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so i was wearing a tank top and i haven’t shaved my armpits, and I was tutoring one of my kids and i raised my arm and he saw the hair and I covered it and said sorry and he said ’nah, it’s fine. I didn’t shave either.‘ 

the boy is 12.


I received a lot of love since I made this tumblr and I have waiting for holidays to do this follow forever, so here it it.

This is bigger than I thought but I wanted all of you to be put here, so not sorry ~

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When I was 14 years old, one of the teachers we had offered a deal to all of the class. The first person who could represent ’equality’ without using any words, just a simple drawing, would win a chocolate bar. 
The whole class started arguing with each other saying stuff like ‘girls are better than boys’ 'girls are only useful in the kitchen’ 'hey, did u make that sandwich for me gurl?’. Meanwhile, I started drawing ’equality' and I drew this: ♂ = ♀. 
The teacher shouted 'STOP’ and everyone got quiet. She came towards me and gave me not only one, but three chocolate bars. And I equally shared them with the rest of the class.