MCR responds to fanfiction
  • <p> <b>Frank:</b> I'd be kinda creeped out<p/><b>Mikey (for a Waycest fanfic) :</b> I read the first paragraph and this was the end of reading fanfiction<p/><b>Ray:</b> I mean uh It's COOL THAT KIDS ARE BEING CREATIVE!!!!!1 :D<p/></p>


if you don’t ship something, DONT HATE ON THOSE WHO SHIP IT!1!

i try to be peaceful with those who are dicks about ships but sometimes it’s hard because they highkey try to attack me when i’m just trying to tell them to let people be and stop being rude just because they don’t have the same opinion on stuff. i don’t care if you hate cegan, i don’t care if you hate rarl, i don’t care if you hate frerard, i don’t care if you hate rikey, i don’t care if you hate katnick, and i don’t like when people ship incest but I’m not gonna hate on them for their opinions! but i don’t care if you ship carnid, or if you hate negan and ron, but i see potential and humanity in all characters and i actually ship carnid myself, it’s cute, but so is rarl to me—and yes, you have the right to voice your opinions, but so do I and just because I have a different opinion on FICTIONAL CHARACTER’S relationships and sexual orientation doesn’t make me any less of a person than you.

ship respectfully, love!