rikko art

woahhhhh redesign Nava Tapioca-kun

  • A Hmong dessert
  • He’s the gentlemen type
  • 5'2 ( pretty short, but he wears boots to make up for it which makes him 5'6 )
  • he’ll probably cut a bitch you if you were to make fun of his height
  • look at that mole around his neck
  • He’s pretty daring and doesn’t regret it later on ( maybe if he did something to your dessert then he’ll probably regret it )
  • His dream is to become an utapri  a human boy
  • 18 years old
  • A lil piece of shit
  • idk if I should add more ugh

Nava is really friendly, and he doesn’t bite maybe  … though he loves company ; w ; You can chit chat with this dork 

Claire ( or V ) | Android | ??? y.o

  • Very relaxed and doesn’t seem to get angry
  • She really wants to know what it feels like to have emotions
  • Very curious
  • Asked her inventor why she has those red marks on her neck. Her inventor said “ Because it looks cool ” Claire is still confused after that
  • She so says that if you boop her nose she’ll power off
  • She was made for a servant kind of use
  • Likes following her inventor around
  • Often copies what ordinary people do just to be like them ( does that make sense? )
  • Once infected by an unknown virus, possibly from an infected AI causing her to go corrupt. Lucky enough, the virus transferred somewhere else, but making Claire lose most of her memories ( This can count right? )

More info later?