day 14: crossover

i’ve seen quite a few posts about andi mack x gmw and i wholeheartedly agree like gosh

i’ve seen a few andi and rileys but i want to see andi and maya

  • being art buddies
  • talking about family problems
  • talking about hope and making it through their lives
  • laughing about boy problems and their dramatic best friends
  • painting all the time

buffy, jonah and lucas hanging out

  • doing sporty stuff
  • hanging out
  • playing video games and eating chips

cyrus hanging out with riarkle (riley and farkle)

  • singing songs to musicals
  • talking about low self esteem and feeling not good enough or that you’re “nothing”
    • riley and farkle help cyrus feel good about himself
  • drawing on themselves and being silly
  • all the puns
  • all the fedoras
    • riley joins in and asks cyrus if she can voice some characters
    • cyrus loves it

amber and maya sneaking out and having fun. they put on fashion shows and like to do accents. 

riley and andi talking about relationships and how your first crush isnt always the boy meant for you. or how sometimes communication is the key and can be the way to a good relationship with your first crush. 

smackle enjoying hanging out andi and how they can just goof around and smackle totally uses the bracelet andi makes her to stim 


riley had similar dreams as bella did. he wanted a future with the beautiful vampire that he loved. he just wasn’t lucky. instead of falling in love with an emo virgin bottom boy who just wants to get married, he fell in love with a ruthless manipulative vampire who gave zero fucks about him. that’s how it is on this bitch of an earth.