riki oh: story of riki

itshaejinju  asked:

Hmm questions: top five kinks to partake in, top five tropes to write for, top five top five kinks you want to do, top favorites characters of all time.

Top five kinks:

Gagging/face-fucking, anal play, watersports, breath play, impact play

Top five tropes:

I’m going to list tropes that we’ve used a few times in the thot squad - Getting the stoic one to finally snap, the accidental hotel room walk-in, the not-so innocent freak (Prompto), everyone is a little bit gay, and our favorite - Ignis knows everything.

Top five kinks I want to do:

Bloodplay (boyfriend just isn’t into it, maybe someday…), knife play, cum-swapping, pegging, medical play.

Favorite characters of all time:

Ignis, Alucard (Hellsing), Osaka (Azumanga Daioh), Riki Oh (Riki Oh, The Story of Riki), Babs Johnson (Pink Flamingos), Elvira, The Toxic Avenger…too many to list.