So I’m shipping three pairings hard right about now, and I have ideas that I want to do with them, so I decided that I’m writing them all down.

Actors AU - General art - Cheesy romantic love thing


Skating AU

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For the "send me a ship" meme: RikuShi!

I… seriously meant to get to this sooner, aha ^^;

■when I started shipping it if I did: Pretty much as soon as I saw them interacting in Days.
■my thoughts: Due to events in canon, this ship can be hard to work with, but it feels like that makes all their interactions more interesting and profound.
■What makes me happy about them: In canon: the way Riku was surprisingly nice to her when you wouldn’t think he would be. Hopefully in future-canon: Riku getting his memories of her back! Xion being able to exist seperate from Sora! It being plausible for them to get together (not that I expect that to really happen, this being Kingdom Hearts)
■What makes me sad about them: ….Most of canon.
■things done in fanfic that annoys me: Seeing as this is such a rarepair, I don’t think I see anything repetitive, much less something that annoys me? I guess anything OOC would be annoying. *shrugs*
■things I look for in fanfic: I just… look for well-written fanfic period, LOL.
■Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Hm, I can ship Riku with others (semi-crack ships, like Shiki and I guess Kairi) but not Xion. I wonder why that is…
■My happily ever after for them: See my future-canon hopes up above, LOL.
■who is the big spoon/little spoon: Riku’s the big spoon, Xion’s the little.
■what is their favorite non-sexual activity: I see them both training a lot after Xion comes back to life, since they’re both pretty athletic and Xion would want to learn from the resident Keyblade Master, haha. I think Xion would like learning about and doing lots of normal, everyday stuff since her life in Organization XIII was about the farthest thing from normalcy. She’d have Riku show her around Destiny Islands and then drag him into doing anything that struck her fancy. And Riku might grumble a bit but he’d really enjoy spending time with her <3

One Hundred Suns - 39. Simple

Riku thought relationships, in the beginning, were supposed to be simple – if not that, then at least straightforward. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, they start a life together. As for in-laws, Vexen and Xemnas were taken care of, and Sora and Kairi approved to the point of being pushy.

This is easy… .

… Or so he thought.

“You hurt Xion ever – in any way – ” Roxas growls.

“And you answer to us,” Axel finished lightly. “Got it memorized?”

“Um, guys? Why are you holding my boyfriend at knife-point?” All three turn their heads simultaneously.

Thank God Xion showed up.

One Hundred Suns - 16. Laugh

“For someone who likes to call Sora a sap, Riku, you sure are turning into one yourself,” Kairi says mischievously.

“Yeah, sure,” he says, which is the sardonic, deadpan answer she expected.

“I mean it. You’re in love with Xion, aren’t you?”

She expects a calm but definite denial of that fact, but it doesn’t come; in fact, she can detect a dash of color high in his cheeks.

Riku never blushes.

Kairi laughs warmly “with” him for a moment, until Xion returns and calls, “So, why is Kairi cackling now, Riku?”

Needless to say, Xion takes it back quickly.

Strength and Courage - 22. Go Away

The following ties directly into #11, “Demon,” and is set immediately afterward. (I just left out the painful process of Riku getting the shiz beat outta him. :P) Enjoy…

The black hole between her heartbeats is cold, so cold—it’s all Xion can do to keep breathing. Riku lies bleeding on the ground, shaking, as Ansem draws closer.

“Get away from him,” she chokes.

Ansem pauses, chuckles shortly.

Suddenly she’s so cold that it burns—and how that works she doesn’t understand, but Riku’s always brought out the fiery and not the logical responses in her. “Go away!”

“You would rather I leave you this traitor—?”

“I don’t care what he’s done,” she says, Keyblade drawn and pointing at Ansem’s chest. “Not when I know it’s all your fault.”

One Hundred Suns - 21. Close

Riku’s hand rests on her knee, so warm that she feels she’s burning. He’s never this intimate when everyone’s around, which is alright by her, but at the moment the others are off doing their own thing or being productive.

He’s leaning in, so close, resting his forehead against hers. He’s teasing her, dragging it out like this. His other hand never leaves her knee, while his other hand cups her chin.

She moves her head up to brush her lips across his –

“Thought I’d find you here!”

There’s Axel for you.

“Forget him,” Xion mutters and kisses him anyway.

Strength and Courage - 18. Hatred

In honor of Saïx being rank VII in the Organization, he has seven insults in store for the pair, and six of them appear in this drabble. The seventh will likely be featured later…

Despite how Xion reciprocates the animosity, Riku steps between her and the intense hatred from the blue-haired man.


“I prefer Isa.” The Lunatic and the Way to Dawn materialize.

“Isa wouldn’t have turned on Lea,” Xion spits.

“How touching—loyalty from a puppet. Though your friend seems unwaveringly loyal…” Riku’s hand curls into a fist as Isa’s eyes slide to him. “Our Superior will find this most interesting, Fourteen—”

Over his shoulder, Xion blanches.

“That’s enough—!”

“Were I you, Keyblade Master, I wouldn’t attack,” Isa says, “lest she hate you more than she does already.”

Riku’s vision goes red.

The Beginning and End of Everything - 08. Scream

Set sometime during KHIII, after Xion wakes up.  Enjoy!

“There at the end, when I—when I fought Roxas—”

“You don’t have to explain,” Riku says.

Xion shakes her head. She thought she was good with words—maybe not like Lea, the master of lies and excuses, but good enough to express herself—but now, when it’s important, she struggles to say anything, let alone what she wants him to know.

“I wanted to scream for you,” she says at last. “I kept hoping you’d find us before it was too late—you were the only one who could help me.”

His hand closes around her wrist in apology.

One Hundred Suns - 3. Wave

Xion’s breathing reminds him of the waves back home.

She is curled against Riku, wrapped in one of his jackets while he holds her up with an arm wrapped around her shoulder to pin the jacket to her. Serenely she sleeps, and he doesn’t have the heart to wake her up so that she can walk back to the inn where the group is camped out for the time being in Olympus.

In and out, she breathes comfortingly against his skin, like the tide returning to the land, over and over. She’s come back to him, like before.

One Hundred Suns - 38. Protect

“Xion, we’ve lost you once. I …” He has to turn from Xion, caught in one shimmering beam of light, reflecting off her hair like blue fire. She’s too beautiful, this too personal. “You’ve got to be careful… . I don’t want to lose you again.”

There, he said it.

The bell-like clang of a Keyblade striking echoes behind him, and he whirls around to find Xion crouching, Oblivion in hand, and a cloud a dissolving darkness.

“Who needs to be careful?” she giggles, hoisting her blade over her shoulder. Talk about déjà vu. “You don’t need to worry about protecting me.”

Strength and Courage - 38. Elements

This one was fun to write; I played a bit with the format for once. Let me know if you like it? LOL, enjoy!


He’s as solid as the land itself, reliable and easy for her to fall back on when she has no strength left.


Her devotion surrounds him like the ocean, clear and simple but deep; she keeps him afloat when all else has cast him away.


Together they are as free as the wind running through their hair. No fear, no expectations of one another exist, simply the simplicity of how their hands fit together.


But together their passion is like fire, warming and illuminating and all-consuming, and Riku and Xion wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Strength and Courage - 39. Torture

Yay, more depressing prompts… XD This is another drabble that has a slight connection to an OHS drabble, but it’s so small it would be pointless to look it up. :P Ah, Riku versus Roxas… There is one spot of Riku/Xion, and while it’s not very big, I’m sure you’ll see it. Enjoy!

“What do you mean, you don’t know what happened?”

“I told you, I wasn’t there. The only one who knows is Axel, and he’s not able to tell us—”

Roxas growls and storms away from Riku, hovering outside the infirmary door, but there is no indication of how serious this may be—not that they need it; the dried crimson on Riku’s hands is testament enough.

“I don’t want you in there. It’s your fault she’s in there dying.”

“Isn’t this torture enough?” Riku murmurs, but with his eyes closed and Roxas staying silent, he never gets an answer.

The Beginning and End of Everything - 39. Dream

As promised to my good friend DGMSilverAirHead03 a while ago, who particularly likes this subset of drabbles, I wanted to write one last drabble in the “Xion is Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent is still a hag” set. As the prompt implies, this takes place while Xion is in her cursed sleep. I’m not exactly happy—my original idea for this drabble was to have a vision of Riku actually fighting Maleficent as dragon—but I do like the way it came out. Enjoy!

Xion waits, and she dreams.

The world is black, no floor or ceiling to be seen, but there is solid ground below her, Roxas, and Riku; they charge each other as she watches—

A flash of green and Roxas disappears, a circle of flames surrounding her. “Have you ever considered that you’re not good for her?”

Xion glances up from Maleficent’s fire—and there he is, outside the fire, his back to her. “Riku…”

“I’m sorry, Xion.”

She reaches across the crackling flames—

The fire dissipates when she touches his shoulder; there is pressure on her lips, then light.

Strength and Courage - 29. Glow

Set in Twilight Town almost immediately after Xion, Roxas, and co. finally wake up. Enjoy!

“Thought I might find you up here.”

“And I thought I’d never see you up here,” Xion shoots back, grinning. “Sit for a bit.”

Riku obliges, pulling one knee up and resting his arm on it. “The others are looking for you.”

“They can look a little longer. I haven’t seen the sunset from the clock tower for a year… and we haven’t just gotten to just talk yet, either.”

“Yeah.” Riku would like to say something just as nice back—but the words stick in his throat when he notices the way Xion almost glows in the fading light.

The Beginning and End of Everything - 20. Explain

Y'know, when I first finished this one, I didn’t like it so much, but the more I look at it, the more I like it with the theme. :) Set at the end of the conversation Riku and Xion started in the last drabble. Enjoy!

“What was it like? When you…”

“When I died?”

“You didn’t really die…” Already Riku wishes he hadn’t asked her to explain.

Xion stares off into the horizon of Twilight Town for a long while, silent and unmoving; just when Riku thinks that she’s not going to answer and decides to make some excuse for them to leave, however, she says, “It didn’t hurt, if that’s what you wanted to know.”

“I didn’t want—” He stops himself before he starts shouting. “I just don’t want you to feel like you have to keep it all to yourself. It doesn’t work.”

One Hundred Suns - 23. Alive

Haha, never thought I’d contribute to one of these types of fanfiction…

“What are you going to do, Xion?” he asks quietly.

Face in her hands, Xion shakes her head slowly. “We, Riku, what are we going to do? I don’t know.”

Riku resists the urge to throw the Way to the Dawn into a wall. This is already too much like those stupid dramas Selphie likes. “There are ways to – to end this, if you want.”

“It’s a baby, not a Heartless!” she cries. “I can’t just get an abortion and pretend this never happened. Why don’t – why can’t we give this a shot?”

In the end, they name him Haruki.

One Hundred Suns - 22. Nobody

Tricky thing about this prompt is I didn’t want to do something cliched about Xion being a Replica and therefore a Nobody. Instead, I manage to get religion.

Riku doesn’t suspect Xion of being religious until they arrive in Paris together.

Xion stands in the center of a huge ring of light from the main stained glass window of Notre Dame; the space around her is quieter than the rest of the cathedral, echoes of songs floating around them. As his hand stretches out to pat her shoulder, she whispers, “We’re nothing compared to the size of the world – the universe – aren’t we?”

He wants to feel her revelation, too, but the threat of Xehanort twists his tongue into saying, “Fate didn’t make us nobodies in it, either.”

Strength and Courage - 21. Spike

“You’ve got this one spike right here,” Xion laughs, pulling on a strand of Riku’s hair.

“Hey!” Riku yanks his head forward and his hair free, turning his hair to glare at Xion. “Quit that.”

Across the breakfast table from them, though, Kairi notes how he’s smiling at Xion in a way he’s never smiled at her or Sora and the way Xion’s cheeks are flushed brightly.

“You have the cutest bedhead ”

“Just because I gave you two my blessing does not mean you get to make me watch you flirt,” Kairi chimes at last, smiling even as she shakes her head.