riko kohara

It’s been a while since I got crazy with this band, The Sketchbook.
They’re the real-life band of the band that Bossun and others made for the Kaimei Fest in the anime SKET Dance. What?

Hiroshi Tada, the vocalist/bassist. He plays as Bossun.
Riko Kohara, the guitarist. She plays as Himeko.
Yuu Watanabe, the drummer. He plays as Switch.

Their new song 明日へ /Exit is a BIG HIT to me! Even though I don’t understand a thing, I still listen to them. I just go to google and find the english translation of those lyrics and it’s so meaningful.

I’ll support this band eventhough SKET Dance ended a year from now.

Rock on The Sketchbook!


I just want everyone to hear the new songs of my fav band The Sketchbook

from their first album Sketchbook

I think The Sketchbook is superawesome epic