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is it hard to tell real rilakkuma merch from bootleg?

Once you get used to seeing what authentic Rilakkuma merchandise looks like, you realize how funky looking and not-cute bootleg ones are :~)

I don’t mind printed-on bootleg merch like sticky notes or hand towels (besides quality, you can’t really mess that up when it comes to looks) but the fake plushes just look way off, messy, and unprofessional. 

Some people are only used to seeing fake/bootleg Rilakkuma merch so they don’t really see anything wrong with them. And theres nothing wrong with buying bootlegs btw! I just think its ridiculous when people buy them for just as much as authentic merch. Bootlegs are cheap so should be sold cheap! Don’t pay as much for a bootleg as you would an authentic plush~

Example of bootleg vs. authentic..

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From fangirl to fangirl, how do you imagine Syaoran as a boyfriend to Sakura after he goes back to Tomoeda/the Sealed Card? I'm a little curious since I just saw some of your posts about Syaoran. Great blog btw <333

Mainly, Syaoran notices things.

He notices lots of things.  Like when Sakura’s hair tie falls out, or she leaves her book on the table in the library.  He notices when Sakura hasn’t slept enough because she was late finishing her homework and when she’s feeling sick.  He notices when she’s extra happy because Yukito gave her good luck candy and when she’s mad because her brother was being an extra big jerk.  Sakura doesn’t have to say anything; Syaoran is always paying attention.  But Sakura can tell him anything; he listens and hugs her tightly when she needs it.  He’s good at being supportive.

Sakura doesn’t have to smile at Syaoran so he won’t worry about her feelings.  She trusts him with all of her feelings, even the bad ones.

Syaoran makes her smile by being himself.

Syaoran is exceedingly organized.  Sakura learns that Syaoran puts everything away immediately after using it.  He also doesn’t keep much in the way of frivolous things or decorations; a few sentimental items (most importantly, Bear Sakura) adorn his dresser, but his apartment is otherwise sparse.  He seems mildly alarmed by the controlled clutter that is Sakura’s room.  Sakura asks him if he enjoys cleaning and Syaoran says, ‘I don’t mind it.’  He also doesn’t mind cooking or doing homework or exercising every morning.  Syaoran is dutiful and Sakura can’t help smiling at his startled expression when she suggests they reward themselves for getting things done with ice cream, like it never occurred to him that after working and working and working there might be something fun at the end.

He’s good at math and helps her with her homework in it.  Sakura helps him with Japanese - both the language and the class.  He finds Japanese literature boring.  He doesn’t know the legend of Orihime.  Sakura teaches him about it.  She whispers the kun pronunciation of kanji when he hesitates in the middle of a reading selection.

He’s terrible at expressing affection. Syaoran could give a dissertation on Clow Reed’s magic and explain the intricacies of his family’s magic circle (and her own), but he trips over his own tongue asking Sakura on a date and his fingers tremble when he holds Sakura’s hand for the first time.  When Sakura kisses him on the cheek they both can’t stop blushing for an hour, but Syaoran is also speechless for at least 15 minutes.  He still taps his feet like he wants to run away, sometimes.

He also still turns pink and flustered when Yukito smiles at him.

Sakura can’t make Syaoran stop fighting with her brother.  They don’t really fight; they just glare at each other.  It annoys her a lot and she gets mad at both of them but they won’t stop.  Tomoyo says they’ll have to work it out between themselves and Sakura supposes she’s right.

Syaoran is an excellent gift-giver. It’s because he pays so much attention; he notices what Sakura likes and buys things for her before she knows she wants them. As soon as her ears heal up from being pierced, she spends a week wearing the little bear earrings Syaoran buys her as a surprise. (She ends up with so much Rilakkuma merchandise. So much.)

In a crisis, Syaoran is the calm at the center of a storm.  No matter how frightening the opponent is, no matter how serious the stakes are, she knows Syaoran won’t panic and falter.  When she’s so scared she can’t even think, she buries her hands in Kero-chan’s fur and feels Yue put his hand on her shoulder and she looks right into Syaoran’s eyes.  She says, “Everything will definitely be all right,” and he nods and smiles and believes in her so hard she’s able to believe in herself again.

So far, the faith of both of them hasn’t been misplaced.

Chanyeol - 141120 Instagram account update: “오늘은 하라주쿠에 있는 히데의 굿즈샵인 레모네이드샵에 다녀왔습니다. 어릴적부터 좋아하던 히데의 굿즈 상품들과 히데가 실제로 입었던 옷을 실제로 보니깐 기분이 묘했습니다! 그리고 일본에서 엑소를 케어해주시는 경호분이 알고보니 히데가 솔로활동을 할 당시에 히데를 케어해주셨던 분이셨습니다!! 이것은..운명..? 리락쿠마 피크와 오늘 구매한 굿즈상품들사진은 오늘저녁에 올릴께요!!”

Translation: “Today, we visited the lemonade shop that is also a hide1 merchandise store in Harajuku. It felt very weird being able to see the hide merchandises and the actual clothes they wore, which I have liked since I was very young, with my very own eyes! And I later found out that one of the security guards caring for us, EXO, in Japan had once worked for hide during his solo promotions too!! This must be..fate..? I’ll post the pictures of the Rilakkuma picks and the merchandise I bought today later tonight!!”

Credit: real__pcy. (1Note: hide is the Japanese rock artist whom Chanyeol has been cosplaying for his solo stages during EXO’s Japanese concerts)