rilakkuma cosplay


Thanks to everyone I met this year at my first year at NDK! I don’t think I’ve ever had such a fun Saturday! Thank you to all the people who took picture sof and with me- I felt like such a loved little Pidge. Also shout out to my Voltron fandom family! You guys were the best. I loved seeing (and getting hugs?! Omg ❤️) from Space Dad’s, gay Klance’s, my fellow Pidge’s, and loveable Hunks!

NDK was a blast and everyone there was so nice! Once again thanks for an unforgettable experience!


2 DAYS IN 1 VIDEO? YES!! - DAY 8 & 9

Cat Café + Kiddyland + Akiba idol live show + Kelsey’s and I’s guest appearance & Performance in Tokyo~!

In this video Kelsey and I head to the cutest forest themed cat café for lunch~! head to Harajuku and go to Kiddyland! Kiddyland is the cutest toy shop ever~!!♪ Rilakkuma & figures & more! Then we rush back to our hotel to eat and get ready for an Akiba Idol live show and met up with cherry~!! We wotagei so hard and have tones of fun! then day 9 comes along where it was Kelsey’s and I guest appearances at the AniCrush Live show! Kelsey performed some anime and her own songs whilst I came in Cure Melody Cosplay~!!♪

I hope you guys enjoy it~!
Abi pop



I hope you enjoy my Final Day in Japan! In this one we go to “Harajuku” where we see the rilakkuma store, Kiddyland and Xan get’s a tattoo!! and then to Akiba for last minute shopping and get locked out of our apartment and fly home~~~ ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆

This is the final video from Japan… T^T I’m so sad </3 But I can’t wait to go in April!!

I really hope you enjoyed all these videos~~!! ^-^ I really enjoyed making them!