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Wex Pyke (requested by melarahetherspoons)

“He climbed the heart tree and hid himself amongst the leaves. Bolton’s men searched the godswood twice and killed the men they found there, but none thought to clamber up into the trees. Is that how it happened, Wex?”
The boy flipped up Glover’s dagger, caught it, nodded.
Glover said, “He stayed up in the tree a long time. He slept amongst the branches, not daring to descend. Finally he heard voices down beneath him.”
“The voices of the dead,” said Wyman Manderly.
“The lad is ironborn, so he thought it best not to show himself,” said Glover. “He listened. The six did not linger long amongst the ruins of Winterfell. Four went one way, two another. Wex stole after the two, a woman and a boy. He must have stayed downwind, so the wolf would not catch his scent.”
“He knows where they went,” Lord Wyman said.

Logan Lerman as Wex Pyke, and Ian McNiece as Wyman Manderly

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