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Adam Riley has spent the last week on tour in Austria and Hungary and one of the many highlights has been extended views of Bearded Reedling. This secretive reed-dweller represents a monotypic bird family and hence is highly sought-after by bird family tickers. We were treated to great views of this bearded male in Hungary.

perhaps a specific example of what i mean (that it is easy to criticize the individual but harder to criticize the subculture that informed that person’s behavior that we are all involved in) is that now that its been generally accepted for years that Riley is an asshole, everybody loves to hate Riley. Since they’re evil and have done so many horrible things they deserve the hate, but my friend who left tumblr a few years ago, who was abused by riley, observed this early on, that when it started coming in vogue to criticize riley, a lot of people who were still toxic and did a lot of the same behaviors were in on it, and she didn’t trust anybody who claimed to hate riley but didn’t bother to look in the mirror. She was totally right 

notably, aves hated riley with good reason, but the truth is that aves was and has always been behaved similar in that theyre constantly defaming and lying about people, intimidating their friends to kiss their ass by making an example of friends who dont, and never looked in the mirror.

I have a pattern in which I was drawn to riley and became friends with their friends, i was drawn to aves and stuck to them for years. I even was drawn to a toxic person as recently in 2016, vaguely aware of the red flags but ignoring them, because they were nostalgic of the time when i was naive enough to be roped in by riley and I wanted to be liked. All of this happened because I have low-self esteem and need to be liked, a pattern which I want to acknowledge and turn on its head. I won’t be fooled again.