riley poole

tbh it’s only now that I realise how much riley from national treasure is me

I mean


we are the same

just so done all the time

Riley ain’t got time for yo pretentious shit

he reacts the correct way to scary stuff

we’ve both got 1 thing on our minds

and 100% know what to do when shit gets real

i am riley

riley is me

Where is my National Treasure 3? We have franchises being resurrected from the grave with sequels no one wanted or needed. And yet National Treasure is just chilling there, with Nic Cage taking history way too seriously, a hacker who takes his federal crimes with a little too much joy, and a canonically surviving Sean Bean character. Where is my utterly pointless National Treasure sequel?

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why doesn't Riley Poole from National Treasure have a fandom? He's geeky and smart and adorable and also a huge dork - everything tumblr loves. Why doesn't he have more fans? Why aren't there a million blogs dedicated to worshiping his awesome dorkiness? Why don't I see gifs of him all over my dash? Why is there no Riley x reader fanfic? Why is he so underappreciated? I DON'T UNDERSTAND