riley stark

  • Hannibal: a beautiful and unique take on a beloved book series which depicts sex and gore tastefully and also race-swapped and gender-swapped some of its characters.
  • NBC: cancelled
  • Sense8: a thought-provoking viewing masterpiece with one of the most diverse casts on television, including race, social background, culture, sexuality and gender.
  • Netflix: we might not renew this
  • Game of Thrones: a poor and nonsensical adaptation of a book series which uses sexual objectification for the sake of it and the rape/abuse of women as a casual plot device.
  • HBO: lol we're not going anywhere
  • Someone: says something about marvel to me
  • Me: are you sure you want to get into this?

stumpysuitehearts  asked:

Hello! This might be a bit odd but I am completing Units 3 & 4 of Studio Arts at my High School in Australia and I've mentioned you as one of my influential artists. May I have known you have a tumblr I would've followed you sooner; I'm terribly sorry. More to the point, I'm wondering if you would assist me in writing a short biography on you. Giving me small facts, when you were born, how you got into art, what influences you? Again, sorry if this sounds stalkerish. -

Oh, wow.. It’s not stalkerish at all — I’m honored that you consider me to be one of your influential artists! (I will say that this made me blush a bit — it’s always nice to hear what you’re doing is appreciated..)

I don’t have a terribly long story to tell from a ‘how I got into art’ perspective — I’m currently in my late 20’s, I started drawing in my mid-20’s. I had never really had much of an interest in drawing growing up; art was something I enjoyed looking at, but never really felt the need to try and draw/paint, myself. Outside of the usual mandatory art classes in grade school, I never took classes or really went out of my way to learn any art-related skills. (Aside from teaching myself Photoshop and dabbling in graphic design for a few years.) I only became interested in drawing sort of by accident.. 

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more soul babs, this time I’m getting my fronds in on it. (and vinny because I literally saw him for a second before he sort of vanished)

Going from left to right we got: official-nifaux, skillfulprey, lolzman87, me, rileyomalley, rebornica + vinny, and rykitsu.

People to be added: mrkenyon, thelastsworld, thisworldendswithme, autistic-pyro, ghostyknight, fancyspants, homestuckinator413, and more when I remember all the faces I saw. (cuz most of them rushed past me really fast)

but yee enjoy this wip. btw vinny was actually that big, he was pretty damn intimidating, not SCARY, just intimidating.