rikko art

woahhhhh redesign Nava Tapioca-kun

  • A Hmong dessert
  • He’s the gentlemen type
  • 5'2 ( pretty short, but he wears boots to make up for it which makes him 5'6 )
  • he’ll probably cut a bitch you if you were to make fun of his height
  • look at that mole around his neck
  • He’s pretty daring and doesn’t regret it later on ( maybe if he did something to your dessert then he’ll probably regret it )
  • His dream is to become an utapri  a human boy
  • 18 years old
  • A lil piece of shit
  • idk if I should add more ugh

Nava is really friendly, and he doesn’t bite maybe  … though he loves company ; w ; You can chit chat with this dork