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Requested by Anon & @wewillfindanewtomorrow
Michael X Reader X Isaiah (Best Friend) ft. Jealousy.
Warnings: Fluff, Angst.
Side note: I fucking hate the name Isaiah after writing this. I’ve never had to retype the spelling of a name so much in my life.
Hope you guys like it! Feedback is appreciated! This was 2 requests in 1


“(Y/N), you’re going to die an old spinster. I guarantee it!” Isaiah shouted across the table, several of the other brummie lads and girls laughed and continued drinking - including Michael.

It was the first day of “Summer” in Birmingham and the three of you were enjoying the night bar-hopping. Other young Peaky recruits joined as well as their girls and a handful of girls who wanted a Peaky man for herself.

Isaiah and Michael were keenly aware of the attention they were receiving, as were you. You scarcely received any attention from any man or boy whenever you kept the company of your two best friends. No one even dared looking at you, except for a few. You were a Peaky girl - whether you were coupled with a Blinder or not.

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anonymous asked:

Oh man I'm so happy this Blog finally opened!! Would you please write a Wing!Fic for me? Maybe Sam lost Riley and flying doesn't feel the same for him now without him and he starts to hate his wings. Tony on the other hand, when they get together, loves them, even more so bc his own wings have been mangled during Afghanistan. I'd just love some schmoop and maybe Tony caring for Sam's wings, helping him shake off the guilt he feels over Riley's death while doing so. Thanks so much in advance!

Riley falls to his death and Sam, despite his wings, is powerless to safe him.

In the blink of an eye, he loses the most important person in his life. His best friend.

His anchor.

Where he has loved to fly at first Sam now begins to hate it; starts to hate the fact he’s still alive while Riley will never soar through the sky with him ever again.

He starts to resent his wings.

Hates their colours, their strength, their span, everything about them.

It doesn’t change, even when he meets the second most important person in his life: Tony Stark.

Tony has an impact on his life in many ways; Sam loves him from the moment they see each other for the first time.

They hit it off from the start. They become friends and at one point it changes, almost unoticed, into more. Suddenly they go out for dates. They kiss. They hold hands.

Sam hasn’t dared to dream of something like this.

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  • Someone: says something about marvel to me
  • Me: are you sure you want to get into this?

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Imagine Steve cries at Sam and Bucky's wedding and everyone makes fun of him for it (except for Mrs. Wilson who cried too)

He refuses to be embarrassed by it.

After all, his best friend/my-brother-in-every-way-but-blood only gets married once…to his other best friend/my-brother-in-every-way-but-blood.

Steve still remembers the day they met. Steve had been subconsciously putting off their meeting because he didn’t know how Bucky would react to Sam. The Old Bucky would’ve taken Sam’s teasing in stride, but this Bucky…Steve didn’t know this Bucky, not as well as he did before. Being captured and tortured for years changes a person and while there has not been a single second that Steve hasn’t been grateful for, it’s just different.

But Steve had no reason to fear. Sure, the lunch hadn’t been perfect, but Bucky tried and Sam handled it better than Steve thought he would. It was then that Steve remembered that Sam’s best friend/but-really-my-brother-in-every-way-but-blood/other best man is a veteran too. The realization allowed Steve to relax for the rest of the day. So much so that he hadn’t notice the sparks and hearts flying around his best friends, but that’s okay too.

They’re here now.

They’re getting married now.

Steve sneaks a hand to his face, his palm coming away damp. A muffled snort sounds beside him before a solid weight leans on his shoulder. Steve wipes his hand on the handkerchief and offers it as he rests his head on Tony’s in return. Warmth springs from the contact as Tony intertwines their fingers and soothes his heart. Sure, his best friends may not be his anymore, but they’ll always be there for him. Besides, he has Tony and most days, he’s more than Steve can handle and he really wouldn’t have it any other way.

One day soon, he’ll be the one under the altar with a snarky, golden-hearted genius to call his. Forever.

  • Hannibal: a beautiful and unique take on a beloved book series which depicts sex and gore tastefully and also race-swapped and gender-swapped some of its characters.
  • NBC: cancelled
  • Sense8: a thought-provoking viewing masterpiece with one of the most diverse casts on television, including race, social background, culture, sexuality and gender.
  • Netflix: we might not renew this
  • Game of Thrones: a poor and nonsensical adaptation of a book series which uses sexual objectification for the sake of it and the rape/abuse of women as a casual plot device.
  • HBO: lol we're not going anywhere

more soul babs, this time I’m getting my fronds in on it. (and vinny because I literally saw him for a second before he sort of vanished)

Going from left to right we got: official-nifaux, skillfulprey, lolzman87, me, rileyomalley, rebornica + vinny, and rykitsu.

People to be added: mrkenyon, thelastsworld, thisworldendswithme, autistic-pyro, ghostyknight, fancyspants, homestuckinator413, and more when I remember all the faces I saw. (cuz most of them rushed past me really fast)

but yee enjoy this wip. btw vinny was actually that big, he was pretty damn intimidating, not SCARY, just intimidating.

Due to the numerous requests for these pieces to be made available as prints, I’ve gotten permission from the Baker Street Babes to release them for sale to the general public. (The exclusive prints that were from the SherlockeDCC fundraiser will still be unique as they’ll be the only prints to have been made available in that particular size/paper style.) 

This series of prints may be purchased here from my Society 6 shop. (They’re also available on t-shirts and as phone cases.)

It has come to another point in my life where I’m in dire need of pretty faces on my blog :3

Natalie Dormer
Sam Riley
Scarlett Johansson
Chris Evans
Sebastian Stan
Tom Hiddleston
Andrew Garfield
Emma Stone
David Tennant
Misha Collins
Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
Tony Stark

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