Autumn - Making the Demon Cry
Gakuen K Drama CD
Autumn - Making the Demon Cry

To celebrate our braveheart vangard’s birthday I’m posting the translation of yet another hilarious Yatamoto’s foray in Gakuen K verse.

Translated again by fabulous @yumegasaki


@secretsoftheslate if you please

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I was reading MOR again to look at Morning!Mikoto’s hair because I’m drawing Fem!Mikoto in the morning and I decided to read chapter 9 again too and I just noticed some details that are very important that I can’t believe I missed

Yata looking very cute in a t-shirt (I don’t know why but I always just die when characters have a slight clothes change)



blogcoralninjabouquet95  asked:

Yata and Rikio as a ship, if you want to that is ^^' :D

  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

    Yata has lived in this village for some time now, and he is a well-liked hunter! Every summer this beautiful wolf joins him on his hunts in the woods, and every winter the cute chubby wolf sleeps in his cabin… the things he doses for his werewolf boyfriend. His fluffy fur is a bitch to clean but he is so snuggly… Doesn’t hurt that he’s sexy af.

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

    Yata is a fuck up of a mermaid. Sucks at singing, try to fight all the ships around, almost always gets tangled up in fishing nets and is an all around mess. Rikio is a kind fisherman who knows of this fireball of a mermaid. He always tries to protect the knucklehead… one day he is flung from his ship, Yata is the one who saves him… <3 

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

    Rikio was a witch… not the best witch but a witch none the less. Mikoto Suoh was one of the best witches around, sadly he had one too many familiars… so he gave Rikio, his student, one of them… the most yappest, but strongest crow out there. together they became an unlikely pair.

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

    Yata is not a coffee addict, he's not ok! He just likes to have 13 cups before 1pm that does not make him an addict! Rikio is a barista who knows Yata really well due to the younger one’s coffee addiction. He’s just waiting for the day that Yata realizes Rikio’s number has been on the bottom of the coffee cups… 

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

    Rikio knew it was a bad idea to get a TA, but this Yata kid was just too excited. Always ready to go and do stuff, a little too hyperactive… at least he was cute

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

    Knight Yata was a strong one alright. A little too hot-headed and foolish, but strong. Prince Rikio was glad to have the kid as his knight, just so long as he didn’t fuck shit up.

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

    Yata never thought this would happen to him. But after his mother and stepfather died, he didn't know what to do. He was now the “parent” of his two younger siblings. Every day he always made sure they got to class on time. Luckily Rikio, their teacher, was nice enough to watch them for an extra 30 minutes after school, just so Yata could work. He was a little surprised when Rikio took him and the kids out to dinner. huh?  Minoru? whatcha mean Mr. Kamamoto has a crush on me?

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

    Rikio was an up and coming author who needed an editor, meet Misaki. A young guy who loved books more than anything else. When the two meet it was like love at first sight… or more like
     “why are you writing over that book?”
    “huh? oh! Rikio Kamamoto is some new hot shot, I kind of like his style. He has a shitty editor though see, these are my edits”
    “want to be my new editor?”

So Yata got into the cream and wanted to share some with Rikio! though Rikio’s mind kind of crashed after seeing Yata looking kind of hot, but mostly just down right cute!
@thereddestclansman helped me with the cream idea so yeah XD thank them for this!

Send in more requests! I will get to them~

Art by @shy-canadian-snowflake

The Signs As K Project Characters~

Aries:Misaki Yata

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Taurus:Rikio Kamamoto

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Gemini:Yashiro Isana

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Cancer:Anna Kushina

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Leo:Mikoto Suoh

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Virgo:Reisi Munakata

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Libra:Tatara Totsuka

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Scorpio:Saruhiko Fushimi

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Sagittarius:Izumo Kusanagi

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Capricorn:Kuroh Yatogami

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Aquarius:Seri Awashima

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