↳Women of Marvel (7/10): Rikki Barnes, aka Nomad

Powers and Abilities: Rikki is very skilled at acrobatics and fighting techniques. 

Background: Rikki was originally from another world created by Franklin Richards for the heroes of Earth 616 after the events of Onslaught. There, she was Captain America’s sidekick Bucky, and fought with him and Sam Wilson. When the heroes returned home, Rikki continued fighting, and eventually her world was transported to the universe of Earth 616. There, Rikki went by Nomad, and was close friends with Anya Corazon, with whom she fought on the Young Allies team.

Why you should love her: Rikki was thrown into the world of 616 after Steve Rogers had died, meaning she was very much alone and mourning one of her very close friends, yet she doesn’t let that stop her from making friends, living her life, and becoming an unlikely hero. Rikki ended up sacrificing herself to take out Onslaught in Onslaught Unleashed, making it clear that she had grown into a hero of her own merit. 

Where you should read about her: 

  • Nomad: Girl Without A World
  • Young Allies
  • Onslaught Unleashed

Okay but imagine when Winter Soldier keeps going to the Smithsonian to look at things, he sees this girl who’s there all the time too. He notices be cause practically everyone gravitates to the Cap displays, but she keeps coming over to look at Bucky Barnes.

More importantly, even though he’s done his best to be subtle, somehow she recognizes him.

“You’re here a lot, aren’t you?” she asks. “You like Bucky too?” and he shrugs.

“He’s my uncle,” she tells him. “Well, my great uncle. He was my grandma’s brother. She always tells us about the time they had to do chores but he didn’t want to so he convinced her-”

“Hey!” a woman calls, coming over from in front of another display. “Stop bothering that poor man, we have to go.”

“But he’s interested in Uncle Bucky too!” she says. “Everyone should know about Bucky, Grandma says.”

The woman has that half-proud, half-apologetic smile parents have about their kids sometimes. “I’m sorry,” the woman says, “she’s just very enthusiastic. She dresses up as Bucky for Halloween every year.”

“Well, Captain America is back now,” the little girl says stubbornly. “He’s going to need a Bucky. And I’m right here.”

The woman laughs. “Well, come on then, Little Bucky. We have to go pick up your brother from school.”

And that’s how Rikki Barnes gets introduced to the MCU.