riley riot

Hernando and Amanita

Okay but like, Hernando and Amanita need to meet next season. Like seriously, imagine all the debates they would have about literature and art. And don’t even tell me they wouldn’t be researching everything they can about homo sensorium together. Ugh they would just be the best duo. I need this shit in my life

okay but what if

clarke, teasing tone: “so i guess you started using your heart and your brain while you were up there, huh?”

bellamy, smiling: “mostly just the brain. i…” [stops himself, pauses, and closes his eyes before speaking again, this time smiling sadly] “…i never really let myself get sentimental up there.”

clarke, noticing his tone and the sudden tension: “w-why is that?”

bellamy, turning to her, smiling genuinely this time, his eyes warm: “because i left my heart down here on earth.”

Perspective Time:Let’s Reverse the Girls Roles

I wonder if the Riley-stan defenders of the Rucas, Riarkle and Rilaya fandoms ever reverse the girls roles to see how hypocritical they can be.

Once again, there has been a tremendous amount of anger towards Maya because she jumped on Lucas’s back. That she was, “flirting with her best friends boyfriend, trying to steal him away”, a belief that has held in this fandom for two years or so. Even though Maya has been jumping on his back when they were all just friends and Lucas couldn’t even imagine having feelings for her, it still is seen as, “the bitch Maya trying to steal her amazing best friend’s boyfriend.”

Yet, let’s go to Girl Meets Upstate, where Maya backs out of the triangle and says that Lucas chose Riley. All the Riley-stans and defenders cheered and smiled and laughed when Riley gave her half-assed apology to Maya&cheered about Lucas choosing her. Even if it seemed that Riley didn’t even take into consideration about what Maya could truly be feeling. That Riley was just, “excited” that Lucas chose her and she had every right to be.

But what if the roles were reversed? What if Riley said, “You chose Maya” and Maya gave the half-assed apology and cheered? Well, we all know how the Rucas, Riarkle, and Rilaya Riley-stan/anti-Maya fans would have responded.  Just as they are responding to Maya jumping on Lucas’ back.  Just as they have been for the past two years.

But Riley gets a pass. And if anyone tries to call it out, they’re instantly seen as, “Riley haters who are just jealous that Rucas is endgame.”

And many might say, “but Maya did cheer when Riley stepped back in Girl Meets Texas!”

Oh yes. Maya’s utter confusion and terror at Riley telling Lucas about her feelings at the campfire was so much like the pure joy and triumph of Riley’s in Upstate. Maya’s need to tell Riley right away about what happened at the camp fire was exactly like Riley’s “apology” to Maya at the bay window in Upstate.

If the Riley defenders can even try to switch the roles, maybe they’d see how hypocritical it is to be able to bash Maya for every little thing, yet get angry at those who have been angry with Riley this season.

If Riley said that Lucas chose Maya, and then Maya cheered while giving Riley a half-assed apology, there would be riots. If Maya asked Lucas twice if he liked an alternate personality she made up more than Riley, there would be riots. If Maya told Riley that she would be married 5 times but not once to Lucas, there would be riots. If Riley tried to tell Maya how she was feeling, but Maya instead talked about herself and what she felt, there would be riots. What scene am I talking about?:

M:“Right now I’m feeling a little angry”

R:“Good, who are you angry at?”

M:“You. I was a little girl and I climbed through an open window because I heard singing. I was attracted to what I saw inside. It was someone safe. This little ray of sunshine who didn’t have a care in the world. You had everything. Family meals around the table. I wanted that. ‘How was your day Maya?’ ‘It was great dad.’ You had that. You went to bed with a smile on your face every night while I went wondering if my father was going to be at the breakfast table that morning. I wanted that.”

R:“I wanted what you had. Every day was a new adventure. Homework rebellions, sneaking out to a college party! You’re the greatest thing that ever happened to me!”

M:angrily “I did my job!”

R: “Yay you’re back!”

The thing is, you all think the last sentence, ‘‘If Riley tried to tell Maya how she was feeling, but Maya instead talked about herself and what she felt“ happens all the time on the show. But I just constantly remember Riley coming to Maya for advice, and Maya saying things like, “just tell me what to say.”

You all still say that in Girl Meets Texas, Maya told Riley to like Lucas as a brother, that Maya forced Riley into trying to turn her feelings for Lucas into brotherly feelings. But if anything, it was Riley who seemed to influence her beliefs about Maya’s feelings for Lucas rather than the other way around.A reminder:

Girl Meets Texas:

R: “I know you think I love him like a brother”

M: “You know?’

R: “I know you’ve thought that for a while”

M: “Riles whatever you feel that’s up to you.“

Girl Meets Triangle:

M: “What’s wrong with us both liking a nice guy?”

R: “Do we?”

M: “My voice is still my voice, Riley. You’re going to need to show me a lot more than clothes, and hair and a boy before I believe that it isn’t.

Girl Meets Upstate:

M: “I guess I just loved you and you’re family so much that everyday I became a little bit more like you. I wanted everything you had.”

R: “Is that why you liked Lucas? Because I like him?”

Even if Maya believed that Riley liked Lucas as a brother originally, she never once forced her opinion onto Riley or made Riley try to question herself. She wanted Riley to figure out her feelings on her own, that was why she stayed quiet from Girl Meets Yearbook and on. Even when talking about her beliefs with Lucas, Maya says, “that’s what I believed.” And even though Maya ended up being wrong in the end (yes, of course I see Maya ended up being wrong about Riley’s real feelings for Lucas), Riley did figure out what Maya believed about them on her own.

If Maya had really done the things that you all accuse her of, such as ask Riley things like, “do you really like Lucas?” or “do you think you maybe see him as a brother?” there would be riots.

But Maya never did that.

When you guys feel the need to bash Maya for something small, try switching the girls roles. For all the times the people who have been frustrated with Riley this season have been attacked by Riley-stans who assume we’re just, “salty Lucaya shippers who are hating and blaming Riley”, try switching the girls roles and see if you’d accept Maya doing the things we’ve been frustrated with Riley doing.