riley finch


She’s the author of the New York Times bestseller, the co-writer and executive producer of the movie adaption – her name is Riley Finch (Cecilia Wells) and she’s sure making her mark on the world. 

Wearing a black Sandro jumpsuit, Finch walks the red carpet premiere of Vitiate, unable to stop smiling as she greets her fans with boyfriend Harry Styles in tow.

one thing i love about John and the Machine’s relationship is that they hardly interact onscreen, neither shows any indication of actually liking one another - John actually states several times that he doesnt trust TM - but they can agree, for certain, about exactly one thing: keeping Harold safe.

in season 1, when he has to push and provoke the Machine into evading Her protocol, She realises that if She can count on John for anything, it’s protecting Finch.

so in return 0, he’s been shut in the safe. he punches a random string of numbers into the phone and the Machine picks up. he’s already constructing a whole speech in his mind, figuring out how he’s going to get TM to disobey Her father and let him take Harold’s place.

he begins, “I can’t let Harold die.”

the Machine replies, “of course not. besides, i know you switched the cases. the door will be open momentarily. take the first left.”

and that’s when John realises that She’s wanted to help all along, and that if they’re going to agree on one thing, it was always going to be this.

“thank you,” he says.

the Machine returns the thanks, with real weight behind it. the Harold Finch Protection Squad only exists because John stood at an intersection and demanded assistance in 2012

a reminder about harold finch

finch is so complex and its something i love about his character. like he’s had all these influences and his moral compass is so damn confused that its impossible to pin him to just a few traits. neither his compassionate, gentle side nor his calculative, ruthless side are Fronts or fake, he’s just super multifaceted and people forget that

his motivations are equally complex because he wants to save the world no matter the personal cost but he also realised how important individuals are and prioritises his friends over everything else

i love harold finch and just because he did a bad thing One Time he isnt a terrible person. he made mistakes and he’s been through a lot but that doesnt cancel out him being a kind and empathetic and wanting to help

youre probably all tired of hearing how Utterly Rinch Trash i am but like… Harold was so happy for John when he got in a relationship and now that thats over i can just imagine him going all “John you really should open yourself up to these things like really i worry about you and i think it would be good for you blah blah blah blah” and John eventually has just had enough and blurts “if youre so concerned about my love life why dont you date me?”

imagine the stunned silence. followed by John’s immediate flustered regret bc shit oh no fuck what have i done.

Harold’s gentle smile and quiet “ok”

Mick & Riley: steady out, i’m terrified

Here it is, 16k of what happened when Harry was in Brazil and the whole world found out that 1. he was dating Cecilia Wells and 2. Cecilia Wells was Riley Finch. So on we go into Harry’s POV of the events that occurred in and between chapters 35 and 36 of Nom de Plume, hope you enjoy! 

Brazil was magnificent, and Harry had a tattoo to prove it.

Harry was sure it would have been more magnificent if Leigh was lounging in the chair beside him, reading a book and wearing a bikini that would show off her subtle curves. He couldn’t wait to bring her on tour with him, though, to hang out backstage with her, hopefully sneaking off to see some sights on days off. There was only one month left of school for her, and although she hadn’t mentioned any plans, Harry hoped she wanted to come along for a couple of weeks. Considering that she’d nearly freaked out when he’d told her he loved her, however, he figured he’d made the right choice in not asking her to come to Brazil with him, as tempted as he’d been to extend the offer.

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