riley linebaugh

Crime and Profit: US Anti-Immigration Policy

This article, by synthesizing personal observation and statistical information, attempts to understand how U.S. anti-immigrant policies have emerged to produce profit for American corporations by criminalizing undocumented U.S. residents.  Though the data used in this article is primarily focused on U.S. immigrants from Latin America, the author recognizes that undocumented people from all over the world reside in the U.S. and that no person should be understood to be “illegal.” 
       Monday through Friday, from 9am to 4pm, the hallways of Webster Elementary School in southwest Detroit are a site for busy teachers, dutiful hall monitors, kindergarteners lined up for recess, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers.  The ICE officers do their best not to trip over Tinker Bell backpacks as they peer into art classrooms, dodgeball gym sessions, and the cafeteria.  What are they looking for?  Community members speculate that the ICE surveys schools in order to monitor new students who may “appear to be illegal,” as a way of tracking undocumented populations in the United States.  In a neighborhood where a person can be pulled over for looking “too brown,” this is not difficult to believe. 

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