I um - yeah, I guess that’s smart.”

Topanga spoke up and they all turned back to her. “On another note - as your mother - I’d find somewhere that your father won’t find you, just in case. I’d rather be present for the freakout that ensues, not just invited to the funeral.”

The two awkward teenagers nodded their heads furiously - neither of them were looking forward to that moment. Topanga patted Farkle on the shoulder and gave him a sympathetic smile before making her way back into the bakery.

Maya put herself between the two of them - a feat in and of itself - in order to inform Riley that they’d be talking soon and that Farkle would need to schedule an appointment for the “Riley Matthews’ Partner’s Liability Waiver”. Once she’d done her due diligence, she left them alone and went back to her boyfriend.

Riley and Farkle shared an awkward laugh that broke the tension surrounding them, glad that there - probably - wouldn’t be any more external intervention that day.

They gathered up their things in silence before Farkle took her hand and spoke. “Do you want to find somewhere that’s Cory-Matthews-Proof?”

She grinned and laced their fingers together. “Don’t mind if I do. I think I know just the place.”

Months later

On a blanket in Central Park, a couple was lying there, stargazing. Riley and Farkle had been together for some time, but they still felt new, at least to him.

They spent a lot of time in silence, just enjoying the other’s company. They spent most of their nights watching the stars - maybe kissing some. She knew all of the constellations, but when it was very quiet, she would invent their own and give them stories.

He’d often asked her why she preferred the stars - even when it was cold - to the planetarium on his roof. He knew the answer, though. It was the same reason he’d rather see her in person than in a picture. Why talking on the phone would always be preferable to a text message. It was why he loved her. She was the most real thing in his world, and no science would ever explain that.

On this particular night, they were wrapped up in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate. Riley’s head was resting on his chest, and she was barely even looking at the stars. “When did you know how you felt about me, Farkle?”

He chuckled, knowing that she’d been waiting to ask that. “In recent history? About a day before I plucked up the courage to break up with Isadora.” He hadn’t broken up with her for Riley, he wasn’t that callous. He’d broken up with Smackle for Smackle. She deserved more than someone who felt stronger feelings for someone else.

She picked up her head to get a good look at him. “How did you know?”

He thought about it for a minute because there were a million things that he could have said, and all of them would have been true. “Well, I knew that I couldn’t lose you, but I wanted more than I was getting.” 

She bit her lip. “I think you might have spoiled me. I never expected to feel this way.”

He smiled and leaned up to kiss her on the temple. “That’s what you get for dating a Minkus, Riles.”

He’d never stop spoiling her. If there was one thing he knew for certain, it was that he was going to marry this girl some day.

It all started with “Bonjour”

Author’s note: hello! I’m not really sure where this came from, but…

I would like to dedicate this to my wonderful friend @me-youhaveme who is celebrating her 21st birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA! I love you very much ♥ I hope you had a wonderful day! Sending you best wishes and a ton of hugs from Lithuania ;)

September 7th, 2013

Ah… Paris, the city of love. Couples holding hands, young families singing soft lullabies to their newborns, elder couples sipping tea or enjoying the taste of freshly made croissants while chattering about their youth – first meeting, first date, first kiss, developed feelings…

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Part 1: Resurfaced Part 2: Reactivated 

Pairing: Rucas

Title: Reassured

Summary: The final part of a short three part ficlet that takes place during senior prom where Riley and Lucas reconnect after being separated for six months. Lucas has moved on, but seeing Riley in her prom dress the way he always imagined seeing her, stirs up old emotions that he soon realizes never really went away in the first place. 

Background: Over the past year, there have been people and events that have caused Lucas to stop believing in his relationship with Riley. He’s been lost, unsure of Riley’s, and even his own, feelings. Have recent events helped him find his way back to believing in their relationship again? Or is too late for them to be anything other than two people who used to know each other?

As the elevator doors slid open, Maya pushed her way through the crowd of guests standing around the lobby, weaving this way and that as she navigated herself towards the ballroom where her senior prom was being held.

“Maya, think about what you’re doing!” Farkle followed close behind her, shuffling his feet as he struggled to keep up with her quick pace.

“Thinking, thinking,” Maya stroked her chin thoughtfully, glancing back at Farkle to show him as she nearly slammed into an employee making his way to the hotel kitchen. “Yep, thought about it and Missy’s still about to get her ass kicked!”

“Would you just stop for a second?” Farkle grabbed Maya by the arm and she whirled around to glare at him, her eyes dancing wildly as she huffed at him in exasperation.

“No, Farkle, I can’t stop,” Maya snapped, running a hand through her hair impatiently as she wriggled her arm free from his grasp. “My best friend is hurting and the only way I can think to help her right now is by beating some sense into Ms. Missy the Man Manipulator.”

“You’re just going to make things worse,” Farkle warned her, and Maya rolled her eyes as she turned to look in the direction of the ballroom.

“Fine, I’ll just have a little conversation with her,” Maya conceded. “Will that get you off my back?

“Maya, you and I both know that talking isn’t your strong suit,” Farkle pointed out, and Maya reached out to smack him lightly on the shoulder.

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ooh your valentine's day one shot was great, I loved it! I'd love it if you could write a sequel to it about the dinner. That would be comedic gold.

Ooo I’m glad you liked it!! I thought about including the dinner but I was at work and couldnt be bothered haha! Since you enjoyed it I’ll give you a quick part 2 :) 

Part one can be found –> here <– ENJOY :) X

Riley skips home on a high from her wonderful day and gets dressed up for the evening ahead. Even though it’s only a family dinner planned Riley wanted to try impress her boyfriend. 

Riley’s fiddling with her hair when Maya crawls through the bay window. 

“Peaches,” Riley greets her with a smile, “I didn’t think you were coming to dinner.” 

“I’m not, I just want to borrow that red dress you have,” Maya opens Riley’s closet and flicks through her hangers, “The one with the white flowers… Ah here it is,” she pulls it out. 

“What do you need the dress for?” Riley continues to curl strands of her brown hair. 

“My date with Zay,” She laughs, “I have to look good.”

“I thought you were only pretending to go on the date?” Riley looks confused. 

“I told Zay about it after History,” Maya grins, “we’re going on a fake date tonight and some pictures may end up online.” 

“And this is supposed to make my Uncle jealous?” Riley raises a brow. 

“I’m not trying to make him jealous,” Maya shakes her head, “I just wanna see how he reacts. Oh and try find out if he’s seeing anyone!” 

Josh’s faint voice from the living room can be heard, “my brotha!” 

Maya chuckles, “that’s my cue to leave.”

Riley makes her way to the living room and sees her Uncle giving Auggie a piggy back around the room.

“Happy birthday!” Riley gives him a hug on her way over to the door. 

Lucas was standing in the doorway being greeted by Topanga, she see’s him hand her mother some flowers.

“Such a sweet boy,” Topanga scrunches up her nose and smiles as she turns to Riley.

“You look beautiful,” he smiles giving her a peck on the cheek when Cory wasn’t looking. 

Riley helps her mom set the food on the table and they sit down for their meal. General conversation was being made, Josh was filling them in on college life and whatnot and Riley sat there quietly trying to plan out how to bring up Maya but her dad beat her to it.

“Where’s Maya tonight?” Cory asks, “I would have thought she’d be here.” He laughs thinking of her past experiences with his little brother. 

At the mention of her best friends name Riley snaps her head in the direction of her uncle to gauge his reaction. Instead Josh is staring at his niece with a strange expression. Not smooth at all, she thinks to herself and tries play it off as a twitch. 

“Oh, she’s on a date,” Riley casually scoops a pile of peas into her mouth and side eyes her uncle. 

Riley could have sworn he froze for a split second but tried to brush it off. 

“I didn’t know Maya was seeing anyone,” Topanga speaks up intrigued, “who’s the lucky guy?” 

“Zay.” Riley tries to act calm, technically she wasn’t lying since they were fake dating but she still felt bad. 

“Zay?” Cory pulls a confused expression. 

“It’s very new sir,” Lucas chimes in and Riley looks surprised and he gives her a subtle wink communicating he’s in on the scheme, “new, but they’re very interested in one another.” 

“Oh how lovely,” Topanga smiles, “you can all go on triple dates.” 

“Can you please pass the beans,” Josh clears his throat and Riley picks up the greens bowl and tries to assess her uncles mood as she hands it to him.

Riley’s phone vibrates and Topanga scolds her for having her electronics at the table. 

“Sorry mom it’s just an Instagram alert from, Maya,” Riley unlocks her phone and looks at the photo of Zay kissing Maya’s cheek. She catches Josh peering over to try get a look at it. 

“How about you Joshy, you seeing anyone?” Cory asks. 

“Um.. no, not really.” He rubs at the back of his neck. 

Riley decides that’s enough and she changes the subject off dating to give her Uncle a break. Riley sees both her uncle and boyfriend off and heads to her room. As she suspected Maya was sitting in the bay window with her hands folded in her lap. 

“So?” Maya asks. 

“I don’t know how long it will take but I think you might become my aunt,” Riley furrows her brows and sits by her friend in their trusted spot. Maya chuckles excitedly as her friend recounts her dinner events.


“One of our nation’s most decorated soldiers. He’s a hero, and now our country’s most secret weapon. Gabriel possesses a rare genetic mutation that allowed us to implant a microchip in his brain. We connected his mind directly to the information grid. At U.S. Cyber Command, we created a highly specialized unit around him and assigned an agent to protect him. He’s the first of his kind - the next evolution of intelligence”.