So Yata got into the cream and wanted to share some with Rikio! though Rikio’s mind kind of crashed after seeing Yata looking kind of hot, but mostly just down right cute!
@thereddestclansman helped me with the cream idea so yeah XD thank them for this!

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Art by @shy-canadian-snowflake

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Mikoto x Yata x Kamamoto headcanons?

First off…lemme just say this

Okay, headcanon time!

~ Both Mikoto and Rikio love to put their jackets on Misaki cuz he looks so tiny in them

~ Misaki loves wearing their jackets but he’d never admit it

~ Misaki gets so flustered when he sees Mikoto and Rikio kiss (because holy crud the two hotties he loves are kissing)

~ Misaki is almost always sandwiched between them during cuddling

~ Mikoto is the one who makes the other two blush the most

~ When Misaki isn’t being the one smothered during cuddles, Rikio has the other two laying on him

~ Mikoto tries to get the other two to stay in bed with him (and fails)

~ Misaki cooks for both of them when Izumo is out

~ Rikio unfortunately has to disappoint girls during the summer…unless they’re fujoshis, then they squeal when Mikoto and Misaki kiss him

~ Mikoto and Rikio lowkey tease Misaki about his height by standing up straight so he has to stand on his toes to kiss them