@aurumdalseni and i have been snapchatting each other as garrison days matt and shiro. highlights include: 

  • a black and white picture of shiro staring off into the distance with the time 2:30 stamped on it and the caption “when will my motivation come home from the war" 
  • shiro: i’ve reached that "cross the street without looking” point
    matt: you’re hoping for that lucky semi aren’t you? i’m on to you, shirogane
    shiro: a semi would be a godsend, but at this point i think a prius would probably do it
  • matt “there’s not enough coffee in the entire world” holt 
  • “the garrison instills a healthy sense of morbid humor in all its students. it’s their mission statement." 
  • a snapchat of the sky from shiro at 9:07pm, with the caption "i can’t wait to get up there, matt…”