rikuru art


It’s the Spaghetti bois
Already mentioned I watched TSSM but I also kinda watched the Ultimate Spider-Man? IT’S KINDA… EHH *NON-COMMITTAL HAND MOTION* But I actually really like Doc Ock’s design and character in it. Very greyscale.
Ps these two are labeled “Spaghetti” and “Upsetti” in my files. Felt like ya needed to know this.

Been keeping myself busy with schoolwork 
But in the dark of critiques…….
I found out that “Doctor Octopussycat” is an actual character that really exists and I’m dying inside like why is he a cat just make him a literal octopus? They made Electro an EEL. Eelectro.

Gyehehe, Space Ghost!

So I am back in animation class this semester, and the first assignment was to just come up with a character and make 5 different designs for it. I was thinking about the movie Gravity and thought, ya know what’s cool? GHOSTS. also SPACE. SPACE GHOSTS. So here’s a few different designs for Space Ghost, the spirit of an astronaut lost in deep space who now haunts their old space suit and goes on space adventures!