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bring it, bitch.


Enjoying a nice night on their balcony :3


“I’ve gotta go now, you’ll see me soon.” Cat sat down on her knees, giving Riley a warm smile.

“I don’t want you to go kitty, please stay and we can play with Simon.” 

“Not today Riles, we’ll play another day and we can play with Douglas too!” At the sound of this, Riley began crying, stomping her feet as she looked at Catalina. 

“I don’t want to play with Douglas, I want to play with you!” 

“Look, if you ask mommy and daddy very nicely then maybe I can come around in a couple of days to play with you.” The toddler immediately stopped crying and a mischievous smile planted itself on her lips.

She looked at Cameron and Sterling with big puppy dog eyes. “Ca-”

“We heard you, fine, fine but only if you behave yourself, Missy. That means you need to go to bed and stop watching Adventure Time late at night.” Cameron placed a hand on her hip, raising an eyebrow at her daughter. 


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Riley: “And Rowan?”
Rowan: “Yes?”
Riley: “Neil is welcome to sleep here, if he wants. And if you want, of course.. but we will need to have the talk very soon..”
Rowan: “Ugh.. Mom, he’s just a friend. And he’s a teen? I’m still a child.. It’s physically impossible. Not that I wanted it, if it was possible..”
Riley: “I believe you, sweet bean. But I think it’s time. You’re turning into a teen in a few days. Oh! Have you chosen what kind of cake you’d like?”
Rowan: “Yes! I want a strawberry cake.. One of those that grandma makes.”
Riley: “Hm! I will tell her. Your grandma does make the best cakes, I have to say..”


Darren: “Yeah.. I guess that’s not really an option, is it..? What other options do we have?”
Riley: “I honestly don’t know.. I’ve been thinking about it for days.. Going to the police is useless. We have absolutely nothing to back up that he does these things.. And I doubt he will suddenly turn himself if a police officer asked him. And even if he did, those kids would be without any parents..”
Darren: “But what else can we do..?”
Riley: *cries* “I don’t know..”

  • Lucas Friar: finally speaks up about his feelings after being tossed back and forth as an object
  • Lucas Friar: only speaks up because he loves and care so much about these two girls
  • Lucas Friar: is too nervous to say it so use cards because he'ssuch a dork
  • Lucas Friar: gives up both girls so they can all still be friends
  • Lucas Friar: can't even look to them because he's so confused
  • Lucas Friar: again is used as an object and can't even show his emotions without causing trouble between the two girls
  • Lucas Friar: remembers Farkle regular guy fase and plays with it in a cute way as a true best friend
  • Lucas Friar: remembers zay even though he's not in the episode
  • Lucas Friar: says goodbye to the school's janitor and appreciate him
  • Lucas Friar: is too in love with one of the girls to avoid it and cares too much about the other to decide
  • Lucas Friar: has the idea of the bench
  • Lucas Friar: is probably the one to remember to put zay's name in the bench
  • Lucas Friar: is a sweet cute confused dork who deserves more love from this fandom