rilakkuma cosplay


2 DAYS IN 1 VIDEO? YES!! - DAY 8 & 9

Cat Café + Kiddyland + Akiba idol live show + Kelsey’s and I’s guest appearance & Performance in Tokyo~!

In this video Kelsey and I head to the cutest forest themed cat café for lunch~! head to Harajuku and go to Kiddyland! Kiddyland is the cutest toy shop ever~!!♪ Rilakkuma & figures & more! Then we rush back to our hotel to eat and get ready for an Akiba Idol live show and met up with cherry~!! We wotagei so hard and have tones of fun! then day 9 comes along where it was Kelsey’s and I guest appearances at the AniCrush Live show! Kelsey performed some anime and her own songs whilst I came in Cure Melody Cosplay~!!♪

I hope you guys enjoy it~!
Abi pop



I hope you enjoy my Final Day in Japan! In this one we go to “Harajuku” where we see the rilakkuma store, Kiddyland and Xan get’s a tattoo!! and then to Akiba for last minute shopping and get locked out of our apartment and fly home~~~ ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆

This is the final video from Japan… T^T I’m so sad </3 But I can’t wait to go in April!!

I really hope you enjoyed all these videos~~!! ^-^ I really enjoyed making them!


My first real convention and my first cosplay as Mami Tomoe  could not have gone better at AKON26!

 It was nice being surrounded by fellow weebs (   ͡°   ͜ʖ   ͡° ) Everyone was so friendly!

 Most of the cosplay, including the skirt and white blouse was sewn by my little sister, owner of this blog (second to last pic and last pic) 

Tons of fun can’t wait till next year! (lemme kno if ur in the pics so i can tag u)