riley schmidt

You guys do realize...

that whether Tate is the rubber man or not, he’s not the actor that’s been in the costume this whole time. So just because the rubber man has blue/grey eyes and Evan has dark brown, that’s not the deciding factor. The rubber man can be who he wants.  

So TECHNICALLY what I’m trying to say here is that Tate or at least Evan [because I personally think it’s Tate’s twin] could STILL be the rubber man. Regardless of eye color. I don’t think they pay as much attention to that as you do….

Crew o' This Foxy #8: The Unaware One

- Taylor Riley “Doll” Schmidt

- Human

- Genderfluid (fine with any pronouns)

- Pansexual

- Born in 1978

- Mike’s lover, takes night classes and has a job managing at a local motel.

Taylor is very sweet and outgoing, and usually knows how to take charge of the situation at hand. They won’t tolerate any sort of shit at all from anyone, especially not Mike. They want what’s best for their boyfriend, and will absolutely make sure he keeps whatever job he has, going so far as to call up the manager if something goes wrong.

Taylor is unaware of the goings-on at the pizzeria, either from before or now. They would probably panic if they knew what had happened before everything calmed down.