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03 / 04 / 17 • March break is for room decorating and selfies
ig: cemeterybabie

After a long, cold and rainy day at work (as well as wet since I had to walk through it DX), this girl just snuggles up in her warm Arale sweater, thanks to @supobi from Japan, and is livin the Rilakkuma life✨

i love chanyeol’s eyes, i love his smile, i love his dimples, i love his cheeks, i love his nose, i love his lips, i love his shocked expression, i love his hair no matter which color he dyes it, i love his hands, i love his bow legs, i love how tall he is, i love his obsession with rilakkuma plushies, i love how we wears the same hoodie everyday, i love his friendship with his members, i love his passion for music, i love his clumsiness, i love how he has an allergy to dogs/cats but still loves them with all of his heart, i love the way he dances, i love his voice, i love listening him rap, i love when he talks nonsense, i love it when he acts like a total sweetheart towards his fans, i love seeing him happy…. i just love park chanyeol so much


This customer in Korea packaged our tattoos into wedding favors with Rilakkuma condoms… 😂😂😂

lovedaebydae  asked:

Hmm.. The kind of soft date that I would take Yeollie on? I would def take him bowling first, because he loves it and then we'd go to an arcade where we'd have a competition to see who could win the most plushies in the shortest amount of time, after that I'd take him home and we'd curl up together on the couch under a big soft blanket and watch cartoons with the occasional soft smooch to the cheek when he least expects it and maybe a little scritch behind his ears too.

that sounds like the perfect date ; 3; (especially if the plushies get to join in the couch snugs !)