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Day 16: Just one word: TBR

My TBR shelf!😄💜


I’ve killed so many people I’ve lost count. I can never come back from this. I’m a monster. I can feel the anger inside me. But somewhere inside me, I’m still more than that. Better than that…

King Charles III (2017)

Prince Charles’ accession to the throne following the Queen’s death. When he refuses to sign a controversial bill into law, political chaos ensues: a constitutional crisis, rioting on the streets and a tank in front of Buckingham Palace.

Well done the BBC for another fantastic production. Based on the excellent play by Mike Bartlet, it is a wonderful, a bit Shakespearean, drama. 

I think Prince Charles gets a lot of flak in the news, but I don’t think he is anything like they show him on screen. I find him eccentric and thoughtful. When the Guardian published his “Blackspider Memos”, I thought he came across quite kind hearted. I too care for organic farming AND the albatross! Princes Charles does have a history of meddling, but as King, would he refuse to give Royal Assent to a Bill? I hope not…

My OTP’s are like the fries at the bottom of a bag. They are very discrete but when you discover them they make you more happy than you ever thought was possible.


“ You wouldn’t be going around talking about taking these stupid shop courses if I was. It’s like God gave you something man, all those stories you can make up. And He said, “this is what we got for ya kid, try not to lose it.” Kids lose everything unless there’s someone there to look out for them. And if your parents are too fucked up to do it, then maybe I should! ”

- Chris, to Gordie

Stand by Me (1986)

Dir: Rob Reiner

Based on: The Body by Stephen King