My Chemical Romance Members As Insults

Gerard: My eyeliner is bolder than your personality. And I don’t wear any.

Frank: I may be small, but at least my IQ isn’t the same digit as my foot size.

Mikey: If you were on fire, and I had a full bladder, I’d take a piss in your neighbor’s garden.

Ray: You’re a trash can on legs.

What do you guys think would be cooler?

If they turned I’m not Okay (i promise) into a full length movie


If they turned Danger Days into an Anime?

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Ray: Oh my god, I’m grounding you all. [To Mikey] No more unicorns. [To Frank] No more stealing cookies.

Ray: [To Gerard] ….. Oh my god, is there anything you love?

Gerard: Revenge.

Ray: No more vengeance.

Gerard: I was going to say, ‘I’ll get you for that’, but I guess that’s off the table.

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Hey, I really like your art, keep up the good work^^. Can I request all your emo quartet(or other bandoms) ships, please? I'm quite curious to know what are your favs!

My main ships/BROtps in the emo quartet are:

and here’s my second ones:

and uhh I didn’t draw some [Rikey, Petekey, Ryllon (ryan seaman x dallon), etc.] because I was too lazy lol


“ I get mistaken sometimes for someone who looks like they want to be in my band! It’s the funniest thing…This guy tells a friend of mine, ‘He looks like he jumped out of a MCR video.’ I’m like ‘I’m IN My fucking Chemical Romance ”

MCR responds to fanfiction
  • <p> <b>Frank:</b> I'd be kinda creeped out<p/><b>Mikey (for a Waycest fanfic) :</b> I read the first paragraph and this was the end of reading fanfiction<p/><b>Ray:</b> I mean uh It's COOL THAT KIDS ARE BEING CREATIVE!!!!!1 :D<p/></p>