Why did I watch xxxHolic Rou?

“I’m back… Watanuki.”

“Welcome back, Yuuko-san.”

It hurts… it hurts so much. xxxHolic didn’t have any fancy epic fight or anything like that, the plot was just about wishes and payments but the emotional baggage of this manga is so freaking heavy. Everything hurts. Watanuki suffered all the damn time, Yuuko too, Doumeki too… I want CLAMP to fix this. I want them to give them happiness. Everything feels like it’s been broken and it won’t be coming back, not like it should. Maybe that’s one of the points of xxxHolic. I understand but it still hurts.

I fear for Kazahaya and Rikuou, I really do. Because Gohou Drug is my favorite manga ever. I know pretty much every line, I know every detail, Kazahaya Kudou has been my nickname for years now, almost a freaking decade. Gohou Drug already started with a heavy feeling (unlike previous CLAMP works that always start light hearted) and I can only see it getting worse and worse and I’m not sure things will be fine in the end. I’m not sure I’ll get over xxxHolic’s ending and if the same thing happens to Gohou Drug, I’ll never be able to read it again without feeling like I’ll cry.

Kazahaya and Rikuou on the same bed, wearing yukatas, after some kinky blood licking and Rikuou holding Kazahaya like he always do when the boy faints, Watanuki’s there and I bet Rikuou’s wearing Doumeki’s yukata. 

Also, there’s nothing better than overprotective Rikuou. NOTHING. 


I finally caught up with Drug&Drop (Drop 13). Thanks to my friend Yasu who got me volume 1 ♥

I will keep reading online from here, but I’ll also buy the volumes when they come out. We have to support the mangas we like.

*Spoilers ahead*

I love seeing characters from other CLAMP series in this manga ♥ Even if I’ve never been a Wish fan, seeing Kohaku made me happy. I wonder if Kobato will ever appear (^v^)

I’m not sure I understood what Kazahaya was supposed to do at Kohaku’s though. It was to bring a memory, right? I think Kazahaya was the vessel to keep the memory in (since he did read Kohaku’s memories), but I’m not sure what he’s supposed to do with that, or if we’re supposed to know what he has to do with that. This manga is always confusing (in a good way) *laughs*

Rikuou and Kazahaya are getting really close (*≧∇≦*) I love these two and their relationship.

So Tsukiko was Rikuou’s elder sister. I was expecting it to be that way, since they looked alike just like Kei and Kazahaya.

Kei is creepy, I don’t like her ;;;;

I’m looking forward to future chapters/volumes!