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Frequency | Second Fate Trailer | The CW

So, I painted my nails sparkly green today, and I was like “man, I haven’t painted my nails in like five years."  And then the next thought in my head was "MOTOCROSSED.” Because that is my association with nail polish?  And then, of course, I thought the thought that I think more often than probably most people do, which is “I should have known I was queer when I was significantly more interested in Andrea than I was in her brother.”

Though, don’t get me wrong, I was pretty into Dean, too. I’m not going to lie. 

Oh man I miss the 90s SO MUCH.


“Legend goes that somewhere beneath these mountains lies a gateway between heaven and hell. It is said that a sacred sisterhood guards this portal and the power of their prayers keeps the damned from tormenting the living. Trouble with the damned is… they never stay put.”

-Gallowwalkers (2012)


YESSS! I love the movie and this looks like a decent series of it.